Products To Reduce of Blemishes and Hyperpigmentation

August 26, 2015
I have a confession, I bleach my skin. Actually I use 2 amazing products that help me to reduce the appearance of blemishes and hyperpigmentation on my face. My skin is prone to blemishes therefore I am always purchasing products both high end and low end that will help get rid of those blemishes fast and leave my skin looking flawless. So my 2 obsessions are by Clinique and Ambi.

ambi fade cream
Going back to my childhood I have always known and used products by Ambi. I knew from my relatives in Chicago that this was their go to product for keeping their skin blemish free. Side note, my cousins had and still have the most beautiful dark chocolate skin complexion. Never have I ever seen them with any breakouts or blemishes which is why I trusted their advice. Now back to my point.

This Ambi Fade Cream is a off white tinted color. Smooth in consistency and tingles a little bit due to the hydroquinone (the bleaching agent) when put directly on top of cleansed but blemished skin. You can literally feel this stuff working a few seconds after you put it directly on top of your blemish. However, I only use this product overnight because when exposed to this Florida heat, I noticed that it created breakouts due to the ingredients and the heavy consistency. As the directions say, discontinue use after you see results otherwise you will totally fuck up your skin (which is what the directions do not say).

Clinique. I've been using Clinique since it became on my financial radar a few years ago. I knew that they had already owned good products but I wasn't interested in trying Clinique until I started working at a shopping mall. Once in that shopping mall,  I'd walk down to Boston Store during my breaks and discover products that continued to make my skin appear and feel better than it was.

Now this clearing gel is great. Like the Ambi product it does tingle a bit when directly applied to blemishes but the difference is that you can wear this product during daylight hours without irritation. It is not heavy in consistency therefore I like to mix a pea size amount of this gel with a pea size amount of face moisturizer that way I can prevent and improve blemishes. I love both of these products equally therefore I buy them both. "Quality over quantity. Fuck it I'll try both."

P.S. If you need help discovering new products read and try my other favs sold at Aubrey facial cleaner and skincare products by Peter Lamas.  

What products do you use to remove Blemishes and Hyperpigmentation?

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Confessions... Beauty Subscription Companies

August 22, 2015

So you know how I love to go shopping with my plastic devils, but I must admit that I have been putting those things away the last few months. It is too easy to swipe and too hard to pay off when you're working as a full time barber/cosmetologist like myself. I mean I do have my freelance services but currently my bread and (not so reliable) butter is hair cutting. Therefore I must cut down on purchasing some of my favorite products and use more my goodies from the monthly boxes I receive. Those boxes being from Ipsy and Birchbox. Guys, if you're reading this please not that their boxes are not just for girls, there is an option for guys as well. Therefore yes. There is hope for your beauty or should I say manscaping regimens as well. Also, don't forget the Dollar Shave Club. (I'm almost tempted to subscribe too because as a barber [click the link to see me in action] I love to try new blades and occasionally new techniques on my clients as well.)

Now if you are a cosmetics freak like me, then you know that these boxes range in price starting at $10 a month and some of the samples that they give you are literally the same size as the originals. As a matter of fact, some of the samples I have had for over a year and have used about 3 times because I have so many. I have samples from Urban Decay (I freaken love their eyeliner so much and it glides on like butter), The Balm, Pixie (a bronzer that I am anxiously waiting to break in),  NYX Cosmetics (some great butter lipstick that feels so good on my lips I could literally kiss my own lips if it was possible) and facial products from high end brands that I have never even heard of (and wouldn't buy because they are out of my budget) But, literally subscribing to Ipsy and Birchbox is like a poor girls (or guys') dream (to owning multiple cosmetics that'll she'll never use but constantly admire), come true.

I swear Ipsy and Birchbox have saved me the last few months. I love those biches. Subscribe to them and also subscribe to Beauty Army as well. Right now they are featuring my client's high end nail polish brand Scratch of Sweden. Gosh this sounds more like beauty on budget than beauty biche. Oh well, I'm a beauty budgeting, makeup obsessed biche.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Alba and Peter Lamas Citrus Based Facial Cleansers

August 11, 2015
There are so many different products out there but after thorough research, I have found 2 goodies one by Alba and the other by Peter Lamas that I absolutely love and adore. The first was an oldie, but a goodie thanks to my mom and the other I discovered courtesy of Ipsy.

peter lamas skincare
I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love with this facial cleaner that I got in my Ipsy glam bag months ago. This little goodie is like the best shit ever!!! It's Vegan Free✔️ Sulfate Free✔️ Paraben Free✔️ Strengthens Skin✔️ Absolutely love the fact that my $10 monthly subscription to Ipsy has allowed me to sample this awesome product.

First off this little travel size goodie is awesome. Only a dime size amount goes a long way actually more like a pea size amount is all you need for entire face and neckline. It's a clear, orange tinted cleanser. that deeply cleanses the skin and reaches down into the pores. Having natural ingredients such as chamomile, coconut (my current natural obsession) and alba bark (helps prevent wrinkles) it is a natural girls' / youth obsessed (should be) favorite product.

alba face cleanser
The first time I used this stuff I was like, Whoa! Where the heck have you been all my life?!" Yes, that may sound like I am over exaggerating but I am very serious. It is that good. The smell opens your pores and which the consistency being as similar to Biore anti-blemish cleanser, it has somewhat of a cooling but refreshing effect as well.

This hypoallergenic cleanser (because I have allergies out of this world) is a vegan free, cruelty free and made of aloe, hibiscus, pineapple and papaya enzymes which are natural ingredients that target skin impurities aka getting rid of those blemishes. To add a little power it also has citric acid and alcohol which is great for drying out those pesky clogged pores. Very happy that my mother discovered this I am completely obsessed. I mean HELLO, me being the beauty addict that I am, I can definitely tell when a product isn't cleaning my skin thoroughly and I can definitely tell that this one is doing the trick.

Application Method

  1. Remove all makeup with baby oil and a cotton pad or with a non harmful fragrance free removing wipe.
  2. Rinse skin with lukewarm water
  3. Apply a pea size amount in the palm of your hand
  4. Work cleanser into skin with circular motions. Be careful around the eyes
  5. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water
  6. Pat dry with a white wash cloth or air dry and apply moisturizer with spf
*This application method can be used for both cleaners*

Not one to ever disregard a product because it may be out of my budget (at the time), my model is "Quality over quantity. Fuck it I'll try both."

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Confessions... New Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette

August 05, 2015
I've been doing very good with my cosmetic addiction however I was super pumped when I found out that Anastasia Beverly Hills was coming out with another makeup palette. The Shadow Couture World Traveler. So me being me, I put it all over my Instagram. I was feeling it and I was loving it. I was stalking every beauty page that I follow. And when it was set to release I called Macy's so I can use my plastic devil aka credit card to buy it, but they didn't have it. So I called Sephora and Ulta. No one answered the phone at Sephora so as I was telling Siri to map out the nearest Ulta (because I was driving) I headed over there so fuc*en excited.

Hello Lover. cough. cough.

I walk in the store with my eyes about to pop out of my sockets and I was like "OOOOO. Hello Lover ." Like literally, I became Carrie Bradshaw aka Jessica Parker as she stared at a pair of overpriced, not comfy, however, freaken gorgeously colorful pair of Manolo Blahnik, strappy 4 inch, open toe sandals. And then it happened. I swatched, and I swatched again. I kept swatching and nothing. Well, almost nothing. 2 colors passed my pigment test and the others I was just too disappointed to try. My internal smile turned to a frown and I walked away. But as I walked away and came back 2-3 times, I asked the sales associate what happened to Anastasia? We both shook our head and wondered how did the pigment from the Catwalk and the Lavish palette change so much? Why is it more chalky than usual? WTF Anastasia! Why?

Me being me, I'll still purchase it anyway, with an online coupon code of course but I'd have to use a primer to get those colors to latch on. Ugh.

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