Full Glam Makeup Shortcuts

February 26, 2016
Lately I have been commuting like crazy going from airplane, to UBER, to trains which means that I cannot carry a ton of products. That being said I have narrowed down my products and discovered a few full glam makeup shortcuts to make sure that I still look fabulous.

Moisturize and Prime
It is in important to moisturize your face and put on a primer so what do I use? Hangover, 2-1 Replenishing Face Primer and Booster by Too Faced Cosmetics. Primer is like applying water on a canvas. It soaks on the top layer of the material and smoothes out the entire base before applying paint. It comes in a cream format and is smooth but not very thick in consistency that moisturizes your skin and wakes it up. I like to apply this first with my hands.

2 in 1 foundation concealer makeup
Rather you are doing a matte, natural or a dewy finish, having a one tone skin color, foundation will give you that. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer is the bestest. If you do not apply foundation be prepared for an uneven skin tones on photos but you do have an option to use a CC (Complete Coverage) or BB (Blemish Balm) cream.

Translucent or Finishing Powder
MAC cosmetics translucent finishing powder makeup
You do not need translucent or finishing powder especially if you plan to contour your face. Your foundation should be setting in aka "baking" onto your face which in the end will give you either the matte, dewy or nearly naked skin finish. Besides why would you want to dry your skin out with more makeup that may potentially get all over your clothes? Remember that your foundation was your canvas so work with it, not against it.

anastasia beverly hills concealer makeup
Definitely conceal a shade lighter or 2 under your eyes extending outwards towards the tails of the eyebrows blending down towards the cheek bones. The consistency of the concealer should be medium to thin, depending on how dark the circles are under your eyes, with a coverage similar to your foundation. Blend with your fingers, beauty blender or a makeup sponge. Do not use a stippling brush. It will leave streaks.

Highlighting and Contouring Based on Lip Colors
anastasia beverly hills highlight and contour makeup paletter
Do one or the other but not both. Why? Because if you are doing a darker lip then you want to contour to bring out the angles in your face that is usually captured in a darker lite room or when the sun is setting. If you are doing a lighter lip, you want to highlight to bring where the sun normally hits your face bringing attention to the softer features on your face.

These are a few of the shortcuts that I have found to be very effective when going for soft glam of full on glam in my everyday makeup applications. It literally makes a difference how your skin looks and feels.

photo credits:
Too Faced
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Make Breakouts Suck a Little Less

February 10, 2016

Guest Blogger Alert
Licensed and Practicing Esthetician Maxine Irgang

So, you’re pushing thirty and your face is still a mess? I was there. I feel your pain. I can recall listening to my friends bitch about their one tiny blemish while I had about 8 all over my face. Not fun.  Flash forward a few years, and here I am with clear skin and an aesthetics license. I picked up a few tips and tricks along the way and here's a few I'd like to share with you.

1. Wash your  face before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing makeup or not, you need to wash all the dirt, grime, and pollution off your skin to keep your pores clear and to prevent your skin from prematurely aging.  Our polluted city air is chock full of free radicals ready to wreck havoc on your skin, so do yourself a favor and take my advice and always wash before bed.

2.  If you are wearing makeup, you must remove that prior to cleansing. Your cleanser can’t really cleanse your skin when it has to penetrate through six layers of concealer, contour powder, and strobe cream.  I like to use Neutrogena makeup removing wipes.  The plain old blue ones work just fine.

3.  If you have inflamed, angry, red, pustules on your face...stay away from any scrubs. These so called “acne scrubs” will only exacerbate the condition because they are just too abrasive and will cause your blemishes to pop. When that blemish pops open while you’re going to town on your face, you’re unleashing a plethora of bacteria and rubbing it all over your face…..And the zit cycle continues.

4.  Moisturize!!!! I have a terrible confession to make… I didn’t use moisturizer until about 2 years ago.  I figured it would make me break out even more so I avoided it and continued to torture my face with harsh scrubs and slather on the heavy foundation. Here’s the thing, when skin is lacking moisture, it overcompensates for itself and produces more sebum (oil) to account for the lack of moisture. All of that extra oil your skin is producing has the potential to clog your pores even more. Long story short, we all need a moisturizer to help maintain the oil/water balance on our skin.

I’m sure that if my younger self listened to my older self, we wouldn’t have had as many issues. Hindsight is 20/20...you know what they say.

Maxine works in Chicago, Illinois as a Aesthetician at G Skin and Beauty Institute
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