How To Use Apricot Oil On Your Hair and Skin

November 29, 2017

maple holistics apricot oil

I have been using this oil for 2 weeks and my hair and my body absolutely loves it.

First Impression
maple holistics apricot oil
This little 8 oz bottle of greatness was sent to me by Maple Holistics, a cruelty free, natural all natural company based here in New Jersey. The outside packaging is very similar to the Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree Conditioner I reviewed a little bit ago ---> Read Here. The only element that differs is the push top that dispenses a small, even flow of the product. SURPRISE! There is no scent. I kept putting my nose close to the top hoping to smell something but it never did. I guess that is a good thing considering all of my other products have a scent to them. According to the website, “Pure Apricot Oil is the perfect way to moisturize your skin. Filled with Antioxidants, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Vitamins A,B,C & E, our Apricot Oil absorbs fast and nourishes your skin from the inside out.” Looking more carefully at the ingredient list this time around, the ingredients were as follow: 100% Apricot oil. Whew that’s a relief. Now here are a few options to use the product that has benefited me tremendously.  

H&M Face Palette. Swatch and Review

November 20, 2017

Semi Obsessed
H&M Face Palette $6.99

I was in H&M one day this week and was totally thinking about how I heard (I sound like such a gossiper) that L’Oreal the company that makes MAC Makeup Artistry Cosmetics products is the same company that makes their brand of makeup. Me being the budget friendly and beauty obsessed addict that I am decided to do a 10 minute stroll through the cosmetics section, followed by a 2-3 minute Q&A with a male sales associate who might I add, didn’t wear makeup, confirming and I was in. I opted in to buy one of that pretty little quad.

First Impression
H&M makeup Face Palette

The palette packaging was so purty and clean that I was immediately drawn in. The see through plastic of the quad of shades looked perfect. All I was thinking is that I could wear these for a casual date or even a first date with someone. It was perfect. There was highlighter, a pink semi-shimmery blush and then there was a bronzer and a ashy ass brown shade that can only be used on someone who is 3 shades lighter than me and I am pretty darn bright. Maybe I can use it as an eyeshadow base.

Microdermabrasion at East Town Spa Milwaukee

November 04, 2017
East Town Spa, 718 E. Wells Street Milwaukee, WI

Microdermabrasion at East Town Spa 
I discovered East Town Spa on Groupon while on a mission to find a new esthetician since I was no longer in close proximity to the work friend who I used to swap beauty services with. I'd trim her hair or color her hair, she'd give me chemical peels, microdermabrasion and bikini waxes. It was a match made in salon/spa heaven. The deal I found was one $31 session of Microdermabrasion that included a consultation, face cleansing, exfoliation and a mini facial so I was totally down for it.
First Impression
The spa is located inside of a 3 story, brick, Victorian style home conversion on the intersection of Cass and Wells Street in downtown Milwaukee, WI. The exterior painted bright, cloudy pink and the door a rustic greenish/gray door. The entrance was small enough to have 2 people come in at the same time and walking slowly towards the light and the sound of the blow dryers I could see the original interior has been restored enough to keep its original charm. The floors are classic and original like the building and how I could tell was from the creaking and cracking sounds it made as my heels hit the floor. I love that sound.
Arriving at the check in desk, I said 'hello' however the attendant was on the phone and didn't reciprocate the hello. She instead checked me in by confirming my service and proceeded to ignore me until the esthetician came to collect me. I literally stood there waiting in hopes that the check in attendant would either give me a tour, offer me a beverage or lead me to the seating area, but it never happened. 10 minutes later the esthetician arrived, introduced herself and led me to the treatment room. 
Treatment Room
The treatment room location was in the basement. Like basements in the majority of older homes, the ceilings were low so leaned to the side a bit as I went down the stairs. The stairs felt sturdy but the mildew smell of basement was lingering along with the fact that there wasn’t much light. Entering into the treatment room it was small but yet spacious enough to house a chair, a table (where I'd lay to get the treatment), the esthetician's, a large horizontal desk that held products and a steam machine and another small table with the esthetic tools.
We spoke about my problematic areas. Those areas have always been my t-zone specifically the middle of the chin, nose and around the lips. The rest of the face I am fine with. She made a mental not of this and we proceeded with the treatment.
Ensuring that safety and sanitation was a go, she put on the gloves and started to work her magic. Starting with a light cleansing of the face to remove any makeup or oil. Patting the skin dry she then prepped the machine by placing on different tips to the want. One tip was used for exfoliation and suction of the problematic areas and a different wand tip was swapped out to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and around the lips. She hit every area that I needed and wanted for my aging skin. Finishing off the micro with a small facial to cool the skin and an oil and sunscreen to put a little glow back into the skin as well as protection from the sun, she made final recommendations on what to do next, the products she had used on me as well as the products I could purchase when I check out and the service was complete.
Final Impression
Overall I really enjoyed the treatment with that the esthetician provided. She was amazing and thorough however I was uncomfortable with the location of the facial room and uncomfortable with the young lady who checked me in. I was interested in more services however the check in attendant did not ask nor suggest, she only wanted to know if I wanted to leave a tip, which I did. The esthetician was amazing and I’d love to book another service with her, just not at that location.

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