Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW

December 27, 2017

Invest In Your Makeup Collection NOW Christmas is over and in a beauty addict’s world you need to invest in your makeup collection now! Rather you are an aspiring makeup artist, makeup collector, packaging fanatic or simply have a passion for getting the best beauty deals for less then now is the time to rack up and save. Do you notice how the beauty brands are like car dealerships? They pull you in with these flashy advertisements, constant email alerts and website banners listing the discount prices and you’re totally for it. You’re in awe. You are obsessed and you are making your list. Checking it twice. A couple days before Christmas arrives and you stroll on into the store or go online adding items to your shopping cart thinking that you are getting the best deal. You go through the entire buying process, pay taxes plus shipping if you’re shopping online and bam! You bank account is yelling at you. Rant. I hate paying for online shipping. Seriously, how come the tax that you charge me doesn’t go towards the shipping cost. I mean if it weighs like 5lbs year, but come on for a 2.0oz package GTFOH.

Money Saving Beauty Gifts

December 14, 2017
Save some money this holiday season and shop for you beauty obsessed friends and family from these great cruelty free brands with these Money Saving Beauty Gifts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am in love with all of her products. I have not met a product that I did not like. Granted they cost a lot more than when I originally started purchases the products but when the budget allows or I have about $20 to spare then I will purchase a product or 2. But since it is not about me for the holidays, it is about others (and me, I lied) are some goodies to rack up only on her site.

  1. Liquid Lipstick. Buy One, Get One.
    abh liquid lipstick
    That is definitely a deal for higher end brand with a ton of great reviews. I have been eyeing this lipstick since forever and I did purchase 2 of them.
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