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Essential Skincare Products For Men So You Don't Complain

May 28, 2020

Touchable skin because bae wants to look good for you and him. 

skincare for men, men's care, beard, skin care tips, bear
Credit: Unsplash

I received a lot of direct messages about products or service recommendations when it comes to men. The most recent was about skincare products for men from an acquaintance. He is really into making sure that his skin looks as good as he feels and was looking to try something different. As a previous barber and girlfriend of some of the laziest to some of the most high maintenance men, here are my recommendations.

Kiehl's Facial Fueling Energizing Tonic
Credit: Kiehl's

Tonics are what toners are for men. It is is used to bring the skin back to its normal pH level after we have manipulated it. This toner is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Please note that every product that I am recommending will have more conscious based ingredients. Vitamin C is crucial for the skin specifically the face. When you are tugging on your skin and stretching it to get a closer shave then you are increasing your chances of creating wrinkles or fine lines. By using this toner after shaving, you are adding back in the nutrients, radiance to the skin, and decreasing the rate of aging skin.

Maple Holistics Assuage Beard Oil

This Assuage Beard Oil consists of Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Avacado Oll, and many other conscious ingredients. The most beneficial is the Jojoba Oil due to its antibacterial properties. This oil helps control bacterial growth in the hair follicle which is crucial considering the pores are open when this product is applied. This oil also has the capability to soothe irritated skin which can happen when running a sharp blade across the face.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
Credit: Kiehl's

The sun is beautiful but the way that those UV rays are hitting the skin thanks to the ozone layer constantly disappearing, you have to PROTECT YOU SKIN. Like many of Kiehl's products, there are many benefits of using natural-baed ingredients. Like the Tonic, this contains VitaminC, caffeine, and Vitamin E for SPF protection. According to Kiehl's website, "Naturally occurring in plant leaves and skin, Vitamin E helps to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and has soothing properties moisturizing properties".

Skincare Cleaning and Treatment Application
  1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly
  2. Apply a dime size amount to the beard
  3. Shave with the grain (or against the grain if you dare to get that close)
  4. Rinse with cold water (to close the pores)
  5. Pat dry
  6. Mist or apply with a cotton ball a small amount of the Tonic
  7. Massage a pea-size amount of beard oil on the beard and skin underneath
  8. Apply a nickel-size amount of facial moisturizer
  9. Apply a nickel-size amount of SPF 50+

The entire goal of investing in great skincare products is not only to make sure that bae don't complain that you are being lazy but for your skin itself. Simply follow the cleaning method I listed above, always protect your skin with SPF and send me an email if you have any questions. 

Meditating In The Shower While Oil Cleansing My Face

May 19, 2020

The best mental and physical cleansing ritual you should try today. 
Credit: Unsplash

Meditating in the shower while oil cleansing my face has become a bi-weekly ritual for me. On the days that I am either the most stressed or either bored out of my mind, that is when I do this the most. For me, both are a form of therapy. I am definitely into therapy. Just not the type of therapy where I air all my dirty secrets or fuc*ed up choices to someone I don't know nor will ever trust. If you have yet to give it a try I'll explain to you the actual benefits of doing both while in the shower.

Your Only Free Time To Just Let Go

In the only space that you have in your home, shower time is "me time". It's the time that you closed the door to what has happened and what will happen, shed all clothes and makeup, step in, and let go. In the shower, you close your eyes to enjoy the constant stream of warm water bouncing on your skin from head to toe while the hot steam fills up the bathroom entirely. At this moment you have become so completely lost that you have mentally come to believe that you are in a sauna while vacationing. Rubbing the water off your face you reach up to grab the cleansing oil which takes you to another level of clarity and yes, cleanliness.

Mind Clarity With Oil Cleansing 

Oil cleansing is a combination of both cleaning and massaging (the face and the neck). The oil benefits include: removing leftover products such as moisturizers and makeup all the while removing dead skin and pollution for your face. The massaging benefits include lifting and tightening the skin to smooth out the fine lines and keep the skin firm. When oil cleansing in the shower you have the added bonus of consistent steam to keep the face moist. A lack of moisture can result in friction that can lead to possible tugging at the skin. You do not want to tug at the skin. While slowly massaging the oil on your temples, under the eyes, in between the eyebrows working your way under your chin to your neck, the meditation really starts to set in. The rest of your body is enjoying warm water rapidly tapping on your skin giving off a slight massaging effect. The slow motions of your fingers and hands massaging your face and neck allow you to zin out by deeply inhaling the negative and exhaling the positive. The only thought that is left in your head is gratefulness. 

A Time To Be Grateful

I know that there are many days where I think that I am not blessed because things are not the way I want them to be but then I remember, it could be worse. Keywords: It Could Be Worse. Life is not always the way we planned so letting go of the things that we cannot control while enjoying the one thing we can is the best way to cleanse the mind. While you are in the shower cleaning and massage, your body is no longer tense. You are standing there at your most vulnerable time but you are also allowing yourself to just breathe. Just breathe. Deeply inhale and exhale slowly. Keep repeating. Hell, sit down on your shower mat, put your bathtub spa pillow behind your neck, and let the water tap on you from head to toe. Now is not the time to rush. Now is the time to relax. The moment you start to relax is the moment you let the anxiety die and happiness again. Smile. Ease your mind and heart. Your face is clean, your body is clean, your mind is clear and you are ready for the reality again.

I have seen the benefits of meditating in the shower while cleansing my face with sunflower sweet serum (oil). The physical scars are healing as much as the internal ones. Take time for you and just inhale, exhale, close your eyes, massage, repeat then rinse off and go.

Enjoy meditating in the shower with these essential products. 

"Beauty Edit", The MUST HAVE $75 Multi-Use Beauty Oil From AcARRE

May 13, 2020
The NEW multi-use oil that solves and treats issues from head to toe. 
I have had the pleasure of trying Beauty Edit and the Jade Gua Sha Beauty Tool and I must admit, you need them in your life. Tracey, cosmetic chemist, founder, and creator of AcARRE - has specifically formulated the Beauty Edit oil to include major ingredients the 3 key ingredients: Squalane highly nourishes, Baobab, Rosehip along with many other oils. It's like the powerhouse of oils that we knew we needed but was never offered all in one. Already sold at beauty retailers such as Outer Beauty Market, Beauty Bridge, oneKIN, Shop Essence, Glory Skincare, Cocotique, or The Beauty Marketplace, everyone should be grabbing a bottle ASAP. Now let's talk about this super oil! 

First off, whenever I try a new product, I always have to try for 3 weeks and start them over the weekend when I am working from home because if I have an allergic reaction, I have 3 days to heal my skin. On the first night, I washed my face with my Loelle Black Soap then I applied 2-3 pumps of the Beauty Edit to my face, neck, and decolletage. It glided on effortlessly and then actually penetrated into the skin. When I woke up the next morning, I was blown away at how soft it was. A few days later I repeated washing my face and applying Beauty Edit but then I implemented the Jade Gua Sha Beauty Tool for lifting and firming the face and neck.

Side Note: The Jade Gua Sha Beauty Tool is a traditional Chinese Medicine practice that helps with firming and lifting the skin using pulling outward and upward lifting motions. Jade has natural cooling properties and is considered to be the stone of eternal youth. This tool combined with the oil has the ability to soften skin and regenerate skin cells which is crucial to healing scars and spots on my face, put a hold on gravity pulling down the skin, and of course, fill in those fine (aging) lines. It's really a beautiful thing. 

Now that you have learned the deeds, I want you to share with you more about how AcARRE came about and how Tracey's background work as a product innovator inspired this launch.

What was the first product you sold for your brand? Beauty Edit, multi-use, and bioactive dry oil.

What makes your brand different than the others? Multi-use bioactive, react with the skin's natural elements, beauty product to rejuvenate from head to toe for the beauty minimalist on the go.

What are the 3 key ingredients do your products contain that have been known to treat skincare issues? Squalane, highly nourishing, softening and soothing that also increases cell turnover. Baobab, high emollient power, and smoothing properties. Rosehip oil which increases cell turnover and accelerates skin regeneration.

Are your products ideal for people with sensitive skin? Yes

If they are sold and used inside of spas, what tips do you have for beauty professionals on selling your products to their customers to use at home? The selling point would be to use the Beauty Edit in between your spa visit to keep the glow as it nourishes and rejuvenate the skin. It’s great for at-home massages.
Beauty Edit, AcARRE, jade gua sha tool, jade tool, skinDo you use traditional advertising or social media? Which has been the most beneficial? I used both as they have both been beneficial for brand awareness, collaboration, leads, and sales.

You are already sold online on well-known e-commerce sites, what other major retailers would you like your products to be sold? Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Whole Foods and etc.? Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Our next step is another product and a bigger retailer.

What Magazines would you love to see your products featured in? Allure, New Beauty, and Essence magazine.

Name a handful of celebrities you would like to see endorsing your brand? How about a few local celebrities in your town? Tracy Ellis Ross, Carrie Washington, Zoe Saldana, and Zoe Kravitz. A few local celebrities in my town of New Jersey would be Remy Ma, Tracy Morgan, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, and Wendy Williams.

Where do you see your business after that stay at home order is lifted? More well-rounded and engaging more with our audience.

How have you used your time during quarantine as a small business owner? Collaborating with other brands and being a part of virtual trade shows to grow brand reach.

What advice do you have for new brands that are ready to throw in the towel? Keep going because it’s so worth it.

Tell us a quote that you live by. Keep life simple.

I'm sure you are convinced and want to see my First Impressions video of how I use the oil and the Jade Gua Sha Tool. It'll be uploaded soon:-)

Natural Obsession Boutique Is A New Beauty Brand Currently Thriving

May 09, 2020

We are going through a pandemic however this is the time for new brands to flourish digitally.

natural obsession boutique, natural skincare, natural skincare, black owned business

Meet Kia Taylor, owner, and creator of the new Black-owned cosmetics brand Natural Obsession Boutique. Not a newbie to the beauty scene before launching her brand in 2019, she was a beauty and hair care supplier who happened to attended trade shows to network and introduce her brand.

Now, as the owner of Natural Obsession Boutique, she sells a range of hair care products such as oils and accessories, skin oils, and body butter for both moisturizing and massage along with many other items. Although traditional advertising is still being used for other brand owners, Kia uses specifically social media to tap into her target consumer. Her platforms of choice are Facebook and Instagram which coincidentally how I was introduced to Kia. Grateful for the power of Instagram and it's the ability to create niche-focused audiences, that is how I have come to work with her as a market influencer. 

  1. How did you come up with the name of your company? Is there a meaning behind the name? Our definition of "Natural Obsession". Embracing the natural state of your hair (free of chemical processing). Loving hair care products with natural ingredients. Feeling empowered with hair extensions that mimic textured or natural hair enhancing your beauty. 
  2. What was the first skincare product that you ever made before launching this brand? I have always been interested in product formulation. when I was a child I used to watch my grandmother make soap and lotion out of plants and items in her kitchen. Back then my grandmother's handmade products were considered unorthodox. I was 5 years old when I made my first skincare product. My best friend and I made a lotion concoction our of macaroni noodles, chamomile lotion, rubbing alcohol, and cough syrup. The ingredients were so strong that it ate the paint off my dresser. My parents were not happy. After that, the thought did not cross my mind to make any more products until a couple decades later.
  3. What was the first product you sold for your brand? I sold hair extensions. We initially sold textured human hair extensions that mimicked the 3a-4c curl pattern. 
  4. Are your products only sold locally or are they inside of stores? If so, name the stores. We are an online boutique. Our goal is to be included in large retail stores such as Target, Walmart, beauty supply stores, and salons. We have sold products locally in Hampton, Virginia to beauty salon owners. 
  5. What magazines would you love to see your products featured in? Essence
  6. Are your products ideal for people with sensitive skin?
    Yes, we use products that are free of hazardous chemicals. Our "complex oil" is a multi-purpose oil for the hair and body. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin and comes unscented.
  7. Name a handful of celebrities you would like to work with? Solange, Ari Lennox, Issa Raye, Sza, Keke Palmer, Tabitha Brown, and Marsai Martin. 
    natural obsession boutique, natural skincare, natural skincare, black owned business
  8. What makes your brand different than the others? I feel our branding and packaging is unique. I want our customers to feel like they are opening a gift when they receive a package that they paid for from us. Our products are made with love and care. 
  9. What advice do you have for new brands that are ready to throw in the towel? Don't give up and start where you are. If you wait until you are ready, you will never get started.
  10. Tell us a quote that you live by. To thy own self be true.

I can personally vouch for this brand because I have tried the products. The shea and hemp seed butter has the most glorious smell. I use it primarily on my feet and elbows since those are the areas that need the most care. The combination of the shea butter and hemp seed oils has stopped the skin on the bottom of my feet from cracking and peeling. My next favorite product is the vanilla-scented complex oil. I use it as a massage oil and it glides onto the skin so seamlessly. It doesn't soak into the skin as quickly as I thought so the body feels both soothed and relaxed. Needless to say, you want to try these and more. Time for waits for no one, go place an order TODAY!

Please give this brand a follow on Instagram and shop their website HERE.

Healthy Living Tips From A Registered Nurse

April 30, 2020

To keep your body in good health is a duty that you owe to yourself. There are a variety of steps you can take starting now.

Meet Rhonda, a healthcare professional who is currently seeing how healthy living is the best form of mental and physical wellness. During this unpredictable pandemic we are currently living through, it is important that we boost our immunity and focus on staying healthy overall. Here are Rhonda's tips to make it happen. 

sunshine, wellness

Getting plenty of sunshine helps produce Vitamin D, helps in lowering your blood pressure, and can protect against inflammatory diseases.
Be sure to protect your eyes with uv blocking sunglasses.


Helps reduce stress, being more alert, better mood, and less agitation. During the summer, you will want to lay on a hammock outside and enjoy the sun.

breathing exercises, mental health, air, breathe
Credit: Unsplash


Helps strengthen the immune system, cleanse your lungs which helps you decrease your risk of getting infectious diseases that we have today in the world.
Currently, everyone is wearing a mask to protect themselves and others but your CO2 still needs to be released

exercise at home, yoga poses, pilates
Credit: Unsplash


Helps with weight control, decreases heart disease, helps with mental stability, better mood, and a good feeling about yourself overall.
Exercise at home with fashionable workout gear and Instagram your photos.

drink water, healthy immune system, wellness

Credit: Unsplash


Lubricates joints, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, keeps skin healthy-looking, and flushes body wasted.
There are lots of cute aluminum, refillable water bottles so be sure to use them and protect our environment.


It helps with weight loss, decreases cancer risk, diabetes, and assists in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

natural spices, spices, herbs
Credit: Unsplash

Natural Herbs and Spices 

It has many benefits for health and overall wellness. Herbs and spices to implement into your daily diet can garlic, chia seed, and flaxseed.

"I have been practicing all of the above since I moved to the Southwest over 15 years ago. There is plenty of sunshine here which is a natural source of Vitamin D and much needed at this time. I try to stay away from negativity in my life to reduce stress. My exercise of choice is walking. I walk at least 4x a week, 3-4 miles, and go to the gym at least 2 days a week. I do not eat red meat, processed foods, or foods high in carbohydrates." Red meat can contribute to cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and more. "Instead, I mainly eat fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and seasoned them with natural herbs and spices. I drink 8-10 or more glasses of water daily. No sodas or carbonated drinks."

You all healthy living is the way to go right now. Yes, we are all tempted to dive into carb-heavy dishes such as pizza and pasta for comfort, and it's okay but too much can cause more discomfort internally. I, myself have taken the time to research and implement Kelp Organic iodine, Nature Made magnesium, calcium, zinc, Sovereign colloidal silver, and Beautifully Bamboo silica supplements into my daily diety. Every day I make a smoothie and add of each supplement, then I sip on the smoothie all day. It's about a 16 oz smoothie and it's cold so it takes me a while. It has only been a week but I can feel the difference in my body and my mood. Everyone please take care of yourself and use these tips that RN Rhonda provided and other tips I post here --> Be Gone Belly Fat! and try them today.

Rhonda G.
Rhonda Gray is a registered nurse and a health and wellness advocate. 

Abanoub Butters. The Handmade Beard and Skincare Brand Bae Needs To Try.

April 26, 2020

This Black-owned brand based in Indiana has something for bae's beard and your body.

Meet Cedric, the founder of Abanoub Butters who is not a professional in the cosmetics industry but a man who had the vision to create handmade cosmetics. Through trial and error, he developed a multi used butter cream for men that could be used on the beard, skin, and hair. Soon after in June of 2019 Abanoub Butter Cream, LLC was born. Taking advantage of his hometown popularity Cedric advertises his brand on social media, beauty industry events, radio, and more. His products are not sold in major retailers or grocery chains YET, however, with his drive, they will be soon. You can purchase his products online at I personally have tried the products on my guy and it felt amazing and looked amazing on his skin. Look at the FIRST IMPRESSIONS video!!! Now without further ado, get to know the man behind Abanoub Butters. 
  1. How did this brand come about? It was my 17-year-old daughter, Skylah's vision. I had decided to grow a full-length beard for the first time in my life and my daughter suggested that I create my own beard buttercream. Skylah showed me the ropes on how to create the butters while creating her own line of butters called "Body By Sky". Then I created a formula that would present the same love and care I would use for my personal hygiene use. Abanoub Butter Cream is promoted as a beard product but it can be used on the skin and in the hair. 
  2. Your logo is amazing and the Egyptian person in the middle is beautiful. What does it mean and how did you come up with it? It means ancient royalty. The name Abanoub is a powerful name that represents the Gods of the land.  
  3. Are your products unisex? The products were created with men in mind but women can use the products as well.
  4. Are your products ideal for people with sensitive skin? Yes, the ingredients for the butter cream consist of Amla Berry Powder, Rosemary Powder, Neem Powder, Aloe Leaf Powder, Ginkgo Leaf, and Brahmi. The unisex soap consists of Coconut Oil, Water (for hydration), Shea Butter, and a few others. For those who do not know the benefits of Amla Berry Powder, Rosemary Powder, Neem Powder, Aloe Leaf Powder, Gingko Leaf, and Brahmi, please click on each word.
  5. Are your products only sold locally or are they inside of stores? Currently, the products are locally and on the website. 
  6. What men's magazine(s) would you love to see your products featured in? GQ, Fashion for Men, Inked Magazine, Maxim, Vogue Homme International, Men's Journal, and Esquire.
  7. Name a handful of celebrities you would like your products to be included in their beard care routines. Common, Slim Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Tank, Shia LaBeouf, Chris Pines, Bill Murray, Bryson Tiller, Idris Elsa, Justin Timberlake, and more! Cedric has a very long list. 
  8. Currently, there are 2 products available. Will there be more? Prince Cedric Collection is going to be our first with many more to come. the signature scent is honored after my only sun. It is a musky scent but definitely a distinctive scent that can be used for both personal and business. 

Everyone, I am totally for this brand because after I used both the beard soap and butter cream on a model's beard to film my First Impressions video, I was blown away. I cut off a small amount of soap and dip it into water. When I applied it to his beard it created the best lather. After the cleanse was done, I applied the butter cream and his beard looked very healthy. It was clean, the skin was soft and the smell from the butter cream wasn't overpowering instead it was very inviting. You all have to get this for your husbands, boyfriends, or whatever you call male company these days. Please go ahead and give Abanoub Butter a follow on social media and purchase ASAP! 

SL Thomas
SL Thomas, is a professional Cosmetologist, Barber, and Beauty Writer. She is also a Market Influencer for Minority-owned cosmetic brands. 

Beautifully Bamboo. The Wellness Beauty Brand Introducing Us To Silica Bamboo.

April 23, 2020

This beauty and wellness brand is Black-owned and giving us au natural vibes from head to toe.

I am so happy to tell you that I have possibly found the wellness company that I didn't know I was looking for. Back Story: Almost 5 years ago when I was living and working in Orlando, Florida, I broke out of my shell and started to attend networking events with like-minded people and that is when I met Nadege. Nadege is the creator and founder of "Beautifully Bamboo". From the moment I met her, everything about her physical appearance, aura, and her opinion on beauty and lifestyle screamed beautifully naturally. Fast forward a few years and it was no surprise that this blogger, turned affiliate marketer would create this wellness brand. That being said, let's just dive on in about her amazing products.

Pea Protein+Greens Powder+Bamboo Silica (vegan formula)

A vegan pea protein powder that is a blend of green superfoods, bamboo silica amino acids, and other nutrients that support healthy hair.

Bamboo Extract Infused Facial Oil

A lightweight and non-greasy facial oil blended with nourishing bamboo extract, squalane, and rosehip oil. This oil is formulated to moisturize the skin with these antioxidant-rich oils and silica-rich qualities of bamboo.

Silica Supplements [Ultra Hair, Skin and Nails Formula]

A powerhouse of supplements that help the hair, skin, and nails. Ingredients consist of bamboo extract, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, collagen, vitamin c, and much more. I can truly attest to the healthy hair growth because of these supplements. 

Silica Rich, Organic Bamboo Tea (30 pyramid tea bags)

$14.50 The once a day recommended tea drink contains only organically grown bamboo leaves. These leaves are rich in silica and antioxidants that help our bodies thrive as we age. It also helps hair grow stronger, thicker and reduces shedding.

Organic Bamboo Silica Extract Powder 

The multi-use organic powder dissolves easily into drink beverages to help with thicker hair, healthier, more firm skin, and strengthens teeth and bones. This can also be added to moisturizes and facial cleansers.

Provitamin Silica Extract Conditioner Boost

A fusion of bamboo extract, pro-vitamin B5, and glycerin to enhance the health ad moisture levels of our hair. This is an added performance to your favorite conditioner.

There are 2 additional tea options however I wanted you all to have a list of products I have tried, want to try, and dare you to try.

I received a great package from Beautifully Bamboo about a month and a half ago and was stunned by the results. The package consisted of the Silica Supplements and the Silica Rich, Organic Bamboo tea. Of course, the packaging is so clean and true to the brand. The teabags are even cute. Now the supplements are so great that I must admit that I actually have seen some stellar results in hair growth and health. From the week I started this, I had already been back on my health journey of hot yoga, nutrient-packed smoothies for breakfast, my usual water, and so forth. Now when I combined the supplements to my daily diet, my hair went from a lot of breakages and shedding to basically a few strands per wash. It's some pretty great stuff. It's so good that I actually re-ordered a bottle of the supplements over the weekend.

Now the tea, on the other hand, I cannot say that I have become obsessed with yet because I actually want to wait until I get my supplements so I can take them both daily. That being said, Beautifully Bamboo isn't definitely wanting to be a part of your beauty and wellness routine.

SL Thomas
SL Thomas is a professional cosmetologist, barber, and beauty for independently-owned cosmetic brands. 

Be Gone Belly Fat! Jeanette Jenkin's 7 Ab Exercises

April 23, 2020

Celebrity personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins is giving us high-intensity ab exercises to do without equipment.

Okay, I must admit that I miss my hot yoga studio sooo much. My belly is getting so plump since I'm always cooking and sitting but I know the best way to stop it. Eating healthy and partaking in exercising sessions with personal trainers (that in real life I honestly can't afford). Thank goodness for Jeanette Jenkins' IG Page.

Jenkins's dedication to health and fitness is so admirable. Every time I scroll her Instagram feed even before the pandemic occurred, she was giving us high-intensity workouts with not just photos but video posts and captions to tell us how what poses we are doing. I especially like the fact that not every workout she does involves equipment rather it is using your own body as it's own weight. I'm weak AF so I definitely need to learn how to build strength using my own weight. Now if you have belly that is prone to become a fupa or dunlap then you will love these 7 Ab Exercises.

Credit: Jeanette Jenkins' Instagram
This is such a great exercise because you are reaching and using your abs to keep your body upright.

Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business
This is like a double duty for your lower and upper abs with the rotating leg lengths while doing crunches.
This pilates saw looks like a stretch for the spin all the while holding in the stomach to work out the lower abs. 
Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business
I think the ab tucks are amazing because you are lying flat on your back then lifting your body to in a cacoon like way and squeezing. 

Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business

Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business

I personally love this pose because not only am I burning the top layer of fat but I am building strength in my legs. 

Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business
Omg, can you feel the burn of these exercises? I can definitely feel my lower abs say bye to fupa.

Jeanette Jenkins, instagram, exercise, black owned business
Balancing yourself on your bumm is crucial for this because you want to suck in your stomach, sit up straight and stretch your legs upward.

To see her in action look below

SL Thomas
SL Thomas is a professional cosmetologist, barber, and beauty for independently-owned cosmetic brands. 

4 Products You Need From Camille Rose Naturals

April 19, 2020

Can you say rice milk, honey, aloe leaf juice, macadamia nut, marshmallow root extract, bilberry fruit, and sweet orange fruit? 

These ingredients read like a recipe for a tasty, sweet, nutritious, and satisfying dessert. All happen to be in four of my favorite Camille Rose products: "Curlaide Moisture Butter, Curl Love, Curl Maker, and Honey Hydrate". I almost forgot to mention that every one of these products smells so amazing! The scent of the Curl Love and Curlaide reminds me of luxury vanilla cream while the "Honey Hydrate" leave-in conditioner smells and looks like a caramel topping.

When I tried my first two Camille Rose products, "Curl Maker" and "Curl Love Moisture Milk" my hair responded in agreement that I had found what I didn't even know I had been looking for. Me being the product junkie that I am, I had to try more so I purchased the "Curlaide Moisture Butter". The "Curlaide Moisture Butter" helps me strategically define my curls. The previous product I had used to define them had done a pretty good job, and I was satisfied, but I knew something better was out there. Thankful that I did, my curls are now softer, defined, and full of moisture wet or dry. If my scarf doesn't slide off in the middle of the night, my curls can be good to go the next day by refreshing them with only water.

camille rose naturals, black owned, curly hair
Credit: Camille Rose Naturals
Curl Maker
Define your curls with this defining jelly that contains marshmallow and agave leaf extract.

camille rose naturals, black owned, curly hair
Credit: Camille Rose Naturals

Curl Love Moisture Milk
A live-in conditioner that is creamy and soothes hair due to the rice milk and macadamia oil.

camille rose naturals, black owned, curly hair
Credit: Camille Rose Naturals

Honey Hydrate
A honey-based, hydrating leave-in conditioner that is great for type 4 hair curl patterns as well as dry scalp.

camille rose naturals, black owned, curly hair
Credit: Camille Rose Naturals

Curlaide Moisture Butter
A hairstyling butter that softens the hair with the beautiful scent of vanilla yet made with the hair growth stimulating ingredients of green tea and jojoba.

Camille Rose Naturals founder, Janelle Stephens has a great back-story of creating her brand because she wanted better - more natural - products for her kid's skincare issues. Like Stephens, I, too, am all about naturally based ingredients in my products especially since I'm au natural. It's something about being able to pronounce the ingredients that sit well with me, and not only that but should be expected in food-based hair care products.

Finding the right products is a trial and error process because all curl products, I discovered, are not created equal. It took me about two years to find the family of products that work for my hair after 4 years of being natural. While Camile Rose Naturals has a whole line of products, these four are my faves. They are so hairlicious!

Roxie Brown
Roxie is a beauty enthusiast, contributing writer, and English professor.  
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