Confessions... Plastic Devils

January 27, 2015

You know how you're planning to go to the mall and you have an idea of what you want to buy. You pull up, park and do a walkthrough of the mall and instantly you go to 3 additional stores on top of the 3 that you had already planned to go in. "Fu*k," you think to yourself. "Why the hell does MAC and Express get me all the time!" You see that is what I do every time I go into The Mall At Millenia. This place is literally a setup. As if all water fountains and fancy shit they have leading up to the mall isn't enough. I instantly feel like I have no spending limit. Which I do! I have plastic devils aka credit cards. Those companies know exactly what they are doing. Pay on time and keep increasing your credit limits. SMH (shaking my head).

As I do my walk of shame from "Express" buying yet another pair of overpriced but well worth it jeans, my final stop is my main love MAC. Makeup Art Cosmetics. The place where all dreams come true thanks to a little imagination, talent, and makeup. Oh gosh, I go a little too happy in this store buying products I've seen Sonjdradeluxe and MsRoshPosh demonstrate on their youtube channels. I pick up some eyeshadows in Cranberry, Antique, BrowScript and some purple iridescent color (that I probably won't buy). I then walk on over to the Studio Fix Powder. Granted I wanted the Skin Mineralizing Powder in Deep Dark but they never have it so I settle for the Studio Fix Powder in NW50, which is 2 shades darker than my skin tone, for contouring. I swear I can justify this purchase.

Before I get to the checkout line, I walk by Urban Decay. I'm looking for the Vice 3 Palette and there are no more for sale. What's up with that? Hmmm. Oh well... I saved $60. To the checkout line, I go to see what damage I caused my account this week. It's true I don't need the makeup but these little plastic devils say it's ok for me to have it and they make me look so pretty.

What can I say...? This is "Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder."

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Organic Skincare? Introducing Aubrey Cleansing Gel

January 18, 2015

I've been on an organic kick lately and due to my frequent visits to Whole Foods and the options that they have skincare. I have and will always be obsessed with making my skin look beautiful on the inside and outside. I drink a lot of water and make sure that I eat a whole bunch of vegetables as but products are essential as well.

This cleansing gel is for normal/oily skin. And what it does is basically take off my entire "face" (full of makeup) and leaves it so clean. Like absolutely clean to the max. You only need one pump because if you use more than 1 you can actually dry your skin out.

Made of 100% natural ingredients (which it lists) of organic aloe vera, organic eucalyptus, camphor and organic menthol oils, and organic quinoa protein. Now that is the type of facial cleanser that I love. Hello Lush Cosmetics, I think you may have a little competition courtesy of whole foods... but I'll see you and Whole Foods next week.


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Confessions... Makeup and the Facade

January 16, 2015
I love makeup but what I love even more is the facade I can create with makeup. Makeup can enhance, cover or minimize the appearance of just about everything. You can literally paint yourself happy. Meaning... mentally you may feel unpretty (yes, I used the TLC lyrical term) and unsure about yourself but within a matter of minutes, you start to become ... stunning (for some), ... unrealistically beautiful and (hmmm) ... flawless (thanks to all those damn highlighting and contouring video tutorials).

I have collected a lot of makeup over the years, I don't wear it all but I love it all. 3-4 times a week I sit at my vanity, stare in the mirror, and think to myself, "Okay. How are you feeling today? Dark and mysterious? Bright and free-spirited? Sexy and in your face or the nature-loving, natural hair rocking Cherokee Indian that you are? I don't know."

As I pick up my makeup brushes one by one, dipping, tilting and slightly rubbing the tip of each into different colors, I slow down to feel my hands holding each tool. Not even looking at what I'm doing my hands go from rapid movements to a slower and now therapeutic pace.' A soft stroke here, push up and smudge here. Don't forget to blow the line out at the corners. Tap, tap, tap and smudge.' Nodding my head and thinking out loud, "Niiicccee." I can see the facade coming together. Crazy huh? I can feel my mood changing and I can feel a sense of relief. I feel. I look. I'm not quite sure but the facade is complete and I'm ready to take on the day.

It's funny how makeup or cosmetics, in general, can mentally change a person's mood and mindset. It's therapeutic. I'm Obsessed with Beauty more or less the facade I am able to create because of beauty.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Battle of the Mascaras: Rimmel London and Wet n Wild

January 13, 2015
Hello 2015. It's a new year and I'm still on the hunt for products to be obsessed with but what I'm more obsessed with and will forever be in love with is mascara. It's like I and mascara have this love affair going on. I walk in MAC, Sephora, Walgreens, Target, Macy's and there they are. Staring at me and I'm like, "WTF? Why are you so obsessed with me!" Let me stop. I'm more obsessed with mascara than mascara is obsessed with. But whatevs, here are my 2 current obsessions.

Obsession #1

This one right here is beautiful and clump-free. Like actually CLUMP FREE! I put on about 5 coats of mascara and there is no clumping and it has an easy removal. One coat of this mascara is not enough to see its Retro Glam in action. Like almost 10 is.
As you put on coat after coat you can see the fibers building upwards to add length and curl on the tips. Be cautioned though, it is not very volumizing. However, if you want to bat your eyes it'll elongate those lashes to give you the full "Twiggy" effect. Blink. Blink;-}

Application Method
  1. Apply makeup as usual.
  2. Apply about 2 coats of mascara shaking the wand to let the product build
  3. Apply an additional 3 coats of mascara, letting it sit so in between coats so the product can continue to build for more length. Done.

I'm not as obsessed with this mascara as I am with the Retro Glam. This one is good for building volume but it totally sucks as far as building length. I'd use this mascara to add more volume to some falsies and for the "everyday minimalist" type of makeup look.

Application Method
  1. Apply makeup as usual.
  2. To add a little volume to natural lashes, apply at least 5 coats, letting it set in-between applications. This allows it to dry just a bit before adding more product.
  3. If using falsies apply 2-3 coats evenly to bond your natural lashes with the falsies. Done.

I will always be on a hunt for the best mascara for my lashes. Right now I'm obsessed with these 2 but thanks to Birchbox I'll probably be obsessed with iCurl 24Hr Mascara or the Eyeko mascara that everyone has been obsessing over on Youtube.

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Express Clothing Brand Launched A Makeup Palette

January 05, 2015

I'm all about the best for less. Recently I was online just surfing when an ad popped up! A sale at Express but not just a sale but a sale on one of their top-ranked makeup products. A PALETTE WITH 30 SHADES originally for $30.00 is now marked down to $10.00 plus tax!

As my heart began to pound with a bit of excitement but also nervousness I thought to myself, "Do I need this? Do I really need this?" Hell yeah, I do. I mean I don't. But hello I have to justify this purchase.

This palette has 30 shades of neutral tones with pops of color. One color is a cross between the reddish/brown hue "Sienna" from the Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadow makeup collection and MAC Cosmetics' "Brow Script." Damn, I've been searching for a color like this since forever. Oh, oh, did I mention that they also have this orange color that literally remembers the matte color "Orange" and the color "Goldmine Frost" from MAC? No, I Did Not. Fuck, I'm screwed.

I love me some (yes, I'm being grammatically incorrect) makeup and most recently I love premade makeup palettes even more. They are not only convenient but I don't have to search to find colors that will complement them since they are right next to one another... But knowing me, I'll probably choose another color my Beauty Biches "Milani, Sally Girl" or of course my main Biche, "MAC".

Oh, and if you are wondering if I bought the makeup palette from Express, you'll just have to check my Instagram.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

January 04, 2015

I'm a makeup hoarder. I like to purchase makeup based on the packaging, pigmentation and of course the lasting power.

I prefer the packaging to be clean, timeless and not very colorful. It symbolizes, in my opinion, quality. The packaging speaks to me and says, 'I am not cheap (although the price may say otherwise). I am what you want. Look at me. Take me home and have your way with me.' Damn makeup can be so seductive.

If there are samples for me to try, I like to open them and get my hands dirty. If there are none, I'm literally a pain in the ass. "Hello? Hello? What is the lasting power of this? Is this waterproof? Can this be worn with or without primer? Does it wear off quickly?" Those are the questions I often ask cosmetic sales associates. They must know their shit otherwise I get a bit ticked off if I know more than them and they get ticked off because I know more than them. Sorry, sweetie. I love this shit and I thought you did too. In the words of Nene Leeks, "Bloop!";_)

After admiring, trying on and constantly pacing around the product section, I am sucked in. I swallow my guilt, pull out the card and I buy (and mentally cry). Although I may not wear it for a while, the minimum 3 months, it damn sure will look good with all of his friends... Elf, MAC, Clinique, Rimmel, Palladio, and all those other Beauty Biches."

I may sound pretentious but that's how picky I am when it comes to choosing my next makeup product(s) to hoard.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

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