bareMinerals Ultra Matte Lipstick

October 06, 2016
It's new and I got it! Over the past year I've nee seeking matte liquid lipsticks that have a holding power of 4 on a scale of 1-5. 4 being that i can take it off just as easy seemingly easy it was to put it on. FYI Anastasia Beverly Hills more like Omra aka Amrezy from Instagram is the one who got me hooked on finding the next best for less but technically this one is not much cheaper. A few months ago I had almost gone with MAC'S version but I hated the packaging. I am a stickler for lip product packaging. Meaning if it is too clunky and the lid is like super glossy I probably won't like it. Not sure why I am like that but I just am.

Back to the goods...

Semi Obsessed
bareMineral Ultra Matte Lipstick

bareMinerals aka bareEssentials Ultra Matte lipstick goes on like Palladio's liquid lipstick. You can outline your lips first with the product or use a lip liner then fill in the lips with the product. For this lipstick, I prefer to use their Moxie Lip Liner otherwise it will definitely bleed onto the skin. The consistency is thin but buildable. The more you apply the more opaque it become. The staying power is pretty excellent except it does smear all over the place if you are not careful.
Apply after you get dressed because it will smear on your clothes. Apply after you eat your food otherwise you will look like The Joker from the Dark Knight. If you do not eat then it holds for 4 hours without any touch-ups. If you touch your lips, you will possibly smudge your lips or get product on your clothes so be careful. It happened to me. What I also dislike about the product is that although it has the matte look, it doesn't necessarily have that matte, no smudge finish.

Overall I do like the product, it's a great attempt at mineral based, matte liquid lipstick but I probably won't be using it all. Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I'll try both.

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