Brows on F L e eeEK… I think? ELF Cosmetics Eyebrow Products

July 24, 2016

Elf Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Tool

This tool is great because although it has a plastic exterior I like that the color is very smooth to touch and you do not have to press down to hard to get color which makes it easy to blend and build upon. The other thing is that it is a twist and turn so I do not have to dig in my makeup bag and find a brow pencil sharpener. Oh and the good ish that they added was a spooley on the end. Hell yes. This is why I love this fuc*en tool. Most brow tools like the one by Anastasia Beverly Hills costs over $20 for a nifty little add on like that. See my previous post where you can learn to fill your brows like a pro here

Now here is the bad part. I do not like how wide of a diameter the brow pencil side is. If they was to decrease the diameter size by 1 or 2mm then it would be close to perfection, but with this little flaw, I would buy more but I’ll keep trying others as well. One more thing, it is not waterproof. For me that is good because I like to wash my “face" completely off at the end of the day. For others it may be bad because they want to wake up next to their boyfriend/girlfriend in the morning with eyebrows still in tact. In the words of Jersey Shore, “What are those?” LBVS (laughing but very serious).

Eyebrow fill using ELF Cosmetics Instant Lift

All in all I do like this brow tool as you can see but until they make those small changes, I will be looking for alternatives. Thanks ELF. Love ya, kinda, yeah:-)

I absolutely love, like I am head over the freaken hills in love with this duo tool that has a spooley on both ends for the eyebrows and the eyelashes. Although I didn’t really use it for the lashes except for one day I definitely used it to lock my eyebrows in place. 
First off it comes in this clear tube so you can see that it is a gel. Second off, this gel is medium strength and the more you apply the stiffer it gets so be careful. Also it does not irritate the skin which is a biggie for me. My skin is sensitive and I have to pick and choose wisely otherwise I will breakout. 

Okay, I am done rambling. Try these products and follow me to learn how to apply follow me on Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter on where I post lots of looks to replicate. 

How To Use Rosehip Oil

July 16, 2016
Obsession: Loelle's Rosehip Oil Eco Coldpressed Rich in Vitamin A $14
rosehip oil
The brand is European. The country is Sweden. The goodness is all natural. Why am I obsessed with this product? I will tell you why and hold on to your credit cards for the next couple of minutes.

Swedish natural skincare brand Loelle has sent me over a ton of goodies. So much that even if I wanted to use them all in one sitting, I could not. Besides my obsession with the Rose Flower Water from this brand, Rosehip Oil has become my baby as well. Having co-workers that are estheticians who consistently educated me about the benefits of using great quality products along with at home regimens I use to keep my skin clear and youthful, any product containing Rosehip is ideal.

Loelle's Rosehip Oil comes in its purest form using recycled material glass and a eyedropper for ease of use. Thin to thick in consistency with a yellow/green tint almost similar to olive oil but a bit thicker however has multiple uses as well. One drop can be used for the entire face and one more drop can be used entirely for your neck. Why do you want to use this on your face and neck? It does wonders for the skin. It tightens it up and restores moisture and nutrients into the skin.

Back to the fact that it has multiple uses. When I ran out of Scratch of Sweden's Nail Food cuticle and nail oil pen, I was desperately seeking an alternative. Rosehip Oil starting whispering my name. Only left to oblige to the whispers I sought out my big ass makeup suitcase and grabbed this 4oz bottle of greatness. Pedicure status was now on fleek!

Face moisturizer and primer. I have seen a lot of YouTuber's lately using oil to prep their skin for their 10lbs of makeup but do not do that. Literally one drop on a damp beauty blender, makeup sponge or right after you shower is all you need to thoroughly moisturize and give your face a glow. FYI... Do not put on a heavy foundation, use a loose mineral powder (see previous post) to control the oil that'll build up throughout the day.

Fade Scars. Unlike my fav product by Ambi Even & Clear Fade Cream, this oil is natural and doesn't contain bleaching agents instead the oil penetrates the skin and repairs from within. The oil repairs and rebuilds resulting in a safer non-topical way to fade scars.

I have many more products from Loelle that I will be sharing with you in the near future. Now save some ducats and go purchase these products directly on the site because it's all about "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both."

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Pigmented & Budget Friendly Makeup

July 08, 2016
I am doing very well with not shopping but sometimes I forget about all the great, new products that I already own and have yet to open well more like use more than once. One of the products that I found and purchased from an online cosmetics store is from Makeup Mania.

Obsession: La Femme Cosmetics Blush and Press Eyeshadows $3.50 per pan
blush, eyeshadowsNo flash

blush, eyeshadows With flash

These blushes and eyeshadows come in a pan only so pro or attempting to be makeup artists (such as myself) can fill and customize z or quad palettes. The colors are just as true from the naked eye to the swatch on your hands and application on your cheek. Each pan of color has a slight shimmer. When touching the blushes they are so buttery and pigmented that even on slight swipe will leave pigment on your skin. You will stare in disbelief but you will be searching for a makeup removing wipe or baby oil. Using it with a blush brush, you will only need to tap and very, very lightly rub the color onto the brush. Trust me, this shit sticks.

The colors that I purchased were Rust, Brandy Ice, Golden Sunset and Bordeaux. Now because I am always one to use makeup for multiple uses this one you can use as eye shadow, blush, highlighter and for a slight contour. Now although the website currently have the blushes and the pigmented eye shadows listed separately, you can may be able to find the same colors.
I totally love these blushes and pressed eye shadows. It is the best for less.

My model is, Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both".

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Restoring Youth & Health To The Face with Bee Venom

July 03, 2016
Skin care, skincare, skin care. I just can't get enough of having a good regimen for great skin. What I have found love with recently is a face cream infused with bee venom.

Obsession: By Nature Bee Venom Face Crème $15
bee venom, face cream, moisturizer

This facial cream is good upon good. Now that I am older and I am looking to rejuvenate my face by having it pumped with a little bit of the sting courtesy of bee venom which tightens and smooth skin. The consistency of this face moisturizer can be medium to thick. The color is slight off white with a yellow tint. Doesn't flake or leave a white coating on the skin.

When applying use only a nickel size amount and use upward, circular motions to massage and coat the skin thoroughly. Put it on the entire face and the neck because hello the neck ages too. Rant! Why the hell do people forget to moisturizer and tighten the neck as well?! Hello that ish looks crazy when you're old as dust and your face is super tight and the neck looks like an aging cooch. For real, for real. Keep it tight. No sagging anywhere beauty biches.

Anyhow, the neck does age people. Moisturizer, tighten and do those jaw exercises with this bee venom infused face moisturizer. It's worth the price but hey what do I know? I'm all about, "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both".

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