Increase Hair Growth With These Hacks

I just realized that I absolutely hate the process of growing my hair. It's kinky, curly, frizzy, not as dense as I'd like, oh and it is short and I want it long again. Now until that happens I have a few hacks to increase the hair growth process. Take notes because this will be benefit you or someone you know as well.

Side note. I took a 1 inch guard and shaved off all of my hair off at the end of September/early October last year. The reason I did this was due to 2 things: hair dye and heat damage. The hair dye that I had been using on my hair for 6 years was increasing the frizz, causing excessive dryness, knots even after I got my hair trimmed and eventually after attempted to detangle it, it thinned it out so much that I had started to cry. 
The heat damage was caused by both myself and others who thought that it wouldn't hurt my hair too bad to crank up heat setting a notch. Well that only ruined the cortex of my hair. During the first couple of months of having the shaved look I felt completely refreshed now 7 months into it, I'm mentally biting my nails off wondering how much longer is it going to take for it grow back. This is not the first time that I have done the big chop but this is the first time I have not added any chemicals or heat to the growth process. That being said let's talk growth hacks to increase the hair growing process.

Hack 1 No More Chemicals
chemicals on hair

Do you know that chemical relaxers are so strong that if the chemicals are left on the hair too long not only will it cause excessive damage resulting in split ends and you actually losing your hair but if it gets on the scalp and stays on longer than it should it will burn through your skin and can create lesions?! Sounds painful right.
Did you also know that chemical relaxers break the disulfide bonds in your hair? Coloring and bleaching your hair does as well. Disulfide bonds consists of polypeptide chains that are made of amino acids and proteins. They are pretty strong but when you apply chemicals to them you change the structure of your hair, completely altering it's chemistry and more than often damaging it beyond repaired. The only option that I recommend to clients after using chemical relaxers for is to cut all the chemicals out COMPLETELY or if you are patient you can transition like this YouTuber did with the chemicals still on. People have been led to believe that they can do deep conditioning and protein treatments but that is completely is FALSE because HELLO DOLL. THE BONDS ARE BROKEN. Take a look at some Instagramers who have done the BIG chop then move on to talk about hair/dying coloring.

Hack 2 Hair Coloring (Dye)
There are 3 types of hair dyes that professionals offer and rookies often do on their own: Semi-Permanent, Permanent and Demi-permanent oh and there is also lightening aka bleaching.
Permanent is exactly as it sounds. It stays on the hair and has minimal fading. If someone has colored their hair blonde, red or black they need to follow their Professional Hairstylist instructions for home care and definitely purchase the recommended products. Trust me Sweetie, we do not get paid for the products you purchase. Okay, maybe a percentage but we honestly want you to use ONLY quality products for color treated hair to ensure vibrancy and longevity. Quality over quantity remember. Or fu*k it, try both;-)
Semi-permanent hair dyes deposits color onto the strands and looks vibrant and beautiful at first but over time it fades. It's like a temporary solution to a color you didn't like. Semi-permanent hair color is also used as a filler for clients who are going from blonde to black or vice versa.
Demi-Permanent is a deposit only color that looks bold and beautiful at the first application and will more than likely stay that way but will leave a line of demarcation when the hair grows out. It looks like someone literally painted a line on their hair and it never faded unlike the semi and permanent hair dye. The best way to remove that line is to color over it like this Pro Hairstylist did or cut it off. You know what else slows hair growth? Heat damage.

Hack 3 Turn Down The Heat
babybliss pro flat irons

Just one more pass over at 430 degrees and your hair will be silky, and flowing like the "white and Asian girls" is what your friend or hairstylist may tell you. Hell, I have told myself that before. WRONG. Pass that heat over your hair strands 1 more time and you will either see the hair either start to scorch and immediately start shedding in your hands or comb through after that pass over and see the hair strands start to fall on the floor. If you don't know how the hair looks when it is scorched it will turn to a burnt orange to red-ish color depending on the color of you hair and it will crumble. No matter what nationality you are or what your curl pattern is do not turn up the heat past 410 degrees. Always use a heat protector, keep the temperature between 385 and 410 degrees otherwise if you turn that heat past that point then you are damaging your hair shaft.

Hack 4 Clip-In Hair Extension
Hair extensions have always been a temporary solution for "growing my hair" a lot quicker than normal or should I say within a few hours. The difference between the way I apply them now compared to then is that I can take them put them in and take them out in a couple minutes versus sitting for hours doing an application and removal process. Sew-ins are a time consuming and financial investment.
Before clip-in hair extensions started trending I made my own. I'd purchase the hair, the clips, needle and thread all from the beauty supply store and put my domestic skills of sewing to work. What I'd do is sew on all the clips onto the weft of the hair, place them back in the original package and when I was ready to wear them in my hair I'd cut the band to the width of the part of where I was placing the hair and clip it in. Now a days I do not make them and thankfully Amazing Beauty Hair reached out to me asking me if I'd like to try their clip-ins. Whew! I think that was a sign from the financial God saying, "I got you boo". And I was like, "Thank you Jesus!" One week after exchanging emails I received the hair. Love:-) Love:-)
clip-in hair extensions
The way to apply clip-in extensions is really simple. Part your hair to the designer width, part off a small section of that area and back comb. Once you have created a small cushion push open the clip and push the teeth down into the backcombed section, push to close and done. Keep placing the hair in the desired spots and repeating until you have reached your desired hairstyle.
As you can see on my Instagram, I have tight spirals and my hair color is a weird brownish color but thankfully the color matched and the pattern I can play around with. I will trim it a little more and make it even more amazing for Chicago Fashion Week, April 22-29, 2018.

To reiterate, the best way to increase hair growth is by using less or no chemicals, reducing the heat you apply to your hair and trying clip in hair extensions if you simply want to fake it until you make it.

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