Beauty Gadgets Every Glam Doll Needs

There are so many beauty gadgets every glam and Kendrick doll need in their grooming kit that I must share with you a few of my favorites.

Silicone Exfoliating Cleansing Pad $3
lil scrubbies cleansing pad

I absolutely love the Lil' Scrubbies Facial Cleansing Pads. Coming in a pack of 2 these silicone scrubbies can be used on both the face and to clean your makeup brushes. I found these goodies at the Dollar Tree for one whole dollar however you can also purchase these at Walmart, Target, Amazon or at any other local retailer.

Application Method
Remove makeup with either Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or Coconut Oil
Rinse skin with lukewarm water
Apply 1 pump of Mamonde's Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser to the silicone cleansing pad
Use small circles to massage and exfoliate the skin. Focus on the dryer areas and use less tension around the eyes. 
Rinse skin with cool water
Spritz on Loelle Rose Water to tone the skin and bring it back to it's normal pH level
Apply a daytime cream with SPF or either a night time cream

Alternative Method Cleaning your makeup brushes 
Immerse makeup brush bristles in warm water
Apply pea size amount of anti-bacterial soap to silicone scrubbie
Swirl brushes around in a circle on the scrubby
Rinse with cool water
Place brushes bristles downward on a clean drying towel so water can be removed completely from bristles

Contact Lens Inserter and Tweezers $6
contact lens inserter

These things can be a complete life saver for contacts wearers who hate touching their eyes. I am one of those people. I live in a historic building with high ceilings, exposed brick, a cat, next to the water and shit always seem to get in my eyes. It doesn't matter how much cleaning I do, it always happen so when I saw Sonjdradeluxe using one of those on her makeup tutorials I absolutely needed one in my life!

Application Method
Soak contacts in solution the night before
With the contact tweezers remove one contact lens from solution and place on applicator
Very gently pull down eye with one finger and place lens' on that eye
Blink, blink
Repeat on other eye
Here is also a video on how to apply them.
You can purchase them on Amazon or on Ali Express for super cheap!

Slanted Tip Tweezers $3
slanted tip tweezers

Slanted tip tweezers are used for a range of things: eyebrows, ingrown hairs, manicuring eyebrows as well as removing unwanted hair facial hair. You know those unwanted hairs in the color gray hair or that mustache that you as a woman know you were not meant to have.
Tweezers come in a variety of sizes and styles however I always recommend the slanted ones. The angle of the tip allows the hair to be pulled out without much fuss. Be careful though, these things can be a bit sharp so make sure you stretch the skin and pull out only the hair and not skin.

Micro Beauty Blenders $18
micro beauty blenders

The Original Beauty Blender was introduced to us in 2003 and now in 2018 these tear drop looking micro saints are by far the best things ever. I've tried the fake ones before and between the original and the fauxs I use the original beauty blender or a classic makeup sponge for makeup applications. The Original Beauty Blender has that "pounce" that I need for my face and the micros have that small pounce and precision tip that I need for the smaller areas of my face. These cute little beauty gadgets are the perfect size for blending in concealer to hide those dark circles and blemishes. It is worth every penny.

Sheet Masks $7
mamonde sheet mask

You've seen these ghostly looking things before. They have 3-4 hole cutouts for the eyes, nose and the mouth and it is a scary look but guess what? These ghostly looking masks pack a powerful punch of wellness for those who are constantly on the go, like me, who simply need an extra dose of wellness for the face.
My current go to brand is Mamonde. Their sheet masks are formulated to address all skincare concerns. For dull skin that needs a boast in vibrancy use the Magnolia mask, for skin that is bumpy and needs more smoothing use the Calendula mask. Need a detox? Use the Pomegranate mask or if you want to try them all purchase the 7 piece set of Sheet Mask Flower Power. Your skin will thank you right then and there and you can thank me later for the recommendation.

Application Method
Remove makeup and cleanse skin with a mild cleanser
Rinse with cool water
Exfoliate skin and then rinse with cool water
Pour yourself a glass of wine
Remove mask from pack and apply to face
Pour out the juices at the bottom of the package and pat into the skin
Allow mask to sit for 10-20 minutes
Remove mask and pat the rest of the liquid into the skin
Toss mask into trash and finish wine:-)

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