Sunday, A Day of Rest and Relaxation

February 27, 2018
Sundays, the second day of the weekend, a day of rest, a day of relaxation, another day and opportunity for me to enjoy pampering myself to the fullest extent. On most Sunday mornings - excluding when I am out of town - I am awakened by sun fully slowly but fully exposing itself into my entire bedroom from 6:45am until sundown about 10 hours later. Feeling the heat and the brightness from the sun on my skin, it feels as I am being tapped on my face to wake up and enjoy what the sun is giving me. As mother mother used to say, Rise and shine. It's a brand new day" and indeed it is. It is a brand new day that I fully intend to enjoy and the first part of that enjoyment is indulging in the last few minutes of watching the sun bounce off of Lake Michigan and into my bedroom. Once the sun has risen and left its trace of happiness in my world it's time to get up, stretch and let the day begin.

Before leaving the bedroom I began my pampering by stretching as soon as I get out of the bed.  People forget that although we are sleeping for 6-8 hours each night our body's are tossing and turning in so many different ways that even yoga instructors would be jealous. We have involuntary muscle movement, crapped legs and feet and the last thing I'd want to is to have any of this happening to me in when during my day of rest and relaxing. Stretching a couple minutes to loosen up the tight muscles, my furball baby does the same and we stretch for a few minutes. I attempt to get up, he looks up at me because he wants a belly rub so he gets a quick rub then I get up and walk towards to the window. Looking directly East towards Lake Michigan I feel a sense of peace. Peace and slight calmness. It's a necessary feeling due to the fact that my work weeks are semi-self neglect, working a full time job, all the while researching methods of growing both blogs, blah blah fucken blah and yeah, you get the picture. The shit gets very stressful. Ok back to calm and peace.

Calmness continues as the day goes on and I start to think of all things that I would like to do that I didn't have the energy to do during the week. For me it's all about skincare and nails. I love to make my skin look amazing. I love to make my nails look amazing. I am not a pro esthetician or a nail tech but I know that when the skin and the nails are healthy and well taken care of then there is no reason why they should not look as if it was a professional who left their stamp on you. For my manicures, I take my time picking the colors and the finishes and this past weekend I did something even more different. I sat out the colors and the nail care treatments but I also choose 4 more colors to feature on one of my group's Facebook pages. I figured, why not allow them to be a part of my personal pamper party. Swatching the 4 colors on LIVE broadcast within the group 129 people were able to view the beautiful Scratch Nails vegan polishes. It was amazing and I loved doing it. After the broadcast was over I gave myself a manicure and a pedicure. Side Note. I used to go to the nail salon years ago for pedicures but 10 years ago they didn't do a great job and cleaning and sanitizing their pedicure tubs. By them not doing that I developed dry cracked, peeling and sometimes bleeding on one foot. It wasn't until a few months ago that I was able to treat it with thanks to DIY Skincare recipes from Pinterest. Using apple cider vinegar, Nail Food Oil and distilled water, sprayed onto my foot every morning, my foot has never looked and felt better. It looks like it's sister:-) No nail salons for my feet EVER again unless I can bring my own tub, cleaning tools and polish. Now that the nails were painted pretty it was time for skincare.

For me skincare specifically face and neck care is what I love the most. Our faces are exposed so much and we must protect. I believe in both high end and low end products but I also believe that if it isn't broke then do not try to fix it. Once of the things I have been using since my early 20's is the Dove White Beauty Bar. It is a classic that you can never go wrong with. It is budget friendly, it cleanses well without over drying the skin and your skin is left very soft and smooth. So to start my skincare treatments on Sundays, I begin with a cleanse. Using the Dove White Beauty Bar I wash my face with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water to close my pores. After I have rinsed I then pat dry and apply a mask. Depending on what I am trying to treat for the day I pick a mask. The mask I choose for Sunday was the  Freeman Facial Charcoal Mask because I had noticed that my nose was becoming very clogged and you could literally see blackheads starting to form. NO BUENO!

charcoal mask
 Applying a generous amount of the mask to my entire face, I let it dry completely then rinsed it off with, you know what I am going to say, rinsed it with cold water. Remember, we are closing the pores. Seeing immediate results of the mask I then pat dry with a cotton, cloth towel and apply a DIY face toner consisting of coconut oil, distilled water, rosehip oil and fresh squeezed lime juice. After that dries then I apply a nickel size amount of No7 Day Cream with SPF to the face and the neck. Skincare complete.

I truly enjoyed my Sunday. I love that is consisted of rest and relaxation. How do you rest and relax on Sundays? Comment below.

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Confessions... I'm On My Way To Makeup Slayage

February 21, 2018
I'm on my way to makeup slayage but first allow me to give you a bit of the backstory of why I slowed down on the eye makeup looks.

For the past year I have not been doing much to my eyes in terms of makeup for no good reason other than my allergies being on overload. Since the end of 2016 to this current moment, meaning like right now my eyes tear up at any sign of dust, dander, mold, highly scented cosmetics or simply the change in weather. Literally each time I have applied makeup to any location near my eyes or on my eyelids specifically the inner corners and water lines within a matter of minutes they are watering as if someone had turned on a faucet. The left eye is the worse because it never stops. It's happening right now as I am typing but I am trying my hardest to stop the tears from coming down. I do not want to waste these beautiful products that I smothered on my face this morning. So what I have been doing for the past few weeks is sucking it up, holding in the tears and doing all that I can to make sure this eye makeup stays in tact.

A trick that I found lately is to stay away from highly perfumed products which is difficult because one of them happens to be my new love of the Palladio Rice Powder Translucent Powder. The only problem with that is that it is highly perfumed and I can only use it after I have spot concealed an area with concealer and then applied my this directly on top of it. Shit. I did love it though. Another trick or more like obvious thing to do is switching out any of my liquid products such as eyeliners and mascaras to waterproof formulas. In the past I prefered non waterproof formulas but with these eyes acting as a leaky faucets I have no other choice. Two other things that I doing is switching my makeup application method.

By switching up my makeup application I have seen a bit of relief by first applying eyeshadow primers to the eyes it stopped any type of fallout. Yes, fallout occurs no matter what but the goal is to avoid as much as possible. I know that I should have been wearing primer all along but you learn as you go and in all honesty I wanted the makeup to come off as easy as it was for me to swipe a card to buy it. The last thing I have been doing is pressing the makeup brush onto the skin so it adheres to the primer thus resulting in minor fallout as well. Of course I still use the windshield wiper sweeping motion to blend but not to apply anymore.

To give you a preview of the makeup slayage I have been creating on my Instagram feed here are a few looks. FYI you can also see my Instagram feed in the footer.

Do you see that?

How about that?

Yes, honey! Yes! FYI the products used was an Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Ulta Eyebrow Crayon, L'OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
and L.A. Girl Pro Concealer Medium Beige.

I feel absolutely happy and totally in my element when I am playing in makeup. To see my face go from, "hey" to "hello beautiful" is what I enjoy the most. Don't get me wrong, I am confident on many levels but I see improvement in everything. When I say improvement I mean enhancing the features that I love the most about my face to the ones I see can use some improvement like my eyebrows. My eyebrows have always been thin but full in shape. They are sparse in some areas as well as the hairs of the eyebrows are are this crazy brown color that has like gold undertones of it and it looks either brown or black at times. Idk but yes, back to my point I'm on my way to makeup slayage and I love it.

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e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

February 16, 2018
Once upon a time a girl had an issue with buying cosmetics that she did not need nor could afford. Then one day great products starting being created by well-known, affordable brands. One of those brands happen to be e.l.f. Cosmetics and now she is in trouble. Kidding but at the end of the December I was prepping for wedding that I was hired as a makeup artist and barber to the groom and the groomsmen. As I was strolling through the aisles of TJ Maxx and the Dollar Store searching for tools and products for a deal I saw the e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream and thought that I would give it a try. And HOLY SHIT this is what happened.

Obsessed e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream $4

Credit: elf Cosmetics
e.l.f. eyebrow creamI am in love with this product and I love that the it is very budget friendly and will not make me do a double take when I check my bank statements like the Anastasia Beverly Hills products do. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade however this eyebrow product was developed by a brand that went from being overlooked to growing tremendously in the past 3 years. That being said, I had to give it a try. Actually no one had to convince me, I was going to try it either way due to the fact that I have multiple products from e.l.f. and I highly doubt that I will stop purchasing from them anytime soon. Enough talking here is the review of the Lock On Liner and Brow Cream. 

The packaging of this eyebrow product is very similar to the ABH Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. Both are see through with a black lid but unlike the ABH container which has a glass bottom and hard shiny black lid of the ABH, this one consists of a hard plastic bottom half with the matte finish, black hard plastic screw off top which I adore for travel purposes.

Product Consistency
eyebrowsThe e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream is very creamy with a light to medium consistency and not as thick as the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. I am not sure if the product is waterproof because I set my makeup with setting spray to ensure longevity however due to this product being a semi thick I hope that it is. But one of the things I found that benefiting me on the consistency level was it's multiple uses. Of course the first is eyebrows
And the other use happens to be on the scalp and hairs on top of your head.

Thinning Hair
As I mentioned earlier in the post I was hired for a wedding. During this wedding I was specifically asked to do only the beard, hair and makeup of the groom. The makeup portion consisted of concealing dark circles which I did with the NYX Conceal Correct Contour Palette in Light and then I set it with my ABH Light Contour Palette. Once that was done that is when the fun part started. Not wanting to darken his brows more than usual but noticing that his hair was thinning and the spray on product that he had was not going to do the trick. Me being the creative person that I am I applied the e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream to his scalp by making small hair-like strokes directly on his scalp and slightly blending it on his hair strands to create the illusion of more hair.

Overall this e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream is really great and although my ABH keeps me looking amazing, I'm all about "Quality over quantity. Fuck it. I will try both". SUBSCRIBE to these obsessions and Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram.

Men's Hair of New York Fashion Week 2018

February 14, 2018
The men's hair of this year's New York Fashion Week for designer's Perry Ellis models was  effortlessly amazing. Looking at each model pace with swagger down the runway -thanks to the YouTube streaming- was simply jaw dropping. I mean yes, these models are definitely dreamy but it's the hair that caught my attention. As a barber/stylist and overall Beauty Informant, I want to share a few tips of how you can achieve a similar look with the help of your barber or stylist. Let's get started!

Look #1 Simplicity in Sophistication
perry ellis 2018
The look of this male model is simple, casual and creates a statement. To achieve a similar look, here's what your barber can do for you. 
For the hair, ask your barber/stylist for a Caesar cut with no fade and a light trimming, no over exaggerated hairline. The goal is to remove uneven hairs. For this haircut he/she will be using his adjustable blade, professional clippers. My favorite clippers are both from Wahl and Andi. He/she will attach a #4 (1/2 of an inch) or #6 (3/4 of an inch) guard to the clipper blade and will begin to cut against the grain. Against the grain means that the clipper will be going against the hair's natural growth pattern to create a one length haircut. Once the hair is even and your barber/stylist finish with removing length then comes the detail work of the clean up around the edges.

The best trimmers are the Wahl's Series Detailers. I have purchased several pairs of trimmers over the years and these $50 ones I recommend to both pros along with up and coming barbers. To style the hair start by rinsing it and doing a light wash with a clarifying shampoo. Rinse and then massage a dime size amount of leave in Maple Holistics Silk 18 Conditioner onto the hair for 2 minutes rinse, towel dry then apply a small amount of hair oil such as or even the Assuage Beard Oil which contains coconut oil, vitamin C and plenty more good oils.

Look #2 Cropped Curls Tapered
perry ellis 2018
His look and entire walk says 'work is over and I am ready for whatever the night brings'. For the hair, this cut consists of both clipper and scissor/shear work.
With a #6 (3/4 of an inch) or #8 (1 inch) guard trim the sides going against the grain with the blade fulling open. By having the blade open it will allow the hair to maintain a bit more length. As he/she is trimming the perimeter be sure that the clippers are being pulled away from the occipital bone and the sides of the head to create graduation. DO NOT GO ABOVE the occipital bone or the temples. 
Leaving the top untouched by the clippers, mist the hair with water and trim the hair to wear it is 4 inches standing straight up on top and then start to blend the sides and back with the shorter length of hair. If needed blend more with the shears/scissors shears. Clean up around the edges with a trimmer. Style directions are listed below.

Look #3 Sleek and Geeky

perry ellis 2018
This looks screams "intern" or "first day of my dream job". With a side part a bit of length to push the hair off of the forehead. To achieve a similar look this is what you will tell you barber. 
On the sides and back attach the #8 (1 inch guard) to the clippers and adjust the blade by pushing up the level so it can be completely open. By opening the blade this allows for a longer length. Start by trimming the sides and the back of the head. Remember to not go above the occipital bone and on the sides only trim 1.5 inches above the head. 
For the top put the hair straight up and leave about 5 inches in length then trim the rest of the to blend with the sides and the back. If the hair still has a weight line meaning that you cannot see that it is blended well, use the blending aka thinning shears with the scissor over comb method. With the trimmers, clean up around the edges and remove any uneven strands. 
For both Look #2 and #3 the styling is the same. Start by thoroughly rinsing the hair to remove the loose strands. I personally prefer to cut not freshly washed hair. Wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo then apply a moisturizing conditioner like Redken's All Soft. Rinse, towel dry then slightly blow dry in the desire style then apply molding paste. V6 Molding Paste is one that'll definitely help you achieve this look. 

With date night being any night,these hairstyles will be easy to achieve. If you love it, bae will love it too. 

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Confessions... Thank You For The Acknowledgment

February 08, 2018
Today someone caught me off guard with a unexpected complement. I was waiting to get onto the elevator when the doors opened and this lady who was looking at her phone looked up expecting to exit sees me and says, "Oh my God. Your Skin. You are beautiful." I said thank you and immediately become self conscious. She says, "You probably hear that a lot?" I said, "No I don't. Thank you very much though." She then looked at me one more time as she was about to exit the elevator and says, "God." I smiled and said, "Have a good day." And I really meant it. Have a good day.


Like many of my mornings I am in a rush. Sometimes I put on a face full of makeup that includes color correcting hyperpigmentation, highlighting, enhancing and blah blah blah but this time I opted to a very simple look: concealer, powder, blush, eyebrows and mascara. The only reason I decided to put makeup on today is because after threading my eyebrows the day before yesterday, I failed to stretch the skin enough to pick up only the fine hair and picked up my skin resulting in me cutting myself. Ouch! Here is the method I use DIY Eyebrow Threading Not wanting everyone to point out the obvious or have myself looking at it constantly I treated the area with Rosehip Oil first, applied moisturizer and put on a little bit of 'face'. Not thinking anything of it I went about my day so when that lady acknowledged me was completed unexpected. And the fact that she assumed that I get them all the time was totally not true but much appreciated.

If you have read my bio or follow any of my social media occasionally I mention my daytime job which is in the medical field in Wisconsin out of all places. In this field you never know what people are going through rather it be the patients or the caregivers so I acknowledge people and say 'Have a good day' to everyone. So to have this lady acknowledge me and take the time to complement to me was very unexpected. Here's why.

Side Story
Here in cold Wisconsin, a predominately Caucasian and Republican state, I am not used to getting complements. Most of the time people ignore me and go about their day which I can totally understand. They have a life that doesn't revolve around me. I feel very much invisible due to the fact that I have a my small family here and like 2 friends. Sometimes I wonder why I come back to this state. Oh I know why... well I won't tell you now but let's just say click to purchase whatever is advertised here. Partly kidding, but that is another story. The one thing that I have always said is that Wisconsin is one of those states where if you do not get married before you are 20 or maybe 21 and you are a minority then you will be single for a very, very long time. It's one of those states where you get married, find a financially rewarding job, have kids, have them grow up in the Midwest and then send them off to live their life then repeat. Parents retire in a sunny state like Arizona or Florida and yup the happy children and grandchildren visit them. That is literally how it goes in this state especially if you are among the majority which I am not. So for me being a minority in this state with no kids, no husband and barely any friends and a handful of family it very much a surprise to be acknowledged and complemented. So thank you lady. Thank you for acknowledging me today with even a complement that was totally unexpected. Have a good day.

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