Maui Moisture Curl Quench

June 18, 2016
Lately I have been on the hunt to find the best shampoo for my curly, dry, color treated semi-natural hair. And where did I go exactly?? Ulta. It's my version of heaven.
Without further ado let me give you a review what I use recently.

maui moisture, shampoo, hair

The shampoo is smooth and creamy and it feels like it can coat the hair very nicely for a really good lather. The smell was refreshing. It smelled a little citrus like and coconut of course. I liked it. The conditioner is kind of good however I would love to reformulate it a bit more. Back to the shampoo. When I applied it to my hair I had to use a quarter size to almost a half dollar size amount to start a shampoo.  The nickel size amount did not seem to work at first. After that it lathered immediately. Washing my hair twice as I usual I felt as if my hair was partially clean however it let me feeling a little like it was about to be gritty and nasty once I rinsed it out. It felt almost like the Suave clarifying shampoo. I didn't like that. Maybe the second shampoo dried my hair out a little too much. Either way, I am not a fan of it.

maui moisture, coconut oil, hair, conditioner
This conditioner is actually pretty good if you're going to wear your hair straight, not curly. The consistency is thin to medium and not very sticky. Normally when I wear my hair curly I like for my conditioner to be a bit sticky so that it hydrates and moisturizes my curls without me having to reapply a day or two later.  Like the shampoo it smells pretty damn good. I like. I like. But yes so slightly following the directions on the back of the bottle, I tend to use a lot of conditioner but since I'm wearing my hair straight for this product I used about a good table 2 tablespoons finger combing it through my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I then rinse out 80% of it.
This conditioner is a great formula however I'll keep the conditioner and swap out the shampoo. It's just not the right amount of balance of cleansing and moisturizing for my hair.

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