Mustache Wax For Eyebrow Taming

September 27, 2015
I found another wax for my eybrows and I am Completely obsessed. First off my primary job is barbering/hairstyling therefore I need products that are just about the best. You would never know by the way men are so messy but they are extremely particular about the hair both on their head and on their face. That being said let me introduce you to my latest obsession.

This little $4 tub of goodness is like "Heaven!"  I fucken live for it. Coming in a .5oz tube and a twist off top makes it easy to store and reuse the product. When you squeeze a little out the tube, wax is consistency and the semi glossy color dissolves in your hand. I say your hand because you always want to search a product specifically one that will be going on face. Happy with the fact that it dissolves but yet holds the hair in place All Day Long, I was beyond ecstatic to find this steal.

Application Method

  1. Prep brows by brushing them up and towards the outter corners
  2. Squeezing from the bottom to the top place a tear size amount of the wax on a spoolie and brush it through the brows.
  3. Making sure to evenly dispersed turn the spoolie as you brush through the brows
  4. If brows are sparse in areas use a pencil liner to create hairlike strokes
  5. Clean underneath arch with either a natural skin tone concealer or a highlighter

I still like my Eylure Defining Wax stick but this wax paste just may out the jumbo pencil to shame. "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both."

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Confessions... NYX Liquid Eyeliner. Oh No!

September 15, 2015

It is funny how putting on a face full of makeup will make you look so beautiful and then your skin starts to react and you look the exact opposite. Just 2 weeks ago (for some odd reason) I stayed my makeup like I was going to the Grammy's. I prepped, blended, snatch and got #GlamAsFuck all to attend a networking event and promote to bring in new clients to my freelance services.  I swear I need clients so bad right now.

Anyhow, yes... I'm driving, I'm cursing with the radio and then my left eye started burning. Like really, really starting to burn. I rub my eye which is a bad idea and I start to feel my glamourous eyeliner slide right into the inner corner of my eye.  All I kept thinking is why? Why doesn't my left eye like the NYX liquid eyeliner in pearlized black. "The brush is perfect, the application was flawless but my eye thinks otherwise. Damn eye." Literally I almost had a car accident because I couldn't stop my eyes from watering due to the irritation. Drop by drop the liquid eyeliner continued to get into my eyes, burning my pupil. I was so irritated. My eye was like, "Blink, blink biche. I don't like this shit. Get it off me!"

Finally 15 minutes later I got off the freeway, pulled the visor down and flipped the mirror to see my eye. "O crap!" Oh the mess. Oh lawd, it looked like I got in a fight with the eyeliner and the raccoon left his mark. Trying my best to fix it with what I had in my bag was just not an option. "You're location is on the right." Omg! Omg! My networking event location was right next door to a Walgreens. I swear I have never been happier to see a Walgreens in my life. I usually hate seeing those things on every corner. I ran in there fast and spotted my new favorite under $5 pencil eyeliner in black by wet n' wild. This creamy, smooth eyeliner saved my smeared and watered down cat eye.

With 35 minutes left of the networking luncheon I met a few of the ladies and then I realized these were not my target market. Oh well.

Define The Brows With Eylure Brow Taming

September 12, 2015

eylure brow tame wax

Absolutely obsessed with Eylure. This brow wax pencil I found at Ulta for buy one get one half off. So I purchased one of these and purchased Ulta's Brow Gel Crayon. I honestly like both equally but this one by Eylure alive been using on a daily basis. I have been contemplating buying another one for travel purchases. A gal can never have too many backup products. It comes in handy when having an overnighter.

Ok, so yes. This comes in a jumbo stick format that looks just like the jumbo cosmetic pencils that are trending right now. The wax holds the brows in place all day long especially when it is evenly disbursed. The consistency of the wax is medium to thick. If you have a heavy hand, remember less is more. It's wax therefore it can get heavy and disgusting and hard to blend if you are filling the brows in as well.

The difficulty that I have with this jumbo stick is that when you sharpen it, the shed gets everywhere. By the time you clean the shavings off the wax you might become a bit agitated because you've wiped off a lot of the wax as well. Now if they made this into a retractable wax pencil, it would be perfect. Perfect because the tip of the wax pencil is the perfect size. And the fact that I wouldn't have to waste product because of the pencil shavings is so ideal.

Application Method
  1. Brush brows up and in the natural hair growth
  2. Stroke the wax lightly through the hair
  3. With spooly, blend the wax into the hairs
  4. Fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or dip brow pomade. You may also use eyeshadow if you don't have those products

This little goodie was only about $12 it was worth every little dime. "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both."

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