Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW

December 27, 2017

Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW Christmas is over and in a beauty addict’s world you need to invest in your makeup collection now! Rather you are an aspiring makeup artist, makeup collector, packaging fanatic or simply have a passion for getting the best beauty deals for less then now is the time to rack up and save. Do you notice how the beauty brands are like car dealerships? They pull you in with these flashy advertisements, constant email alerts and website banners listing the discount prices and you’re totally for it. You’re in awe. You are obsessed and you are making your list. Checking it twice. A couple days before Christmas arrives and you stroll on into the store or go online adding items to your shopping cart thinking that you are getting the best deal. You go through the entire buying process, pay taxes plus shipping if you’re shopping online and bam! You bank account is yelling at you. Rant. I hate paying for online shipping. Seriously, how come the tax that you charge me doesn’t go towards the shipping cost. I mean if it weighs like 5lbs year, but come on for a 2.0oz package GTFOH.

Money Saving Beauty Gifts

December 14, 2017
Save some money this holiday season and shop for you beauty obsessed friends and family from these great cruelty free brands with these Money Saving Beauty Gifts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am in love with all of her products. I have not met a product that I did not like. Granted they cost a lot more than when I originally started purchases the products but when the budget allows or I have about $20 to spare then I will purchase a product or 2. But since it is not about me for the holidays, it is about others (and me, I lied) are some goodies to rack up only on her site.

  1. Liquid Lipstick. Buy One, Get One.
    abh liquid lipstick
    That is definitely a deal for higher end brand with a ton of great reviews. I have been eyeing this lipstick since forever and I did purchase 2 of them.

How To Use Apricot Oil On Your Hair and Skin

November 29, 2017

maple holistics apricot oil

I have been using this oil for 2 weeks and my hair and my body absolutely loves it.

First Impression
maple holistics apricot oil
This little 8 oz bottle of greatness was sent to me by Maple Holistics, a cruelty free, natural all natural company based here in New Jersey. The outside packaging is very similar to the Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree Conditioner I reviewed a little bit ago ---> Read Here. The only element that differs is the push top that dispenses a small, even flow of the product. SURPRISE! There is no scent. I kept putting my nose close to the top hoping to smell something but it never did. I guess that is a good thing considering all of my other products have a scent to them. According to the website, “Pure Apricot Oil is the perfect way to moisturize your skin. Filled with Antioxidants, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Vitamins A,B,C & E, our Apricot Oil absorbs fast and nourishes your skin from the inside out.” Looking more carefully at the ingredient list this time around, the ingredients were as follow: 100% Apricot oil. Whew that’s a relief. Now here are a few options to use the product that has benefited me tremendously.  

H&M Face Palette. Swatch and Review

November 20, 2017

Semi Obsessed
H&M Face Palette $6.99

I was in H&M one day this week and was totally thinking about how I heard (I sound like such a gossiper) that L’Oreal the company that makes MAC Makeup Artistry Cosmetics products is the same company that makes their brand of makeup. Me being the budget friendly and beauty obsessed addict that I am decided to do a 10 minute stroll through the cosmetics section, followed by a 2-3 minute Q&A with a male sales associate who might I add, didn’t wear makeup, confirming and I was in. I opted in to buy one of that pretty little quad.

First Impression
H&M makeup Face Palette

The palette packaging was so purty and clean that I was immediately drawn in. The see through plastic of the quad of shades looked perfect. All I was thinking is that I could wear these for a casual date or even a first date with someone. It was perfect. There was highlighter, a pink semi-shimmery blush and then there was a bronzer and a ashy ass brown shade that can only be used on someone who is 3 shades lighter than me and I am pretty darn bright. Maybe I can use it as an eyeshadow base.

Microdermabrasion at East Town Spa Milwaukee

November 04, 2017
East Town Spa, 718 E. Wells Street Milwaukee, WI

Microdermabrasion at East Town Spa 
I discovered East Town Spa on Groupon while on a mission to find a new esthetician since I was no longer in close proximity to the work friend who I used to swap beauty services with. I'd trim her hair or color her hair, she'd give me chemical peels, microdermabrasion and bikini waxes. It was a match made in salon/spa heaven. The deal I found was one $31 session of Microdermabrasion that included a consultation, face cleansing, exfoliation and a mini facial so I was totally down for it.
First Impression
The spa is located inside of a 3 story, brick, Victorian style home conversion on the intersection of Cass and Wells Street in downtown Milwaukee, WI. The exterior painted bright, cloudy pink and the door a rustic greenish/gray door. The entrance was small enough to have 2 people come in at the same time and walking slowly towards the light and the sound of the blow dryers I could see the original interior has been restored enough to keep its original charm. The floors are classic and original like the building and how I could tell was from the creaking and cracking sounds it made as my heels hit the floor. I love that sound.
Arriving at the check in desk, I said 'hello' however the attendant was on the phone and didn't reciprocate the hello. She instead checked me in by confirming my service and proceeded to ignore me until the esthetician came to collect me. I literally stood there waiting in hopes that the check in attendant would either give me a tour, offer me a beverage or lead me to the seating area, but it never happened. 10 minutes later the esthetician arrived, introduced herself and led me to the treatment room. 
Treatment Room
The treatment room location was in the basement. Like basements in the majority of older homes, the ceilings were low so leaned to the side a bit as I went down the stairs. The stairs felt sturdy but the mildew smell of basement was lingering along with the fact that there wasn’t much light. Entering into the treatment room it was small but yet spacious enough to house a chair, a table (where I'd lay to get the treatment), the esthetician's, a large horizontal desk that held products and a steam machine and another small table with the esthetic tools.
We spoke about my problematic areas. Those areas have always been my t-zone specifically the middle of the chin, nose and around the lips. The rest of the face I am fine with. She made a mental not of this and we proceeded with the treatment.
Ensuring that safety and sanitation was a go, she put on the gloves and started to work her magic. Starting with a light cleansing of the face to remove any makeup or oil. Patting the skin dry she then prepped the machine by placing on different tips to the want. One tip was used for exfoliation and suction of the problematic areas and a different wand tip was swapped out to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and around the lips. She hit every area that I needed and wanted for my aging skin. Finishing off the micro with a small facial to cool the skin and an oil and sunscreen to put a little glow back into the skin as well as protection from the sun, she made final recommendations on what to do next, the products she had used on me as well as the products I could purchase when I check out and the service was complete.
Final Impression
Overall I really enjoyed the treatment with that the esthetician provided. She was amazing and thorough however I was uncomfortable with the location of the facial room and uncomfortable with the young lady who checked me in. I was interested in more services however the check in attendant did not ask nor suggest, she only wanted to know if I wanted to leave a tip, which I did. The esthetician was amazing and I’d love to book another service with her, just not at that location.

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ME Spa Review at Pembroke Pines

October 18, 2017
MEspa review
My first ever spa day and it was very different from what I expected yet more predictable than I thought. Allow me introduce you to Me Spa in Pembroke Gardens, suburb in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Booked for a 2.5 turned 3 hours signature services package of a facial, pedicure and massage.

Envision this. Turning the corner into Pembroke Gardens, a shopping center in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, passing stores I only frequent when there is either a sale or I am looking to burn some time, ME Spa day was going to be a break from my normal weekend routine. Exiting the vehicle I feel the warm breeze of the hot summer sun and look up to see a slight overcast. Opening the door of the spa my long, flowy white dress blows in the wind and follows me close enough to where it doesn’t get trapped outside when the door closes. Greeted by a blonde, petite receptionist she confirms the services and hands me an iPad to sign the waiver, 5 minutes later the 4 hour spa day begins.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner

October 04, 2017

A New Jersey, American company reached out to me thanks to my Instagram asking if I would like to do a collaboration and of course I said yes (after I researched them). Like my lifestyle and food choices I have been slowly making the transition to less meat, more veggies and to include vegan based along with cruelty free cosmetic products. That being so this was a great company to collab with. A few days a later a USPS package arrived and I was in awww. Opened it up and it was a the gratis full size bottle of Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner.

First Impression
The packaging of both are pretty simple. They came in see-through plastic 8oz bottles with push button tops. I wonder if it is made of recycled plastic? Hmmm… because it doesn’t mention it on the website. The label is very pretty with the logo, simple artwork and product description and ingredients. Now let’s talk product:-)!


I really like this shampoo because I can actually comprehend not one but over 10 of the ingredients. It is a medium, creamy consistency and smells pretty refreshing. This shampoo has Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Tea Tree oil which is beneficial for attacking any type of scalp issues specifically dry scalp or dandruff. I’m a victim of dry scalp in one particular area of the top of my head. However the first ingredient said water which isn’t ideal for me. I prefer less water and more product.

Makeup of New York Fashion Week 2017

September 21, 2017
Makeup of New York Fashion Week 2017 was seriously BANGING! Like it was so amazing and so creative that I had to confess my obsessions and share with you bit of the looks that you can recreate using some of my favorite brands makeup products.

Look #1 Hello Sun

This is the look that literally sets the tone for this Fall season. Giving us all a BRIGHT hello and a warm, golden glow of the Fall sun along with the orange and gold tones that are sure to come, I was immediately drawn in. The high emphasis of the cheekbones and the golden glow says Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife $34 all day long. So pretty.

Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals

September 19, 2017
Semi Obsessed
Coconut Visible Repair Oil by Advanced Clinicals 1.8 ounce $15

advanced clinicals

This was a beauty find during a recent trip to Ross that I scored for a nice amount of $5. Hello budget beauty shopper! Wanted to try something similar to my favorite Rosehip Oil by Loelle which unfortunately isn't sold here in the USA, I wanted another oil that could give me the same benefits. Or so I hoped.

Taylor Swift. Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery... Maybe

August 25, 2017
Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery... Maybe.

Well, well, well it looks as if Taylor Swift or either the creative people behind her new video Look What You Made Me Do has intentionally replicated Queen B's Formation or totally thought that a year or 2 has passed and they can now redo her whole look without much "talk". SMH.

I love music like the next person and I specifically love piecing apart the makeup and the wardrobe of those that I see on the big screen. In the clip of Taylor Swift's video her poses and her backup dancers strangely resemble what could be Beyonce's Formation rendition but switched out with male dancers wearing midriff shirts and abs to kill. But Her makeup looks strangely familiar along with the hair.

The Lies We Tell Others

August 23, 2017
Being the eavesdropper that I am, I overheard a lady say why she started wearing contacts. She said because she got tired of wearing her glasses. Now that is clearly a lie. You wear glasses when you are either too poor to afford to keep restocking your contacts that are due almost every 6 months or either too lazy to get up and put some effort into your looks meaning doing your eyebrows and eye makeup and put those contacts in. Oh and I forgot to mention, to hide behind the lens. Trust and believe, I am guilty of all of it. Either way there is no real reason to lie to anyone who asks about why you are wearing glasses and not contacts. Seriously. Stop it!

We have all gotten into the habit of saying that we don't wear makeup because of this and that but the truth is. We someone gave up. We gave up on trying to impress others and have been content with who we are. Or is that the truth we tell ourselves? We are all imperfected human beings seeking comfort and reassurance in others. We solidify who we are through what we wear, what we say, how we dress and how we respond. There is no way to be perfect. There is no way to be absolutely YOU. YES, Y O U. The person who is reading this. What are you doing and why do you do it? If you can answer that for me then you will be one in a million or a billion.

Today I found myself putting on makeup before work.  I have not worn makeup all week but within the last 20 minutes of prepping to leave for the day I remembered where I was going for work and being in that location there, one would want be seen as attractive. Here's the kicker though. It is a predominately White owned company. I've been there for over a year and no one pays attention to me so why both putting effort into my appearance. Easy, for the fear of not being accepted. The fear of having these individuals look at me as though I am less than them although the majority of them already feel that way. It's crazy and how totally fucked up it is. Caking on about 2lbs of makeup only to leave the premises and have no one acknowledge my existence. Is it my curly hair? My full lips? My small but very obvious curves of my body that make you turn away from me or is it that you assume that I am something that I am not?

In a country that is so fucked up, why do we continue with the lies we tell others in order to make ourselves mentally feel accepted? Comment your thoughts or keep quiet like everyone else.

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Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

August 15, 2017
Let's Start Over

I decided to go back to the basics. I want you to continue getting to know me and why I purchase the cosmetics that I do.
There is no doubt that I love makeup. I cannot afford every single product that launches neither do I want every product that launches. In a series of posts I'll feature real insight from women and men on how, when and and why we cake it on day by day. The goal is to get you to see how they feel when they wear it. How I feel when I am not and what the goal is when it is being worn. Please participate by emailing me You can rename anonymous once the posts are live.

If you have not read my bio, I will reiterate it for you. I am a professional and licensed cosmetology with over 9 years under my belt in barbershops and salons. I have a Bachelor's in Communication with a focus on Contemporary Media, Certificate in Social Media Marketing and I am a Digital Media Content Strategist and Developer which is a fancy term for I make brands and look beautiful on their web and mobile sites. All of which I use to help strengthen digital branding of entrepreneurs and companies in the health and beauty industries.
I'm the founder of Newbies Who Blog, The BICHE aka The Beauties In Color Here Everyday and the blog How I Know Social Media Marketing. I am also the Content Strategist for Scratch of Sweden Nails. Here is the kicker I also work a full time job with a healthcare company. Yes, I do it all so I definitely have a lot of content to develop.

Get to know me. You just may like me.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Review

July 02, 2017

Semi Obsessed
colourpop cosmetics lipstick lippie stix
This lipstick is one that smothers your lips in moisture and color but doesn’t give an even application. When you are speaking it looks as if some saliva in a orange/coral color is forming as you open and close your mouth. I seriously stared at my lips as I applied it over and over again hoping that the streaks would melt on my lips and the film would stop developing in between my lips. It did not. So that was not a good look.

Clinique Long Last Lipstick Rogue in Runway Coral

June 24, 2017
Shopping at the Clinique counter is always fun. There are lots of free goodies they give you when you spend like $30 and their products are made with great skincare in mind. This shopping trip I received a lipstick and a few other things after buying my favorite foundation from them.

Semi-Obsessed Clinique Long Last Lipstick Rogue in Runway Coral $17 

Packaging of this lipstick is super cute. It comes in a coral colored tube with the logo in silver saying Clinique. It’s like super fancy. Pop the lid off and you want to rub that color all over your lips hoping that they turn just as coral as the tube it came in.

DIY Raw African Black Soap Shampoo

June 17, 2017
Guest Blogger: Kishel J.
DIY Raw African Black Soap Shampoo
DIY African Black Soap Shampoo

This Do It Yourself shampoo gently cleanses hair from constant product build-up. Unlike other shampoos it does not strip your hair or leave it feeling dry. The mixture of oils is what makes this shampoo exceptional. It reduces dryness and adds great moisture so I recommended adding as many oils as you would like.

Oranges and Pinks Summer Beauty Picks

June 10, 2017

The season is here! We are being graced with the presence of the sun for approximately 3 months in the Midwest. Hopefully this year it will spark more beauty dos and less don’ts. Less caking and baking and more skin focused cosmetics with subtle hints of color. With the season coming to full bloom sooner rather than later let’s hope for the best. Tis the season to be bright, a bit rachet but freaken fabulous. Here are one of many summer picks!

I have a love hate relationship with cosmetic lines but I love that they make so many different products that I will not completely disregard them especially during the Summer. First up, NYX Cosmetics.
summer makeup

Stila Liquid Lipstick and NYX Cream Suede Dual

May 28, 2017

In an attempt to find the perfect matte lipstick NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick are duking it to earn my love and dollars!

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Kitten Heels $7
NYX Cosmetics matte lipstick
OKAY! OKAY! I am semi-obsessed with this lipstick. I am absolutely in love with the fact that this cream to matte lipstick is only a fraction what Stila has cost me. I love that the wand is long and applicator brush has soft, small bristles that allows it to pick up just the right amount of product on both sides. I definitely admire how it bends slightly at the tip because it allows even more of a precise application.

Too Many Cosmetic Lines

March 16, 2017
too much makeup

I swear I love makeup. I love the ability to create, re-create, and then wash it off at the end of the day. What I am not loving are new makeup brands are launching left and right and now the current makeup brands are trying to keep up with Jones' or should I say the Jenner/Kardashians' and will not stop launching new products literally every 2 months. Every 2 months is CRAZY. How are we to keep up with this! It makes it very difficult for me as a consumer to know what is good, long-lasting, quality as well.

This beauty industry is becoming too much, I swear. As soon as you start to really like a product, here comes another one that is slightly different in color, size, and price point. A lot of these brands, take for example Kylie Cosmetics reminds me so much of Juvia's Place with the packaging although the quality is slightly different. Oh and let's not forget that there is an option for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a cosmetics line to invest in private labeling. Morphe used to offer this option. It's funny because you will see a lot of girls on social media bashing a brand not knowing that the other one that they are loving so much actually came from the same company but it is a different brand with the same formula. Silly people. Now advertising.

Log into Instagram and see what is being advertised. I'll wait... I do not even own a television and I see more advertising being done on YouTube, now Twitter since I have started to pay attention, and almost every 3 posts there is an ad on Instagram. Facebook is worse. It interrupts a 20-second video that someone posted to play a 10-second ad related to what I was just Googling. Damn cookies.

The way that Instagram gets me is that they feed you your interest-based off the cookies that are stored on your device, then they show them, and then you are sucked in. You do not need the product but you are being mind f**ked into thinking that you do. It has now gotten to the point where I refuse to buy products unless they are, prepare yourself for a list, 1. On sale 2. I can use a coupon code 3. It comes with a gift 4. I can use Kohl's Cash and 5. It's On Sale!

The last products I purchased were from Boston Store was the Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation Concealer by Clinique, an Acne Wash (I don't have acne but prone to hyperpigmentation and blackheads on my nose), Take The Day Off Balm, another tube of $6 mascara from Rimmel London at Walgreen's. Guess what tho?! I used a coupon for the Clinique purchases and both products came with 2 gift bags that had even more products that included a trio eye shadow palette, mascara, face moisturizer, and makeup remover.

The point is, there are too many cosmetic lines launching weekly if not monthly and I wonder how come there aren't restrictions on how much can be produced? Seriously. All the plastic packaging, the chemicals it puts into our air, and the waste that doesn't end up in a recycle bin. It's like HELLO, some of the stuff is not good at all. It is actually bad for your skin in general and the others are so good but cost so much damn money that I really do not want to buy although I won't.

I love cosmetics but please stop overwhelming us with too many cosmetic lines.

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Clinique's Take The Day Off

February 20, 2017
I have fallen in love with Clinique's "Take The Day Off" balm and I kind of feel silly about it. Last week was life changing and along with those overall changes came the need for a binge on much needed skincare products.

Obsessed Take The Day Off by Clinique $29
makeup removing balm
I had been eyeing the makeup removing product since I seen it on Desi Perkin's YouTube channel and in Ulta staring at me like "Buy me now!" so I did. I swiped the plastic devil and I felt slightly guilty but not guilty enough to stop the purchase mid transaction. It has been less than a week and this product has been lifting my spirits and makeup off since then. I love it. Coming in a great 3.8 ounce container with a twist off top, the packaging is definitely not on the lower end side. As with all the Clinique products that I have, I love the clean packaging along with the shelf life. Then again, idk how long it actually is because I go through this products more than I go through relationships.

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