Men's Hair of New York Fashion Week 2018

The men's hair of this year's New York Fashion Week for designer's Perry Ellis models was  effortlessly amazing. Looking at each model pace with swagger down the runway -thanks to the YouTube streaming- was simply jaw dropping. I mean yes, these models are definitely dreamy but it's the hair that caught my attention. As a barber/stylist and overall Beauty Informant, I want to share a few tips of how you can achieve a similar look with the help of your barber or stylist. Let's get started!

Look #1 Simplicity in Sophistication
perry ellis 2018
The look of this male model is simple, casual and creates a statement. To achieve a similar look, here's what your barber can do for you. 
For the hair, ask your barber/stylist for a Caesar cut with no fade and a light trimming, no over exaggerated hairline. The goal is to remove uneven hairs. For this haircut he/she will be using his adjustable blade, professional clippers. My favorite clippers are both from Wahl and Andi. He/she will attach a #4 (1/2 of an inch) or #6 (3/4 of an inch) guard to the clipper blade and will begin to cut against the grain. Against the grain means that the clipper will be going against the hair's natural growth pattern to create a one length haircut. Once the hair is even and your barber/stylist finish with removing length then comes the detail work of the clean up around the edges.

The best trimmers are the Wahl's Series Detailers. I have purchased several pairs of trimmers over the years and these $50 ones I recommend to both pros along with up and coming barbers. To style the hair start by rinsing it and doing a light wash with a clarifying shampoo. Rinse and then massage a dime size amount of leave in Maple Holistics Silk 18 Conditioner onto the hair for 2 minutes rinse, towel dry then apply a small amount of hair oil such as or even the Assuage Beard Oil which contains coconut oil, vitamin C and plenty more good oils.

Look #2 Cropped Curls Tapered
perry ellis 2018
His look and entire walk says 'work is over and I am ready for whatever the night brings'. For the hair, this cut consists of both clipper and scissor/shear work.
With a #6 (3/4 of an inch) or #8 (1 inch) guard trim the sides going against the grain with the blade fulling open. By having the blade open it will allow the hair to maintain a bit more length. As he/she is trimming the perimeter be sure that the clippers are being pulled away from the occipital bone and the sides of the head to create graduation. DO NOT GO ABOVE the occipital bone or the temples. 
Leaving the top untouched by the clippers, mist the hair with water and trim the hair to wear it is 4 inches standing straight up on top and then start to blend the sides and back with the shorter length of hair. If needed blend more with the shears/scissors shears. Clean up around the edges with a trimmer. Style directions are listed below.

Look #3 Sleek and Geeky

perry ellis 2018
This looks screams "intern" or "first day of my dream job". With a side part a bit of length to push the hair off of the forehead. To achieve a similar look this is what you will tell you barber. 
On the sides and back attach the #8 (1 inch guard) to the clippers and adjust the blade by pushing up the level so it can be completely open. By opening the blade this allows for a longer length. Start by trimming the sides and the back of the head. Remember to not go above the occipital bone and on the sides only trim 1.5 inches above the head. 
For the top put the hair straight up and leave about 5 inches in length then trim the rest of the to blend with the sides and the back. If the hair still has a weight line meaning that you cannot see that it is blended well, use the blending aka thinning shears with the scissor over comb method. With the trimmers, clean up around the edges and remove any uneven strands. 
For both Look #2 and #3 the styling is the same. Start by thoroughly rinsing the hair to remove the loose strands. I personally prefer to cut not freshly washed hair. Wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo then apply a moisturizing conditioner like Redken's All Soft. Rinse, towel dry then slightly blow dry in the desire style then apply molding paste. V6 Molding Paste is one that'll definitely help you achieve this look. 

With date night being any night,these hairstyles will be easy to achieve. If you love it, bae will love it too. 

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