E.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup Mist & Set

February 25, 2015
I've been so obsessed with this one product lately that I totally forgot to tell you. Drumroll, please...

This thing is the holy (inexpensive) grail of makeup setting sprays. The fact that it only costs $6 makes it a steal and the other fact that it actually locks the makeup in place is beyond believable. Oh, oh and guess what? My makeup doesn't rub off on my white shirts and blouses. So when I tell you that this thing is one of the best unknown, trust me, IT IS.

This product contains ingredients of aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E which reminds me of "Breath of Fresh Air" by Lush Cosmetics. Both can be refrigerated to either cool down the skin or set makeup in place. I personally enjoy misting my face with the cool temperature (which is great because I am in hit ass Florida). The smell of "Makeup Mist and Set" is beyond refreshing. The smell is true to the ingredients, very mild and not overpowering at all.

Application Method
  1. Optional: Apply primer and mist flat top foundation brush or flat top kabuki brush and blend foundation onto the face. Blend in circular motions.
  2. Apply full face/look of the day and mist face 6 inches away from the face.
  3. Let sit set for 2 minutes then proceed to whatever is next.

Stop reading. Go buy it and try and while you're at it try "Breath of Fresh Air".

Confessions... Elf Cosmetics Has Become Irresistible

February 23, 2015
I've been doing good by not buying makeup but I've run into a problem. Elf Cosmetics is becoming irresistible. They are my problem. They are my obsession. I mean just 7 years ago, I'd walk past their products and look at it like it was just not for me. Something about the packaging and even the design if the makeup palettes kept throwing me off. Hellooooo... Have you all not seen the new brushes that Elf Cosmetics have come out with?

They have a travel size brush kit that has 4 stipple brushes that I absolutely love and adore. As with the other brushes the handle is black (wood like or either hard plastic material), the bristles are taklon that consists of a gradient blend of black to white.

The brushes from left to right:
Large Stipple Brush Used to pick up loose powder or blend liquid foundations and creams into the skin
Small Stipple Brush Used to blend under eyes concealer, blend highlighter or conceal and blend blemishes with concealer.
Eyeshadow Stipple Brush Used to pick up 2 layers of eyeshadow and pat onto the eyelid.
Tapered Stipple Brush Used to blend out lines or either used to apply darker shadows that can be used to blend into other products.

Now I love what they have done. The clean lines and the simple black, white and silver colors are inviting. The black/silver font on their "lower-end" products and white on black font for their "higher-end" products are memorizing. it doesn't throw me off anymore or subconsciously nod my head in an "ugh" motion. Now, I'm more like. Yup. I can justify this purchase. I love their simplicity.

But yes. Yes. It's like every 2-3 months Elf Cosmetics are releasing new and simply great products (except that lengthening and supposed volumizing mascara. That shit was whack!) and I'm like "What the fuck. Stop it. Damn it." And then I'm in Target like "Ok. Ok. I'll get just one..."

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

Photo credit: elfcosmetics.com

Easy Face Contouring

February 21, 2015
Always in a rush but guaranteed to be pretty.

I give myself less than 15 minutes to get dressed and look like I spent 45 minutes. For the past 2 did not want to focus any attention to my eyes but more on my entire face.
Here is my method a full coverage foundation routine including a highlight, contour straight arch filled in brows.

Night and Day Face Prep:

I like to start off with a nice clean face. Exfoliate and cleanse at night I then apply "Clinque's Even Better Eyes" Dark Circle Corrector and no face moisturizer before bed. In the morning wash face with organic face cleanser by Aubrey and towel blot dry.

Prime Face:

Apply Clinique's "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Lotion, Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
, and BB Cream by Marcell (obsession coming soon) in "Golden Glow" blending down to neck.


Concealing any leftover under eye dark circles, use Palladio Herbal (tube) Concealer and LaFemme Cream (pot) Concealer blending outward towards the sides of the eyes with a beauty blender. Apply Maybelline Fit Foundation Stick to the entire face (avoiding under the eyes) blending it into the skin with a flat top powder brush and barely blending under the eyes afterward.


With a 1/4inch in width, fan brush apply Ben Nye luxury Powder in "Banana" underneath the eyes with giving time for it to bake into the skin. With a kabuki powder brush, apply mineral loose powder to face blending into the neck and barely touching under the eyes.


In the hollows of the cheek apply MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder Foundation to the hollows of the cheek, hairline, and sides of nose. To blend and finish off the contour swipe a dense fan brush in bronzer (my fav was recently been cancelled by Victoria's Secret) and blend in and then lightly dust over my entire face with the same fan brush.

Highlight Again:

With Elf Cosmetics Baked Blush in "Pinktastic" apply to upper cheekbones, done the bridge and bring up towards the forehead.


Brush brows with spooley and fill in my brows with a Wet n' Wild pencil in a dark brown color. To clean and highlight under the brows apply a color from the Elf Cosmetics "Medium" concealer palette and perfectly blend out with a concealer brush.


Apply Sally Girl lip gloss in a cherry/pink bubble gum shade. The affordable $1.00 lipgloss is amazeballs! Mist face with Elf Cosmetics Mist and Set Spray.

These look has a series of steps but it can be easily recreated (with practice) within 15 minutes or less. It's a minimalist, makeup lovers dream.

Confessions... Trouble.

February 16, 2015

I know I am in trouble when I have a day off of work. My day always starts early and ends $50-$75 less than what I had. Waking up I check my email, social media sites, and of course I check my schedule to make sure that I am actually reading it right. I then go back to my social media sites, specifically Instagram and Fuck. I am in trouble. I see a product that I do not have and I want it. Why? I am not sure, but I want it. I know that I have collected a ton of makeup in the past 8 months than I have collected in the past 17 years and I know that one day I will use it but I just can't help but to buy more.

Immediately my heart starts racing and I feel a little guilty high coming on. I turn my phone off and then I turn it back on and then I click it on Instagram scroll through my feed and there it is. NEW PRODUCTS! I double tap the home screen button and click on a web browser. Once the web browser has launched, I am on a mission. On a mission to find that product that has me obsessed. Searching and searching, my heart beat starts to rush. I know that I don't need anymore makeup, BUT these colors are so amazing. And they look so pigmented. OMG! Is that a angel brush that comes with it! I want it. I want it. I want it. Oh my gosh and its only $45 with free shipping for orders over $50. It's so pretty. I look at the price and I think to myself, "How many of my barber clients are coming in this week? How many great tips do I need to get in order to pay for this?" And as usual I know that it is not about the tips, it is about the bills I have to pay and my obsession to have and use different cosmetics for different reasons. Some days I want to look dewey. Some days I want to look matte. Somedays I want to glow and everydays I want to be natural. You have to know your products sweetheart. That's the whole purpose of being a "beauty biche".

Then I stop. I hold my phone up and I stare at the screen then glimpse over to my vanity. I see the makeup piled up on the top of the vanity and then I see more makeup working its way down to the bottom this awesome little 3 drawer dresser pullout I purchased from Ikea. It is already filled with other things but now my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette has made its ugly little biche head on in the firt drawer. It's okay though. UD is just seeking shelter. I think to myself. No, not really. I just need for it to stop falling off the top of the 3 drawer pullout dresser. But actually if I move some stuff down and throw out some trash, I'll be able to transfer some of my Ipsy and Birchbox products down below as well. Uh Oh. I forgot I received a new Ipsy bag 2 days ago. I guess I really don't need a new Urban Decay palette and I really don't need to try Color Pop Cosmetics just yet.

Bye bye Instagram. Hello Hot Yoga. Me and my credit card will get in trouble another day.
Trouble . . .

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Nail Art Ideas For Valentines Day Nails

February 11, 2015
Valentines' Day Nails
valentines day nails

It's a few days away from Valentine's Day and you ladies must look fabulous! As I stated last week I'm currently obsessing over Scratch of Sweden Nail Care line. They are so pigmented and I love it. So to duplicate this cute heart design all you need is a few little tools.

Products and Tools
Scratch of Sweden Classic Creams "#301 Vampire Kiss"
Jewellery Box "#402 Coral Gold"
Clear topcoat
Nail polish remover

Application Method
  1. Apply top coat
  2. Apply 2 coats of Vampire Kiss
  3. Apply 1 coat Coral Gold
  4. Dip q-tip in nail polish remover and smudge out a heart
  5. Let it dry for 2 minutes
  6. Drip clear-coat into the heart shape created
  7. Let sit for 2 minutes
  8. Apply a quick dry coat and let sit for 2 minutes
  9. Run cold water all over hands dripping down to nails
  10. Or apply a clear gel coat and sit under UV lamp for 2minutes

All Done. You have literally scratched your heart out and coated it with love.

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Pinktastic Obsession by ELF Cosmetics

February 09, 2015

pinktastic elf cosmetics

pinktastic elf cosmetics
I am so obsessed with Elf Cosmetics "Pinktastic" blush then I am going to head over heels every day using it. Now a big Kudos to Elf cosmetics for it's packaging. It is very clean which made me instantly drawn in. Clean packaging symbolizes the fact that the detail is in the product. Secondly, I found it at Target. Deal! Third, it's baked formula looks like a perfect blend of a marbleized pink and white cream and pink with hints of shimmery gold and light silver specks everywhere. It is fucken baked goodness. Yumm!

What I like about Pinktastic is it's many functions. Like all my other products I like to be able to mix-and-match and apply it anywhere on my face but this product in general I like to use only as highlighter. Granted I am of a lighter skin complexion but this this can be used on light to medium and medium to dark skin tones as well.

Application Method
  1. Contour your face using the steps I provided in a previous post
  2. Apply Pinktastic with a tapered brush down the bridge of nose, upper cheekbones, and on your cupid's bow
  3. Mist your face with Elf Cosmetics "Makeup Mist and Set" setting spray and go

Side Note: I suggest using this as a highlighter when you are getting camera ready and not running errands ready. You don't want to waste a great makeup application on a trip to the grocery store;-)

Yes MAC has highlighters like GLOBAL GLOW that are specifically formulated for highlighting but this little inexpensive goodie does the trick for 1/4 of the price (not that price matters). Or stick with my model, ""Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both." #beautybiche

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Confessions... Before YouTube There Was Imagination

February 03, 2015

"Beauty Gurus" courtesy of YouTube have taken over. Everyone including me goes to them for new ideas. We go to them to find out how to look like a million bucks on a $50.00 budget. Literally. Although I want to look my best, I am simply going to work, home, yoga and a few other places called "non ya":_), not to a photoshoot or a red carpet event.

Not too long ago there was the power of my imagination. I would think of a look, find my products and create. At the time I wasn't as obsessed with makeup as I am now but I have always been obsessed with looking beautiful. Side note: No matter how shitty my day would be I'd always look my best. I painted that facade. Back to my point. 10 years ago (and even now when I am not in a rush), I'd mentally layout every outfit; blouse, denim, heels, jewelry, accessories, and then my hair and makeup. Once that was complete, I'd sit at my vanity, stare in the mirror and then examine my mini makeup bag. 

At the time my makeup cold actually fit in a travel-sized makeup bag, not a suitcase. (What a process that was). My go-to brands were: Cover Girl and Wet n Wild. My products consisted of (and still does): face powder, eyeliner (black, blue and white), eyeshadow (natural earth tones, green, blue, and silver) blush (red leftover from senior prom) and a maybe one tube of mascara (Great Lash. I hated it so I never wore it). It actually was my mother's mascara that she told me to keep. My mother picked up so many products on a weekly basis that I wouldn't be surprised if she had 5 more stored away. She has a cosmetic addiction as well, but who am I to judge? Hell, I indulge.

Envisioning my look, my hands would move towards each product, mixing and matching each product while I saw what my mind dreamt up. I knew 20 minutes later I slayed it. Makeup Game On Point. Ca Ching!!! That was my routine. Boy (3/4 of) my looks were actually really cute and (for some) complex. Others always attempted to replicate, although they'd never asked me how to get my look. There was no YouTube to instruct me or this blog to assist the silent copycats! (Shhhhhh). But now there is courtesy of me and my fav YouTube Beauty Biches! Hiiiii:-) 

Then one day I moved to Florida and I discovered MAC... You sneaky little brand you. 

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

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