Wet n Wild Lipsticks

October 29, 2014
You see, I'm a makeup hoarder (don't judge me:-/) and more recently a lipstick addict. I see a color that is super cute that I'd normally never ever wear but now I want to wear. It's like now when I get ready to either go to work or some networking event, I never seem to have the right color to match with my outfit. So I'm stuck like... Damn. And O crap, but one day I found a solution. Why not just create my own shade. Because lord knows I don't need to buy any more cosmetics, but I did and became completely obsessed with Wet n Wild's MegaLast Lip Color.

I've become completely obsessed with Wet n Wild's MegaLast Lip Color. It is literally the best lipstick and has the best colors for creating the perfect lip shade. This brand has the most gorgeous lipsticks that come in a variety of colors and the staying power is puuurrrfect. It's like a smooth butter gliding across your lips leaving a bright and vibrant or bold and unforgettable color on your lips. The color is intense but the finish is beautiful. It is matte but your lips instantly become a statement piece no matter how much you spent on your outfit.

Pardon me, I was envisioning this. Due to the fact that I am obsessive-compulsive and absolutely want a color that goes with every outfit that I have, I simply have to mix and match these lipsticks and see the perfect color combo appear right before my very own eyes. It is an artist thing. Like a science that takes a little bit of patience and the right tools.
That being said let's get started and completely obsessed with and custom blending your own shade.

2 Wet n' Wild lipstick colors or 1 lipstick or
1 jumbo sticks of your choice
Lip Balm
Armour Beauty's Marilyn or a Clear (and Long Lasting) Lip Gloss
Concealer Brush

Application Method
  1. After you have put on your entire face including your lip balm or lip moisturizer, re-apply another coat of lip balm to top and bottom lips.
  2. Apply darker lip shade to the bottom lip and apply the lighter shade to top lip.
  3. Press lips together to blend the 2 shades. Be careful not to smudge outside of your lip line if you have medium to large lips. Small lips you can smudge lip color slightly outside of your natural lip lines.
  4. or a clear, long-lasting lip gloss and apply to the top of hand (as if doing a swatch review) use a lipstick brush to apply to lips, press lips together.
  5. Clean any imperfections from the application with a concealer brush lightly dipped in the concealer.

Done. For those who have a little creativity waiting to be sparked, try this and create a new obsessively, addicting color that you've been searching for.
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photo credit: http://wnwbeauty.com/product.php?cid=16&pid=58&subid=28 

Easy Eyebrows While In a Rush

October 20, 2014
In A Rush? Your brows shouldn't be. I heart, heart, heart my eyebrows. I live and breathe a mean arch but when I have 15 or less half of that time on my brows. Here's what I do to fill and arch my brows to make my makeup look so fab.

ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Slanted tip tweezers
Small curved scissors
Small angle brush
Eyeliner pencil 1 shade lighter than eyebrows
Cream eyeshadow/eyeliner 1 shade lighter than your eyebrows

Application Method
  1. Brush brows up with clean spooley to see the natural arch.
  2. Tweeze the hair underneath.
  3. Repeat Step 1. Trim long hairs with curved scissors. (Brush away hair with a clean powder brush.)
  4. Brush brows upward again and use angel brush with cream eyeshadow/eyeliner or either eyeliner pencil to fill in sparse areas using small strokes.
  5. Remember that, you want the brows to look somewhat natural so use small strokes and don't overdue arch with too much product.
  6. Apply Elf Cosmetics Brow Clear Gel to finished arch.
  7. Clean under the arch with a small concealer brush dipped in concealer 1 shades lighter than your natural (without makeup) skin tone.
All done! Remember these steps and your brows will look flawless.
Here's a LINK to view my eyebrow method!

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Makeup Brush Knowledge

October 07, 2014
Originally posted on October 7, 2014. Edited and reformatted 1/17/2019

I love the natural but what I love even more is when my skin is glowing and I have a barely-there makeup look. This week it's all about the brushes and products to get a great natural look within 15 minutes or less.

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Small Concealer Brush
Beauty Blender
Fan Brush (dense)
Fan Brush (light)
Blush Brush
Stippling Powder Brush

DIY CC Cream
Barielle Face Moisturizer
Comodynes BB Cream
Maybelline Fit Foundation Stick
Palladio Concealer
Victoria's Secret Bronzer
Makeup Alley Blush in "Rust"
Wet n' Wild Brown Eyeliner Pencil
NYX Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Elf Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Primer
Femme Couture Mineral Effects Illuminating powder
Loose, Pressed or Translucent Powder

Please Note. This site does use some affiliate links. I pay for the majority of the products so each link you uses help with new products and reviews:-)

Application Method
  1. Mix a pea-size amount of primer, moisturizer and BB Cream in hand and apply onto entire face and neckline in an upwards motion.
  2. Apply concealer under eyes, bridge of nose and extend slightly towards the forehead.
  3. Apply foundation fit stick as if contouring face in the hollows of the cheek, sides of the nose, chin, and around the forehead and temples.
  4. Use a kabuki brush to move around the foundation and coat the face evenly avoiding where you put the concealer.
  5. With beauty blender, blend out the concealer slightly. Blend under-eye towards the bottom of the nose, upper cheeks and outward towards the temples. Use the same kabuki brush to slightly blend in the concealer with the foundation. You don't want to look ghostly under the eyes or between the forehead.
  6. With a lightweight fan brush apply illuminating powder to the areas you previously applied concealer to.
  7. With dense fan brush mix "Rust" and bronzer together, apply to the hollows of the cheeks, sides of nose and around the forehead.
  8. With kabuki flat powder brush lightly brush a translucent finishing powder or pressed powder to the entire face and neckline. Remember. Brush lightly.
  9. Finish off look by either filling in eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, dipbrow pomade or brush eyebrows in natural shape with a clear gel mascara or spooley. Use a small concealer brush with a skin tone concealer under brows to clean the area.

Mist face lightly with a finishing spray, apply a nude gloss like "Edie" by Armour Beauty and your look is complete.
Au Natural and Fucken Fabulous;_)

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