Beauty Gadgets Every Glam Doll Needs

April 26, 2018
There are so many beauty gadgets every glam and Kendrick doll need in their grooming kit that I must share with you a few of my favorites.

Silicone Exfoliating Cleansing Pad $3
lil scrubbies cleansing pad

I absolutely love the Lil' Scrubbies Facial Cleansing Pads. Coming in a pack of 2 these silicone scrubbies can be used on both the face and to clean your makeup brushes. I found these goodies at the Dollar Tree for one whole dollar however you can also purchase these at Walmart, Target, Amazon or at any other local retailer.

Application Method
Remove makeup with either Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or Coconut Oil
Rinse skin with lukewarm water
Apply 1 pump of Mamonde's Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser to the silicone cleansing pad
Use small circles to massage and exfoliate the skin. Focus on the dryer areas and use less tension around the eyes. 
Rinse skin with cool water
Spritz on Loelle Rose Water to tone the skin and bring it back to it's normal pH level
Apply a daytime cream with SPF or either a night time cream

Alternative Method Cleaning your makeup brushes 
Immerse makeup brush bristles in warm water
Apply pea size amount of anti-bacterial soap to silicone scrubbie
Swirl brushes around in a circle on the scrubby
Rinse with cool water
Place brushes bristles downward on a clean drying towel so water can be removed completely from bristles

Contact Lens Inserter and Tweezers $6
contact lens inserter

These things can be a complete life saver for contacts wearers who hate touching their eyes. I am one of those people. I live in a historic building with high ceilings, exposed brick, a cat, next to the water and shit always seem to get in my eyes. It doesn't matter how much cleaning I do, it always happen so when I saw Sonjdradeluxe using one of those on her makeup tutorials I absolutely needed one in my life!

Application Method
Soak contacts in solution the night before
With the contact tweezers remove one contact lens from solution and place on applicator
Very gently pull down eye with one finger and place lens' on that eye
Blink, blink
Repeat on other eye
Here is also a video on how to apply them.
You can purchase them on Amazon or on Ali Express for super cheap!

Slanted Tip Tweezers $3
slanted tip tweezers

Slanted tip tweezers are used for a range of things: eyebrows, ingrown hairs, manicuring eyebrows as well as removing unwanted hair facial hair. You know those unwanted hairs in the color gray hair or that mustache that you as a woman know you were not meant to have.
Tweezers come in a variety of sizes and styles however I always recommend the slanted ones. The angle of the tip allows the hair to be pulled out without much fuss. Be careful though, these things can be a bit sharp so make sure you stretch the skin and pull out only the hair and not skin.

Micro Beauty Blenders $18
micro beauty blenders

The Original Beauty Blender was introduced to us in 2003 and now in 2018 these tear drop looking micro saints are by far the best things ever. I've tried the fake ones before and between the original and the fauxs I use the original beauty blender or a classic makeup sponge for makeup applications. The Original Beauty Blender has that "pounce" that I need for my face and the micros have that small pounce and precision tip that I need for the smaller areas of my face. These cute little beauty gadgets are the perfect size for blending in concealer to hide those dark circles and blemishes. It is worth every penny.

Sheet Masks $7
mamonde sheet mask

You've seen these ghostly looking things before. They have 3-4 hole cutouts for the eyes, nose and the mouth and it is a scary look but guess what? These ghostly looking masks pack a powerful punch of wellness for those who are constantly on the go, like me, who simply need an extra dose of wellness for the face.
My current go to brand is Mamonde. Their sheet masks are formulated to address all skincare concerns. For dull skin that needs a boast in vibrancy use the Magnolia mask, for skin that is bumpy and needs more smoothing use the Calendula mask. Need a detox? Use the Pomegranate mask or if you want to try them all purchase the 7 piece set of Sheet Mask Flower Power. Your skin will thank you right then and there and you can thank me later for the recommendation.

Application Method
Remove makeup and cleanse skin with a mild cleanser
Rinse with cool water
Exfoliate skin and then rinse with cool water
Pour yourself a glass of wine
Remove mask from pack and apply to face
Pour out the juices at the bottom of the package and pat into the skin
Allow mask to sit for 10-20 minutes
Remove mask and pat the rest of the liquid into the skin
Toss mask into trash and finish wine:-)

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Increase Hair Growth With These Hacks

April 20, 2018
I just realized that I absolutely hate the process of growing my hair. It's kinky, curly, frizzy, not as dense as I'd like, oh and it is short and I want it long again. Now until that happens I have a few hacks to increase the hair growth process. Take notes because this will be benefit you or someone you know as well.

Side note. I took a 1 inch guard and shaved off all of my hair off at the end of September/early October last year. The reason I did this was due to 2 things: hair dye and heat damage. The hair dye that I had been using on my hair for 6 years was increasing the frizz, causing excessive dryness, knots even after I got my hair trimmed and eventually after attempted to detangle it, it thinned it out so much that I had started to cry. 
The heat damage was caused by both myself and others who thought that it wouldn't hurt my hair too bad to crank up heat setting a notch. Well that only ruined the cortex of my hair. During the first couple of months of having the shaved look I felt completely refreshed now 7 months into it, I'm mentally biting my nails off wondering how much longer is it going to take for it grow back. This is not the first time that I have done the big chop but this is the first time I have not added any chemicals or heat to the growth process. That being said let's talk growth hacks to increase the hair growing process.

Hack 1 No More Chemicals
chemicals on hair

Do you know that chemical relaxers are so strong that if the chemicals are left on the hair too long not only will it cause excessive damage resulting in split ends and you actually losing your hair but if it gets on the scalp and stays on longer than it should it will burn through your skin and can create lesions?! Sounds painful right.
Did you also know that chemical relaxers break the disulfide bonds in your hair? Coloring and bleaching your hair does as well. Disulfide bonds consists of polypeptide chains that are made of amino acids and proteins. They are pretty strong but when you apply chemicals to them you change the structure of your hair, completely altering it's chemistry and more than often damaging it beyond repaired. The only option that I recommend to clients after using chemical relaxers for is to cut all the chemicals out COMPLETELY or if you are patient you can transition like this YouTuber did with the chemicals still on. People have been led to believe that they can do deep conditioning and protein treatments but that is completely is FALSE because HELLO DOLL. THE BONDS ARE BROKEN. Take a look at some Instagramers who have done the BIG chop then move on to talk about hair/dying coloring.

Hack 2 Hair Coloring (Dye)
There are 3 types of hair dyes that professionals offer and rookies often do on their own: Semi-Permanent, Permanent and Demi-permanent oh and there is also lightening aka bleaching.
Permanent is exactly as it sounds. It stays on the hair and has minimal fading. If someone has colored their hair blonde, red or black they need to follow their Professional Hairstylist instructions for home care and definitely purchase the recommended products. Trust me Sweetie, we do not get paid for the products you purchase. Okay, maybe a percentage but we honestly want you to use ONLY quality products for color treated hair to ensure vibrancy and longevity. Quality over quantity remember. Or fu*k it, try both;-)
Semi-permanent hair dyes deposits color onto the strands and looks vibrant and beautiful at first but over time it fades. It's like a temporary solution to a color you didn't like. Semi-permanent hair color is also used as a filler for clients who are going from blonde to black or vice versa.
Demi-Permanent is a deposit only color that looks bold and beautiful at the first application and will more than likely stay that way but will leave a line of demarcation when the hair grows out. It looks like someone literally painted a line on their hair and it never faded unlike the semi and permanent hair dye. The best way to remove that line is to color over it like this Pro Hairstylist did or cut it off. You know what else slows hair growth? Heat damage.

Hack 3 Turn Down The Heat
babybliss pro flat irons

Just one more pass over at 430 degrees and your hair will be silky, and flowing like the "white and Asian girls" is what your friend or hairstylist may tell you. Hell, I have told myself that before. WRONG. Pass that heat over your hair strands 1 more time and you will either see the hair either start to scorch and immediately start shedding in your hands or comb through after that pass over and see the hair strands start to fall on the floor. If you don't know how the hair looks when it is scorched it will turn to a burnt orange to red-ish color depending on the color of you hair and it will crumble. No matter what nationality you are or what your curl pattern is do not turn up the heat past 410 degrees. Always use a heat protector, keep the temperature between 385 and 410 degrees otherwise if you turn that heat past that point then you are damaging your hair shaft.

Hack 4 Clip-In Hair Extension
Hair extensions have always been a temporary solution for "growing my hair" a lot quicker than normal or should I say within a few hours. The difference between the way I apply them now compared to then is that I can take them put them in and take them out in a couple minutes versus sitting for hours doing an application and removal process. Sew-ins are a time consuming and financial investment.
Before clip-in hair extensions started trending I made my own. I'd purchase the hair, the clips, needle and thread all from the beauty supply store and put my domestic skills of sewing to work. What I'd do is sew on all the clips onto the weft of the hair, place them back in the original package and when I was ready to wear them in my hair I'd cut the band to the width of the part of where I was placing the hair and clip it in. Now a days I do not make them and thankfully Amazing Beauty Hair reached out to me asking me if I'd like to try their clip-ins. Whew! I think that was a sign from the financial God saying, "I got you boo". And I was like, "Thank you Jesus!" One week after exchanging emails I received the hair. Love:-) Love:-)
clip-in hair extensions
The way to apply clip-in extensions is really simple. Part your hair to the designer width, part off a small section of that area and back comb. Once you have created a small cushion push open the clip and push the teeth down into the backcombed section, push to close and done. Keep placing the hair in the desired spots and repeating until you have reached your desired hairstyle.
As you can see on my Instagram, I have tight spirals and my hair color is a weird brownish color but thankfully the color matched and the pattern I can play around with. I will trim it a little more and make it even more amazing for Chicago Fashion Week, April 22-29, 2018.

To reiterate, the best way to increase hair growth is by using less or no chemicals, reducing the heat you apply to your hair and trying clip in hair extensions if you simply want to fake it until you make it.

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No7 Beautiful Skin Collection for Dry to Very Dry Skin

April 13, 2018
This past January I received a gift kit of No7 products from my cousin who is absolutely lovely. I was in Florida visiting her sister so we could brainstorm ideas for Scratch of Sweden Nail Care and she came in with gifts. Omg. I think she knew how much I love beauty and skincare products in particular so I was like omg! I love her even more.

Obsessed No7 Beautiful Skin Collection for Dry to Very Dry Skin
This collection came with sample size portions of an exfoliator, micellar water, day cream with SPF, night cream and a full size moisture mask. Out of all of the products I tried from this collection I only used the exfoliator twice and I still have yet to try the mask. The reason that I do not use the exfoliator much is because my skin is prone to sucking in those small exfoliating beads causing me to pick with my face and hope that I can get them out. That mission is never accomplished. Now the mask on the other hand is so pretty that I kind of do not want to mess it up. The way that it is perfectly swirled in the container is memorizing but I know I should use it before Summer gets here. Heck it is still dry here in Wisconsin.

Obsessed No7 Day Cream Moisturizer with SPF $15
no7 day cream for dry to very dry skin

I am absolutely in love with this day cream. It is very creamy and not too heavy on the skin. As stated on the Walgreen's website, it contains glycerin which is a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, shea butter which is rich in vitamins of A, E and F that has a fatty acids, and ceramides which plumps the skin and holds in moisture. All of these ingredients are nourishing and beneficial for the skin and aging skin as well. Remember the older we get the dryer our skin becomes."With SPF and Broad Spectrum UV Protection, caring for the future of your skin". Applying a pea size amount to the entire face and the neck while the skin is still partially wet.

Application Method
The best tip that I, a Professional Cosmetologist can give you is that you apply the moisturizer a few moments after you wash your face and neck. When you do this your pores are still open and susceptible to taking in the benefits of the cream thus allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin resulting in overall effectiveness.

Obsessed No7 Night Cream $15

I love this night cream just as much as I love the day cream. It contains the same ingredients as the day cream except it doesn't have the SPF and Broad Spectrum UV Protection. This being that you are using this at night when you are sleeping thus giving the skin the ability to moisturize and penetrate the skin even more while you sleep. As the website states, "Replenish and Soothe Dry Skin As You Sleep". The application method is the same as the day cream.

Overall this No7 Skincare is amazing and I have no complaints or suggestions at all besides Try It.
Comment Your Skincare Product Suggestions Below

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Allergic Reaction to NYX Avant Pop Shadow Palette

April 10, 2018
I thought I'd give NYX Cosmetics another go around with their eye products since to this day I am still completely obsessed and IN LOVE with their highlighter in Ritualistic along with their Butter Gloss and primers. I mean this brand has some pretty cute stuff that my skin likes but I don't think my eyes like their products specifically the READ POST NYX Liquid Eyeliner. Oh No! Then 2 weekends ago I spotted this bright, bold and beautiful makeup palette sitting in the clearance bin at Ulta so I purchased it. It's so pretty! Can you blame me?

nyx cosmetics
What can I possibly say that I have not said about ANOTHER eye product from this brand? I Will be positive then real. The colors in this palette were EVERYTHING that I was looking for with this upcoming Spring and Summer creeping upon us. The colors of white shimmer, soft sea green, mesmerizing yellow. Oh LAWD the yellow and that cafe latte color is what really got me. They look so amazing in that see through packaging that I couldn't resist. I literally envisioned myself in the Summer, because that's how I actually prep myself for the hot and beautiful season.
Daydream with me.
I'm slowing putting on all all white, long flowy dress while slightly glancing down at my semi-perfectly manicured hands and feet in strappy wedge sandals. Face on Glowy and Dewy Goddess status thanks to the overwhelming amount of highlighters that I owned and used by Anastasia Beverly Hills and a few other brands. My eyes are popping with colors of flowers, the ocean and the sun. I have the amazing yellow color in the inner corners of my eyes, the sea green color on the lids blending slightly into the cafe latte color in the crease blown out to the outer corners of the eyes to increase my cat like eye shaped. Trying to take it to another level of extraness I coat my lashes with about 5 coats of lengthening mascara. Oh it was going to be an amazing day and then I tried it.

Not Obsessed NYX Avant Pop Shadow Palette $17 Clearance Rack $9
nyx avant pop

Not Enough Color
What can I say or how about I show you CLICK HERE to see my LIVE broadcast on Facebook. I did my usual of putting on a primer so the colors can show up to the highest intensity as possible. It didn't work. The yellow color barely made an appearance. The cafe late looking color did have a nice color payoff and the blue faded out so quickly that I was like hmmm... Topping the look off with a little bit of liquid eyeliner from E.L.F. I created a look that is more my style. My style is a wash bold colors that blend out too but are still visible to the eye and not the mind. That look wasn't really achieved in this palette. And then...

Another Allergic Reaction
nyx cosmetics

2 minutes after finish my LIVE broadcast of my first time using this palette, then publishing it as a post on the Beauty Biche Facebook page my eyes are starting stingy. Bumps started to form and it was irritating and burning to the highest level. I took my Wet n' Wild Makeup Removing Towelettes which are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and carefully took off the eye makeup. I then cleansed my face with the Dove White Beauty Bar and immediately massaged Loelle's pure Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil on the irritated area. My eye was still burning and was so red and all I thought was, 'You should have known better lady'. I tweeted the company several times CLICK TO VIEW THE TWEETS but no response. That's not a good thing either. Lesson Learned AGAIN!

I am a fan of NYX face products but their eyeshadows and eyeliners are not for my eyes. That being said, if you have sensitive eyes, I wouldn't recommend any of their eye products.

Comment Below Your Experience With Their EYE Products

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Selfcare Sunday

April 08, 2018
selfcare sunday

Selfcare Sunday. A topic or more like a lifestyle adjustment I learned about on my Instagram feed. It's something that people, no not people, it's something that I need to do more of. Spend more time thinking of me, my goals and how I really feel while ignoring those people and elements who do not contribute to my overall happiness.

I have multiple jobs. 2 of them actually generate income while the others do not. They all involve catering to others, me sucking in my first response after they are rude to me or brush me off as if I am not trained nor have a accelerated level of education in which I do, all the while pretending like I'm okay. I hold in a lot of frustrations and those frustrations come from the responses I'd like to give on a daily work basis. It's a mental tug of war of, "Do I snap the fuck out?" or "Do I hold it in and woosah for sanity?" Option 2. I woosah. I woosah again and again and again until I calm down and breathe normal again. Now that is a form a selfcare.

By me practicing breathing exercises on stressful days I am able to disregard negative energy, offensive language from individuals who (if I allow them) may have the potential to contribute to my bi-weekly wallow in self pity of why is my life like and blah blah blah but then I remember that it's almost over. I have one last hour of that workday of that insignificant and then I get to go home. Home. My overpriced rental space where I have everything I need and want. I have my makeup, my art supplies, my pots, pans, an amazing view and family close by.

selfcare sunday
For me more selfcare starts with mental care. I have to free my mind and let go of the things that I cannot control. I cannot help every member of Newbies Who Blog who wants to be retweeted nor can I convince every person on social media to buy Scratch of Sweden Nail Care products.  Hell, I definitely cannot get people to read this blog but what I can do is put me first. I am priority #1 and the rest comes later.

Happy Selfcare Sunday everyone. Remember to take care of you first. The other people can wait.

Confessions... Lessons In Continuation

April 02, 2018
The years of lessons is continuing for me by starting with reflecting. Last year in January going into February was the year of lessons for me. I had been hit with so many reality checks that my financial uphill in 2016 took a  dramatic dive in early 2017.  Sometimes I wonder how in the heck did it happen and then I remembered. I can't control my the people in my career and I cannot control what people will do to ensure bumps in the road to success will occur. One of the jobs that was a stepping stone in my career but also taught me about self worth was being a Social Media Manager and a Cosmetologist at a salon in 2016.

Working at that salon getting paid to do two things that I love and went to school for was an absolute dream come true until I met one of the employees. From the moment she saw me her rude level was on 20 and the scale was only set to 10. I mean I am aware of my physical appearance but I am also aware of the knowledge, education and natural born talent that I was blessed with can be intimidated for some but boo boo, trust me when I say this, I am an asset to any small business or company IF we work together. I know my shit and if I don't you better believe I will ask questions and I'd hope you would do the same.

Lesson 1. The First Stank Eye
From the interview to the full on hire and working there for 7 months this chick gave me the stank eye and her uncomfortable body language she kept delivering whenever I entered the salon. Every weekend I walked in ready to work, looking and feeling good (FYI pic is from march of 2016), excited to implement some new ideas there was nothing but hesitation and eye rolling on her end that eventually spread to the other employees.
2016 beauty biche

Lesson 2. Resistance
At that establishment I did what I could to see that we grow our online presence and walk in traffic. I designed the email marketing campaigns, gift cards, wrote quarterly marketing strategies, created a monthly event calendars all to share and get the ladies of the salon excited to share with their clients and bring in new clients. After getting the okay from the owner I'd attempt to speak to the stank eye chick and the other employees but the hesitation kept intensifying. They saw her resisting and starting to be disrespectful and then the owner had to get involved.

Lesson 3. Jealousy
When it came close to the end of my employment I realized what the issue was with the stank eye chick. I was what she wanted to be in her career meaning she wanted to be the Social Media Manger, heck she wanted to be a Manager but wasn't officially named one and here I come pitching myself as a Social Media Marketing and Cosmetologist. How dare I point out the obvious about myself and then get paid to do what she was already doing without compensation. But that was no one's fault but her own.  She went about doing social media for the salon the wrong way by starting a personal Facebook page (not a business page which would have been better to increase likes and outreach) to grow her own following and not really the salon's although she was using the salon's name and not even tagging the salon in her posts. Now that is when I realized her issues went beyond me and informed the owner. So it wasn't just me, it was what I represented. I was someone who spoke up and went for what she wanted and made sure that I got it.

Final Lesson. Self Worth
Although I had PROVEN strategies that could help the salon it wouldn't without teamwork. 7 months passed and her resistance spread to other team members and eventually the owner. I strongly dislike that stank eye chick to this day but maintaining a level of professionalism, understanding her jealousy and resentment until the very end is why I didn't quit but hoped to get let go of because #1, I needed the income and #2, I wasn't ready to give up on their potential. That being said Know Your Worth.
Know your self worth and value and know when to LEAVE a situation. It seemed like my dream job when I applied for it and the first couple hours of it. It included a nice boast of additional income but the internal mental issues towards me was not worth it in the end. People resist when they do not know any better and refuse to listen to others who do.

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