Natural Hair Obsession

September 29, 2014
When I see a woman with the potential to have beautiful, long, think and curly hair, I am immediately intrigued. Especially if she is African American but she has a relaxer. Relaxers are great but I love, love, love natural hair. That being said relaxed ladies, who want to go natural here are 2 options on how to get and rock those natural curls.

Option 1
The big chop and maintenance.
Schedule an appointment with your hair guru and let her cut off all the relaxer. Relaxers were a semi-permanent solution to straightening tight curls hair back in the days. But now, there are so many ways to temporarily straighting solutions for the hair (which you should go for instead) that you can buy and try. Once you chop off all your hair you can use several products like leave-conditioners, flake-free gels, curl definers, oils, setting lotions and so fourth. I recently posted products and natural remedies Great Oils For Your Hair.
Please remember that although your hair is short, it doesn't mean that you can skip shampooing and conditioning once a week during a 7 day period. Short hair gets dirtier a lot quicker than long hair so be sure to wash, wash, condition and moisturize!

Option 2
Trim 6-8 weeks and protective styles.
If you are not prepared to make the big chop, stick to cutting the relaxer out of your hair in 6-8 week increments, 1 inch at a time. In between trims wear protective styles like braids or twists with or without hair extensions. Extending the hair is a good idea but you have to be careful about the hair. Always, always be careful about the tension. If the hair is being pulled too tight to achieve a simple style of twists, braids, or even a ponytail then you are doing more damage than good. The hair will grow but it will break off in the process causing split ends and more than likely loss of hair around the hairline.
Remember to deep condition the hair with a cream conditioner posted in my post Coat Me In Your Liquid Good Good or hair oils. You always want to keep the hair soft, moisturized, and properly oiled. Natural hair is beautiful and yes society does put pressure on us curly haired girls specifically the African American culture. Embrace your curls lovees.

Although I didn't overload you with product info always remember my model, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both."

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False Eyelash Picks

September 10, 2014
I have become obsessed about fake eyelashes so much lately that they are all I think about. I get so excited when I see them that I've convinced myself (and others) that I'm a makeup artist. A few months ago I bought 2 packs of 20 pairs of lashes along with some fabulous lashes made by Revlon. The falsies made by Revlon were like The Best Thing Ever... Hummm. O and 1 of the 2 packs that I bought from an online store was umm what? And the other was Hell Yes! The first package I used to the last drop :-( and the second pack is almost gone :-).  They kinda sucked.  But yes. I am completely obsessed and I want you to be obsessed as well.

Yes. Can u believe that these lashes were only $3.50. They came from China (courtesty of like most products and the first box was awesome. The texture of the lashes in the first box was very much like individual human hair strands. Soft to the touch and about 1/4 of an inch longer than my actual lashes. The band was a bit long so I was able to size it down to fit my eyes perfectly. The other box of eyelashes were flashy and almost clown-like in the appearance. I used them whenever I did a colorful, bold or rainbow effect on my eyes. Unlike the realistic feel of the first pair this one felt so plastic and absolutely fake. I felt like I was a clown. Don't get me wrong, they were beautiful but I won't purchase that style never EVER again.

Granted this is the original price but I got these goodies from Walmart one day on sale for $3.00. Jackpot! I was like, ok. I am going to try these because they look so freaken gorgeous. Immediately after I opened the package I was in awww... The feel of each lash felt was a bit soft, synthetic material but properly sewn together to make a mediocre lash that's good for about a 2-3 uses.

Cleanse and moisturize face with a Dove beauty bar soap. (Be sure to not scrub or rub the eye area too hard). Apply a light moisturizer and illuminating drops or either a bb cream to entire face. Continue with entire makeup application.

Application Method
  1. Use eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and apply a clear coat of mascara to set the eyelashes in place for application.
  2. Cut the falsie eyelash band to the width of the eye.
  3. With clean hands, pick up lashes with thumb and index finger or either with a pair of tight grip tweezers. Apply Duo or Andrea lash glue to the band's artificial lash line. Let sit for 5-10 seconds to make sure it's a bit tacky.
  4. Close the eye partially and apply on the top of the natural lash line. (If using a colored lash glue make sure it lines up perfectly with natural lash line. If not it will leave a line & you'll with have to cleanse the eye and reapply or either apply eyeliner on top of the glue).
  5. Repeat the process on the other eye and seal natural lashes and falsies together using a waterproof mascara. (Waterproof formula mascaras lock the placement of either natural or falsies).
  6. Set entire look with a makeup setting spray and you are done love!

For me applying falsies is fun. I like to take pictures and have fun trying on different looks. False eyelashes aren't something that I'd recommend for daily use because of the side effects and of course the maintenance. However they are fun, beautiful and a statement piece. Of course you don't have to pay a ton of money but then again, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both." Check back soon to get application methods on more of my obsessions.

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Quick Pedicure With 3 Polishes

September 03, 2014


In A Rush? Of course, I am. This past week was crazy busy for me and I absolutely had no time to even do a pedicure. So what's in my bag this week? Sinful Colors nail polish in "Easy Going", Nail Hardener by Sally's Beauty Supply and Quick Dry also by Sinful Colors. Did I mention I got these awesome pair of jelly material toe superstores? Heaven..--** They are freaken fabulous.

To start, I prepped my feet the night before by removing the polish and using a foot scrub and foot file to remove the dead and dry skin in the shower. Ladies, we must keep our puppies soft and clean.

For a quick pedicure (as I got dressed to run out the door) I put on my flip flops and the toe separators. Applied 2 coats of Nail Hardener and as it dried I prepped my face for the day with Maybelline Fit Foundation Sticks. 5 minutes later I got in the car (thank goodness I was a passenger that day), I applied one shaky but even coat of "Easy Going". Once I got to work, I applied 1 more coat and set up my work station. After I set up, I applied the Quick Dry and finally I was done.

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