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The years of lessons is continuing for me by starting with reflecting. Last year in January going into February was the year of lessons for me. I had been hit with so many reality checks that my financial uphill in 2016 took a  dramatic dive in early 2017.  Sometimes I wonder how in the heck did it happen and then I remembered. I can't control my the people in my career and I cannot control what people will do to ensure bumps in the road to success will occur. One of the jobs that was a stepping stone in my career but also taught me about self worth was being a Social Media Manager and a Cosmetologist at a salon in 2016.

Working at that salon getting paid to do two things that I love and went to school for was an absolute dream come true until I met one of the employees. From the moment she saw me her rude level was on 20 and the scale was only set to 10. I mean I am aware of my physical appearance but I am also aware of the knowledge, education and natural born talent that I was blessed with can be intimidated for some but boo boo, trust me when I say this, I am an asset to any small business or company IF we work together. I know my shit and if I don't you better believe I will ask questions and I'd hope you would do the same.

Lesson 1. The First Stank Eye
From the interview to the full on hire and working there for 7 months this chick gave me the stank eye and her uncomfortable body language she kept delivering whenever I entered the salon. Every weekend I walked in ready to work, looking and feeling good (FYI pic is from march of 2016), excited to implement some new ideas there was nothing but hesitation and eye rolling on her end that eventually spread to the other employees.
2016 beauty biche

Lesson 2. Resistance
At that establishment I did what I could to see that we grow our online presence and walk in traffic. I designed the email marketing campaigns, gift cards, wrote quarterly marketing strategies, created a monthly event calendars all to share and get the ladies of the salon excited to share with their clients and bring in new clients. After getting the okay from the owner I'd attempt to speak to the stank eye chick and the other employees but the hesitation kept intensifying. They saw her resisting and starting to be disrespectful and then the owner had to get involved.

Lesson 3. Jealousy
When it came close to the end of my employment I realized what the issue was with the stank eye chick. I was what she wanted to be in her career meaning she wanted to be the Social Media Manger, heck she wanted to be a Manager but wasn't officially named one and here I come pitching myself as a Social Media Marketing and Cosmetologist. How dare I point out the obvious about myself and then get paid to do what she was already doing without compensation. But that was no one's fault but her own.  She went about doing social media for the salon the wrong way by starting a personal Facebook page (not a business page which would have been better to increase likes and outreach) to grow her own following and not really the salon's although she was using the salon's name and not even tagging the salon in her posts. Now that is when I realized her issues went beyond me and informed the owner. So it wasn't just me, it was what I represented. I was someone who spoke up and went for what she wanted and made sure that I got it.

Final Lesson. Self Worth
Although I had PROVEN strategies that could help the salon it wouldn't without teamwork. 7 months passed and her resistance spread to other team members and eventually the owner. I strongly dislike that stank eye chick to this day but maintaining a level of professionalism, understanding her jealousy and resentment until the very end is why I didn't quit but hoped to get let go of because #1, I needed the income and #2, I wasn't ready to give up on their potential. That being said Know Your Worth.
Know your self worth and value and know when to LEAVE a situation. It seemed like my dream job when I applied for it and the first couple hours of it. It included a nice boast of additional income but the internal mental issues towards me was not worth it in the end. People resist when they do not know any better and refuse to listen to others who do.

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