The Best Body Scrubs Under $25

April 21, 2014
Winter is finally over and the dead skin needs to be scrubbed off immediately and 2 of my favorite body scrubbing goodies comes from Lush and the other comes from a brand I just discovered The Somerset Toiletry Company. Both are 2 freaken fabulous scrubs with great results despite your budget. So without further ado here are my obsessions and application methods for Ocean Salt and Olive Oil Exfoliating Salt Scrub.

My mother hooked me on Lush about 4 years ago when she brought me home this little goodie turned obsession. On my mission to have "Perfectly Imperfect" skin (wink:-) Ocean Salt was a savior for many reasons. It was handmade, included all-natural ingredients, scrubbed away my impurities, and left my skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and not heavy with oils afterward.
You can use this on your entire body, but I suggest keeping it away from eyes and uh hmmm "delicate" areas.

Application Method
1. In the shower lightly mist problem areas with water, specifically the legs, arms, and face.
2. Apply a quarter-size amount of product to each leg, one at a time, scrubbing in a circular motion, covering one area at a time.
3. Apply a nickel size amount of product to each arm and repeat step 2.
4. Only apply a dime-size amount to the face, scrubbing all areas except for the eye area. The citrus extract will cause a burning effect if applied too close to the eye area.
5. Rinse the entire body, proceed with normal shower routine or towel dry and apply a lotion or body butter depending on your skin type.
I mainly use this scrub during the hot summer months because of the lasting scent of lime, grapefruit, and avocado used to make this scrub. You can use it anytime during the year and ask the Lush sales associates about their other great products.

skin exfoliant
This is by far the best scrub that I have tried in my life. This scrub is like a gift from beauty heaven. The salt grains blended with the olive oil is perfect. When I was looking for a scrub, I knew I wanted one that will not only remove the dead skin cells, but I wanted it to fade away the scratches and blemishes and it did. Once I have rinsed off this scrub, my body feels AMAZING. I literally feel like I have soaked my body in a tube of olive oil and shea butter. Trust me, after you try this, you will be obsessed too and your hubby, girlfriend or boyfriend will not want to keep their hands off of you.
I found this scrub at TJ Maxx for $6.00, but you can also find this Olive Oil Exfoliating Salt Scrub on since the company website doesn't have it listed anymore. Not sure why, but bring it back!

Application on Wet or Dry Skin
If applying this to dry skin, do not mist body down with water before applying scrub.
1. Apply a nickel size amount of product to problem area of each leg and arm one at a time.
2. Scrubbing in a circular motion and be sure not to press down on the skin. Applying pressure will result in a surface burn and you will have to seek a dermatologist or doctor.
3. After scrubbing each area for approximately 30-45 seconds, rinse the entire body with water and proceed with a normal shower routine.
4. Do not apply this product to the face due to the high consistency of oil. The skin will be left too oily and could possibly result in a breakout.

I recommend using this scrub at night (during the transition months of Winter to Spring) so the olive oil can set in and the skin will not be left oily in the morning.

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