Sunday, A Day of Rest and Relaxation

Sundays, the second day of the weekend, a day of rest, a day of relaxation, another day and opportunity for me to enjoy pampering myself to the fullest extent. On most Sunday mornings - excluding when I am out of town - I am awakened by sun fully slowly but fully exposing itself into my entire bedroom from 6:45am until sundown about 10 hours later. Feeling the heat and the brightness from the sun on my skin, it feels as I am being tapped on my face to wake up and enjoy what the sun is giving me. As mother mother used to say, Rise and shine. It's a brand new day" and indeed it is. It is a brand new day that I fully intend to enjoy and the first part of that enjoyment is indulging in the last few minutes of watching the sun bounce off of Lake Michigan and into my bedroom. Once the sun has risen and left its trace of happiness in my world it's time to get up, stretch and let the day begin.

Before leaving the bedroom I began my pampering by stretching as soon as I get out of the bed.  People forget that although we are sleeping for 6-8 hours each night our body's are tossing and turning in so many different ways that even yoga instructors would be jealous. We have involuntary muscle movement, crapped legs and feet and the last thing I'd want to is to have any of this happening to me in when during my day of rest and relaxing. Stretching a couple minutes to loosen up the tight muscles, my furball baby does the same and we stretch for a few minutes. I attempt to get up, he looks up at me because he wants a belly rub so he gets a quick rub then I get up and walk towards to the window. Looking directly East towards Lake Michigan I feel a sense of peace. Peace and slight calmness. It's a necessary feeling due to the fact that my work weeks are semi-self neglect, working a full time job, all the while researching methods of growing both blogs, blah blah fucken blah and yeah, you get the picture. The shit gets very stressful. Ok back to calm and peace.

Calmness continues as the day goes on and I start to think of all things that I would like to do that I didn't have the energy to do during the week. For me it's all about skincare and nails. I love to make my skin look amazing. I love to make my nails look amazing. I am not a pro esthetician or a nail tech but I know that when the skin and the nails are healthy and well taken care of then there is no reason why they should not look as if it was a professional who left their stamp on you. For my manicures, I take my time picking the colors and the finishes and this past weekend I did something even more different. I sat out the colors and the nail care treatments but I also choose 4 more colors to feature on one of my group's Facebook pages. I figured, why not allow them to be a part of my personal pamper party. Swatching the 4 colors on LIVE broadcast within the group 129 people were able to view the beautiful Scratch Nails vegan polishes. It was amazing and I loved doing it. After the broadcast was over I gave myself a manicure and a pedicure. Side Note. I used to go to the nail salon years ago for pedicures but 10 years ago they didn't do a great job and cleaning and sanitizing their pedicure tubs. By them not doing that I developed dry cracked, peeling and sometimes bleeding on one foot. It wasn't until a few months ago that I was able to treat it with thanks to DIY Skincare recipes from Pinterest. Using apple cider vinegar, Nail Food Oil and distilled water, sprayed onto my foot every morning, my foot has never looked and felt better. It looks like it's sister:-) No nail salons for my feet EVER again unless I can bring my own tub, cleaning tools and polish. Now that the nails were painted pretty it was time for skincare.

For me skincare specifically face and neck care is what I love the most. Our faces are exposed so much and we must protect. I believe in both high end and low end products but I also believe that if it isn't broke then do not try to fix it. Once of the things I have been using since my early 20's is the Dove White Beauty Bar. It is a classic that you can never go wrong with. It is budget friendly, it cleanses well without over drying the skin and your skin is left very soft and smooth. So to start my skincare treatments on Sundays, I begin with a cleanse. Using the Dove White Beauty Bar I wash my face with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water to close my pores. After I have rinsed I then pat dry and apply a mask. Depending on what I am trying to treat for the day I pick a mask. The mask I choose for Sunday was the  Freeman Facial Charcoal Mask because I had noticed that my nose was becoming very clogged and you could literally see blackheads starting to form. NO BUENO!

charcoal mask
 Applying a generous amount of the mask to my entire face, I let it dry completely then rinsed it off with, you know what I am going to say, rinsed it with cold water. Remember, we are closing the pores. Seeing immediate results of the mask I then pat dry with a cotton, cloth towel and apply a DIY face toner consisting of coconut oil, distilled water, rosehip oil and fresh squeezed lime juice. After that dries then I apply a nickel size amount of No7 Day Cream with SPF to the face and the neck. Skincare complete.

I truly enjoyed my Sunday. I love that is consisted of rest and relaxation. How do you rest and relax on Sundays? Comment below.

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