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Today someone caught me off guard with a unexpected complement. I was waiting to get onto the elevator when the doors opened and this lady who was looking at her phone looked up expecting to exit sees me and says, "Oh my God. Your Skin. You are beautiful." I said thank you and immediately become self conscious. She says, "You probably hear that a lot?" I said, "No I don't. Thank you very much though." She then looked at me one more time as she was about to exit the elevator and says, "God." I smiled and said, "Have a good day." And I really meant it. Have a good day.


Like many of my mornings I am in a rush. Sometimes I put on a face full of makeup that includes color correcting hyperpigmentation, highlighting, enhancing and blah blah blah but this time I opted to a very simple look: concealer, powder, blush, eyebrows and mascara. The only reason I decided to put makeup on today is because after threading my eyebrows the day before yesterday, I failed to stretch the skin enough to pick up only the fine hair and picked up my skin resulting in me cutting myself. Ouch! Here is the method I use DIY Eyebrow Threading Not wanting everyone to point out the obvious or have myself looking at it constantly I treated the area with Rosehip Oil first, applied moisturizer and put on a little bit of 'face'. Not thinking anything of it I went about my day so when that lady acknowledged me was completed unexpected. And the fact that she assumed that I get them all the time was totally not true but much appreciated.

If you have read my bio or follow any of my social media occasionally I mention my daytime job which is in the medical field in Wisconsin out of all places. In this field you never know what people are going through rather it be the patients or the caregivers so I acknowledge people and say 'Have a good day' to everyone. So to have this lady acknowledge me and take the time to complement to me was very unexpected. Here's why.

Side Story
Here in cold Wisconsin, a predominately Caucasian and Republican state, I am not used to getting complements. Most of the time people ignore me and go about their day which I can totally understand. They have a life that doesn't revolve around me. I feel very much invisible due to the fact that I have a my small family here and like 2 friends. Sometimes I wonder why I come back to this state. Oh I know why... well I won't tell you now but let's just say click to purchase whatever is advertised here. Partly kidding, but that is another story. The one thing that I have always said is that Wisconsin is one of those states where if you do not get married before you are 20 or maybe 21 and you are a minority then you will be single for a very, very long time. It's one of those states where you get married, find a financially rewarding job, have kids, have them grow up in the Midwest and then send them off to live their life then repeat. Parents retire in a sunny state like Arizona or Florida and yup the happy children and grandchildren visit them. That is literally how it goes in this state especially if you are among the majority which I am not. So for me being a minority in this state with no kids, no husband and barely any friends and a handful of family it very much a surprise to be acknowledged and complemented. So thank you lady. Thank you for acknowledging me today with even a complement that was totally unexpected. Have a good day.

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