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December 28, 2015

palina makeup

Words cannot explain how excited I am to receive new cosmetics from Palina Beauty, a Swedish cosmetic brand. First off I have been on a mission to find more cruelty free skincare and makeup products for my cosmetic addiction. Second off, Sweden is known for their environmentally friendly products and overall practices in their day to day lives. Third, my extended family lives in Sweden and my 2nd cousin is in the cosmetics industry as well. As a matter of fact she owns the nail polish brand Scratch of Sweden which I also happen market, distribute and create brand partnerships for this brand. Right now I the struggle is real. Working everyday to increase brand awareness in new market and redesigning the USA website is like sitting down for a 3 hour hair salon service. Completely Optional, but definitely worth the rewards in the end. Back to my point. So my cousin was at a Swedish beauty expo this past November and she stumbled upon a makeup booth called Palina. Oh Palina. How I may be thanking you later. I think we will be a match made in cosmetic hoarding.

A little about Palina Beauty (and why I'll probably become obsessed).
Palina is a cosmetics brand based out of Sweden named after the makeup artist Palina Lina Ivarsson. After being a makeup artist for over 14 years she wanted an alternative that was healthier for the skin. Products that are free from mineral oils (which can clog the pores), alcohol (which dries out the skin), and irritating ingredients, but she also wanted her products to be "moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory". Like Scratch of Sweden they also look for environmentally friendly and ethical ways to produce their product, which I absolutely love. Produce in Italy and use "of plants that fulfil GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)".  I am beyond excited that she stumbled upon your products.

What did she bring me? Oh, she brought me the good good.

Skin Perfecting Veil in the color Sydney $47
Mineral pressed powder

palina pressed foundation

Cozy Gloss in Cilla $23
A fuchsia pink lip gloss

palina cozy gloss

Kabuki in Sleeve $41
A retractable, travel size powder, foundation or blush brush with lid.

Swedish chocolate $0
Although it is perfectly wrapped and probably yummy. Me and my little, health conscious self will have to turn it down:-(

Beyond excited to try these products for the new year or more like whenever I have time, I will definitely be posting my looks and doing some product comparisons. Thank you Palina and thank you family for bringing the Swedish cosmetics to America. Oh, wait a minute. She brought me even more, so I will be obsessing about those later.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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Palladio Lip Lacquer and Velvet Matte Reviews

December 19, 2015
Palladio has had some hits with me but lately it has been touch and go. I've been on a hunt for matte finish lip colors. I knew I wanted a smooth and creamy application but I wanted a very pigmented yet matte finish.  That being said, I took my hunt to Ulta after seeing an advertisement for their lip products on Instagram. Very determined to get that matte finish here is the result.

Obsession #1: Palladio Lip Lacquer $8

palladio lip lacquer

palladio lip lacquer

palladio lip lacquer
Ok so I am obsessed with the lip lacquer. The intensity of the color when layered and the fact that my lips look so juicy that I could just give kisses all day long. Muahx:-x Muah:-x So since I have become obsessed with finding drugstore but natural based cosmetic brands Palladio has been my biche, my boo, my alternative. So when looking for more lip colors and finishes. Sorry, I'm rambling again. Let's talk their Lip Lacquer.

The packaging is clean, and not cluttered. The ingredient list was minimal which was perfect because if it had more than 10 ingredients and names that I do not recognize, I'd feel a bit iffy. I love that it comes in a tube with a wand and I do not have to squeeze out to product. Opening the bottle and applying for a swatch test. I applied a generous amount on my wrist. The application was very smooth, a bit sticky but the ability to layer was great along with the longevity. I also loved that it was a sale item if purchased at Ulta. Winning:-). I really liked that the color was very intense when applied however the color I was expecting when looking at the bottle was a brown/nude color, turned out to be a brown/pink color. It threw me off but didn't make me want to return the item. You stay. No on the other hand...

palladio velvet matte

palladio velvet matte

palladio velvet matte

I am not totally obsessed with the Velvet Matte Cream Colors but first off I love, love, love the packaging. When I was looking for the product I thought it was lipstick because of the way they molded the inside to resemble an actual lipstick but then I picked it up, I realized it was not. Palladio, you cray cray for that one. I wonder how many people walked away when they were attempting to buy because of that... The tub was plastic and the black top twisted off revealing a wand similar to the one from the lip lacquer.

Now this one, I didn't swatch on my wrist because I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding the right way to remove it which happened to be simple. Dove soap and water. Anyhow, yes, the smooth and creamy application on my lips was excellent and it left the feeling as if it dried within seconds after apply which was awesome because it got even darker however it was not smudge proof. Not good. I actually lined my lips a little with the product which worked pretty good. Velvet Matte has a great lasting power when layered but, I didn't like when I drank out a glass and small particles of the product was on the rim. I'd expect that from the lacquer which is a gloss but not the matte, but I am happy that the colors are true unlike the lacquer. Both the lacquer and matte are available at Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply and can usually be found buy 1, get 1 half off or $3 off a $10 or more purchase.

Not as obsessed as I want to be, but you know my model, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both."

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Confessions... Perfecting Gone Wrong

December 01, 2015
Remember when I said sample before you buy? Well I did and this time the samples totally fu*ked up my face. This is what happens when perfecting goes completely wrong. Or more like my face was not feeling the product that I choose to sample and had a horrible allergic reaction. Before I tell you which product made my face break out, I'll start by saying that I am a perfectionist. I strive to be a perfectionist although deep down I know that I will never be perfect nor will my makeup, hair, eyebrows and even my body. It is purely impossible. BUT. Yes. There is a but. But, I can find products, seek home remedies, go to specialists that can help hide and of course seek advice from other perfectionists.

One perfectionist I met years ago through a friend is one of the reasons why I strive for and know that perfect skin is obtainable because this lady has the most gorgeous skin I have ever seen. It could be hereditary or cosmetic but I know for a fact that she gets Botox, microdermabrasion and uses over the counter products that include retinol. Taking her advice and researching so e products at the nearest department store lead me to Macy's.

Spending about a half an hour looking for the right product, a beauty advisor recommended Philosophy and StriVectin. Philosophy's "The Microdelivery" almost won with their chemical peel pads but instead I took home some samples of StriVectin New Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner cream due to the retinol ingredient. Eager to start the diminishing process, I hurried home to cleanse my face and applied a small amount of the StriVectin cream to the dark spots. 3 days later I looked like someone injected granules of sand all over my face. This lasted until about 4 days ago. I really wanted to give this product more time but my face wouldn't allow it due the unattractive nature of the bumps and growing and flaming irritation that seem to get worse everyday. Needless to say, I was the definition of "cake face" trying to hid all that shit.

Unfortunately this skincare product did not work for me, but for those who aren't allergic to retinol, this may be for them. Not to mention the fact that I researched more about StriVectin and they are primarily known for anti-aging products not blemish reducing products. Disappointed with the beauty adviser who recommended this but happy I stuck with sampling before purchasing, I found out that I don't need anti-aging products because fortunately I am not aging fast, my pores don't need to be reduced, however my blemishes still need to disappear so my perfect skin can appear.

Thank you but no thank you StriVectin.

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
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