Selfcare Sunday

selfcare sunday

Selfcare Sunday. A topic or more like a lifestyle adjustment I learned about on my Instagram feed. It's something that people, no not people, it's something that I need to do more of. Spend more time thinking of me, my goals and how I really feel while ignoring those people and elements who do not contribute to my overall happiness.

I have multiple jobs. 2 of them actually generate income while the others do not. They all involve catering to others, me sucking in my first response after they are rude to me or brush me off as if I am not trained nor have a accelerated level of education in which I do, all the while pretending like I'm okay. I hold in a lot of frustrations and those frustrations come from the responses I'd like to give on a daily work basis. It's a mental tug of war of, "Do I snap the fuck out?" or "Do I hold it in and woosah for sanity?" Option 2. I woosah. I woosah again and again and again until I calm down and breathe normal again. Now that is a form a selfcare.

By me practicing breathing exercises on stressful days I am able to disregard negative energy, offensive language from individuals who (if I allow them) may have the potential to contribute to my bi-weekly wallow in self pity of why is my life like and blah blah blah but then I remember that it's almost over. I have one last hour of that workday of that insignificant and then I get to go home. Home. My overpriced rental space where I have everything I need and want. I have my makeup, my art supplies, my pots, pans, an amazing view and family close by.

selfcare sunday
For me more selfcare starts with mental care. I have to free my mind and let go of the things that I cannot control. I cannot help every member of Newbies Who Blog who wants to be retweeted nor can I convince every person on social media to buy Scratch of Sweden Nail Care products.  Hell, I definitely cannot get people to read this blog but what I can do is put me first. I am priority #1 and the rest comes later.

Happy Selfcare Sunday everyone. Remember to take care of you first. The other people can wait.

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