Beauty and Afterpay. Get Your Products Now, Make Installment Payments Later

January 25, 2019
I mentioned in the post the other day about the Top 5 Pat McGrath Products I'm Lusting Over that she accepts Affirm which is another buy now, pay later options like Afterpay. Which brings me to Afterpay. Get Your Products Now, Make Installment Payments Later with no interest.

I opened my email today and was like, 'Whoa! Those are the brands being added to Afterpay. Okay!' Afterpay has partnered up with some brands that I've wanted products from within the past few months. More specifically some brands that I have wanted to try but the funds just were not as much as I'd hope. Don't be bougie, you know damn well that you cannot afford all that ish either. That being said, here are the brands that I am looking to purchase from using Afterpay and the additional brands that may be on your radar.

#1 Morphe

morphe, makeup brushes, afterpay, beauty, makeup
Morphe Brush #332
Credit: Morphe
morphe, makeup brushes, makeup, beauty, afterpay
Morphe Brush #562
credit: Morphe
Heck, no I do not want to purchase those crazy colored foundations, I want more makeup brushes. My makeup tools include brushes come from China, meaning I purchased directly from them over 2 years ago, ecotools, e.l.f. and Juvia's place. They are all great brushes however I am looking to do more detailed work like the one on this post --> Cosmetics Color Therapy. This brand has a lot of smaller and detailed brushes that I can work with and improve my skills with.
One of the reasons I want to purchase from Morphe is 1. They are hella low priced and 2. They accept Afterpay. Unfortunately the minority owned cosmetic brands that I have been increasing my beauty stash from, does not. Let that be a hint minority owned cosmetic brands, accept Afterpay or Affirm so you can get more customers.

#2 ColourPop

Credit: ColourPop
When this brand launched in 2015 I became obsessed with their lippie stix click here to see my first review on them --> ColourPop Lippie Stix Review and have been wanting to purchase more from then. Then a year ago, I became obsessed with how their highlighters are blinding and I was like, 'Yassss, biche. Yassss! I'm (almost) living for it.' Then early last year they hit us with No filter Natural Matte Foundation, No Filter Matte Concealers and No Filter Loose Setting Powder and the reviews Click to see --> MakeupShayla's review were amazing and so were the finished makeup looks I saw! Granted I want to purchase some although I have a ton but if someone wants to get me some as a gift, my skin complexion is peanut butter and I have combination skin. Thanks boo :-)

#3 UrbanSkinRX
Credit: UrbanSkinRX

Skincare is one of the most important things in your life following behind hygiene. Skincare sets the tone for the makeup. Always, always make sure that you wash, exfoliate, put on a sunscreen and moisturize your face. There is nothing worse than getting breakouts and sunburns that you can avoid. That being said, Urban Skin RX is a minority owned skincare brand that has everything from dark spot treatments such as vitamin c serums and cleansing toners to acne, aging and under eye dark spot treatments. This brand can also be found at Riley Rose previously known as the Forever 21 Accessory store. I can go to Riley Rose and pay for everything at once but I like the payment plan option.
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I have to purchase a lot of the products so it helps when you make a purchase using my links:-) Thank you. 

#4 Coloured Raine
Vivid Pigments Eyeshadow Palette
Credit: Coloured Raine

Another minority owned cosmetic brand that I absolutely love for their highly pigmented full size eyeshadow palettes, to their blinding glowlighters --> Read The Review On The Focal Point Glowlighter  . Oh and SURPRISE! I already used Afterpay for Coloured Raine. What I actually did was wait until the entire site had a sale of 40% off everything with an extra 10% off using an affliate code a few days after New Years Eve, and I got a ton of stuff for less than $100. It was a definite deal.

There are other brands that I would love to try but right now those are my top 4. Okay I lied, I do want one thing from Dose of Colors and that is the Katy X Desi Friendcation Palette. I swatched them when I was at Ulta doing my job as a Beauty Brand Ambassador for CoverGirl and I was so stunned. I want it but it's not like I'm lusting over it like I am doing with the Pat McGrath palettes.


How AfterPay Works
Basically you go online, choose the products that you want and add it to your shopping bag. Once you are done shopping apply any discount or coupon codes then click to purchase. You will then be directed to your payment method. When you click to choose Afterpay then you will be redirected to their website where you have to agree to the terms of the agreement including setting up an account.
You are agreeing that there will be no credit checks, that you will make either 3 or 4 interest free payments until your balance is paid in full.
You will agree that the funds will be available on the day that the payment is set from automatic withdrawal.
Once you agree to the terms then you will be directed back to the ecommerce site aka Dose of Colors or Coloured Raine to finalize your purchase.
A week or 2 later, your items will arrive as if you paid in full but you will still be making payments until your balance is Paid In Full.
Easy as pie right!? I can honestly say that I love this option so much that I think that every brand should do this. Beauty and Afterpay aka Your New Makeup Payment Plan Without Interest.


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Top 5 Pat McGrath Products I Am Lusting Over

January 21, 2019
The obsession is real when it comes to these products that are being constantly launched by Pat McGrath of Pat McGrath Labs. The pigmentation is real when it comes to everything. The quality is outstanding from when I swatched them while on vacation in Florida last year. And the eyes are obsessed with watching every video that is being featured on her Instagram page. I mean, HELLO, wouldn't you be obsessed too! Hell, why aren't you.

For those who don't know who Pat McGrath is a middle aged Black woman, world known makeup artists who has been mastering makeup artistry for over 25 years. She is British and her makeup looks has been seen in major magazines, runways and now trending all over Instagram thanks to her amazing products. She is the brand that has also hit a BILLION DOLLARS at the end of summer 2018 like Kylie Cosmetics but was not spotlighted in Fortune magazine. McGrath launched her brand in 2015 and less than 3 years later she keeps coming out with hits back to back.
That being said, click on those hyperlinks, learn more about her amazingness and scroll below to see Top 5 Pat McGrath Products I Am Lusting Over. Meaning, I want them but don't have them yet:-)

Credit: PatMcgrath
This Mothership Sublime Eyeshadow Palette screams pigmentation on top of a smooth, soft pigmented formula. I love that there are neutral colors and a pop of color called Emerald Green for my dark brown eyes. The gold color Bronze 005 across from the green is perfect as well. Love Love.

pat mcgrath, lipsticks, lip balm, makeup, beauty reviews
It's out with the old lipsticks that I have used and have not used again and hello to the Lip Fetish Astral Kit. All three colors of the lip balms are said to be moisturizing and free radical protecting. "Nude Astral, Gold Astral and Bronze Astral" are the perfect colors of nude mixed with sparkle for my lips. I will be so ready to pucker up!

This site does use affiliate links. 
I have to purchase a lot of the products so it helps when you make a purchase using my links:-) Thank you. 


Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil is an eyeliner that I would love to add to my stash. Currently I am using the Wet N' Wild kohl eyeliner pencil and it is nice but I love get liners even more. This gel liner (from what I have seen on Instagram) glides on the skin and inner water line like magic. It smokes out perfectly and is something I am definitely adding to my wish list. The liner comes in different colors but I am all about classic black.

pat mcgrath, makeup, beauty reviews

Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm in Bronze is the epitome of facial balms combined with cosmetic lust. I'm drooling over here remembering when I was at Sephora in Pembroke Pines last September and I wanted to splurge on this product but I simply couldn't. These balm and highlighter duo has ingredients of aloe, argon oils and hyaluronic acid. That is beautiful combination that you almost never see in cosmetics. My skin loves how balms fell on it and I'm sure it will love this too.

pat mcgrath, mascara, lashes, makeup, beauty reviews
If you know me then you should know that I am obsessed with finding the most perfect mascara. Granted the Fetish Eyes Mascara hasn't launched yet, I am so for it when it does. My goal with my lashes is to make them both long and full. My lashes need to be curled up to the sky so I'm hoping this will do it:-)

Those are my Top 5 Pat McGrath Products I Am Lusting Over currently. Although these products are pretty pricey, this company does offer Affirm which is similar to Afterpay. Affirm is a layaway for your cosmetics where you make 3 payment installments, without a credit check, and your products are paid in full.


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Confessions... Cosmetics Color Therapy

January 21, 2019

makeup, beauty, therapy, cosmetics color therapyThroughout every moment in my ever growing life I have used cosmetics specifically makeup as my chosen form of therapy. Makeup has been there for me through the ups and downs as well as the life changing moments in both successful and failed relationships. My favorite eye shadow palettes, lip glosses as well as blushes and bronzers have seen me through many of times. Times where I wanted my mood to reflect the happiness I felt in a relationship when I effortlessly chose colors to apply to my face, lips and eyes. Then there were the carefully picked out colors that manipulated the outside world into believing that date night with bae was an exciting moment when I clearly was not feeling that day, the restaurant and the relationship. I've had bright days, dark days and confusing days where couple counseling was much needed but it was cheaper to swipe my brushes onto soft face powders, pigmented eye shadows and so fourth than to admit that we had no potential. Makeup was and continues to be my "Cosmetics Color Therapy". Allow me to share a little background on color therapy.

If you have ever taken a painting class one of the first things you are taught about is color theory which also includes the "definitions" as well as the symbolism of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. For example, we are told that black symbolize darkness and white is equal to light and purity. Green represents nature, purple is the color of royalty, blue is neutral and calming. Yellow, the bright, warm and inviting color also resembles the color of the sun. Now therapists/psychologists take it one step further by introducing patients to color therapy to provoke a mood or emotion. Black may also symbolize depression, darkness and loneliness all the while pink will be looked at as innocent, pretty and girly. Now red is a tricky color. It can represent love, rage or a sense of alert. Then you have the color green that can mean green with envy or one with nature. With so many colors of the rainbow, one or many of colors will spark an emotion leaving you to wonder how you got to that point.

makeup, beauty, foundation, cosmetics color therapy
Now going back to how I use Cosmetics Color Therapy. This type of therapy is all about how I am feeling when I am doing my makeup especially when I am in a relationship. When I am in a relationship there are only 3 emotions I feel: happiness, sadness or neglect. There are no others. When I feel happy my looks are bold and colorful. I use pinks, greens, golds and whites which means that my attitude and actions are playful, open and willing to try new things. When I feel sad my eye shadow looks are neutral shades such as browns, blacks, reds and oranges. The eye shadow looks are not intense, they are soft because my focus is on my facial structure. The goal is to manipulate my face makeup into appearing happy and open to conversing which means a lot of chiseling out my cheekbones. I apply highlighter on the upper cheekbones and a flesh or pink-ish toned blush so that it appears as ifI am smiling or blushing even when I am not. For the times that I feel neglected, my eyes are more playful and seductive which means I want to draw people in. I use liquid black, brown or blue eyeliner on my top lash line, slightly winging it out in a cat eye shape to emphasize my slanted eye shape. My goal is to draw people in the person I am dating. It's almost as if I want that person to stare into my soul and give me the attention that I am seeking but please don't of course. The thing is, I know that I am not alone when it comes to this which is why I know why others actually go to therapy. We want to be seen.

There are many people who unknowing use Cosmetics Color Therapy in a relationship instead of talking to their significant other because is much easier to sit in front of a vanity and apply colors that can alter your mood than to go sit down and talk to your partner. For me long walks down the makeup aisle reflecting on what should be and how it is is much easier that confronting my significant other. It's my therapy and its another person's form of therapy. We all express our emotions in ways that other cannot understand. Some are more verbal about the issues, others are more internal. Whatever the reason, choose what works best for you.

At times I am not sure why I latched on to something that could come off so shallow but then I understand why I did. It's because cosmetics are a form of art and art is therapy. My Cosmetic Color Therapy.

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2018 Favorite Beauty Products

January 12, 2019
Omg! Can you believe that 2018 is over and 2019 is here!? In 2018 I have a bunch of favorite beauty products that I obsessed over but to not overwhelm you, here are my top 10.

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
tea tree oil, skin care, desi perkins, the body shop

Desi Perkins recommended tea tree oil (this brand specifically) to stop incoming pimples and to clear the ones that are going away. It was priced accordingly and a little goes a long way when using this as an on-spot treatment. The best way to use it is on a freshly cleansed face. You can read more about it here --> Purchase It HERE

2. Loelle Organics Rose Soap
rose soap, rose oil, skincare, loelle organics

I finally got to try the rose soap this year that the company sent out to me and I can honestly say that my skin had never felt and looked so much better. Similar to the Rose Water on the ingredient side, you will definitely rep the benefits. The other great thing is that you skin will be be over-dried. You can read more about it here --> Purchase It HERE

3. Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer Gloss
lancome, makeup, lip gloss,

When I say I fell in love with this lip gloss, I literally FELL IN LOVE and I recommended it to everyone after receiving it free in my Influenster box. The cooling effect that it gave my lips during the hot summer months was the primary reason. The second reason is that the colors lasts very long and it isn't stick at all. Purchase It Here

4. Vera Moore Cosmetics Liquid Concealer
makeup, concealer, vera moore cosmetics

This brand I discovered doing a search for more Minority brands and found it when I was in Chicago late March of 2018. The concealer is creamer and has a medium coverage. I used it for spot concealing after I put on facial primer and I also used it to cover my dark eye circles. Really good stuff. You can read more about it here and Purchase It Here

5. Coloured Raine Black Moon Single Eyeshadow
makeup, colured raine, black eyeshadow
Photo Credit:

I had been eyeing this brand for over 2 years and was beyond ecstatic to see it at Riley Rose aka Indie Beauty Heaven. I had been swatching black eyeshadows for about 30 minutes in Sephora and then Riley Rose and this one was the most pigmented. It's really amazing with or without a primer. You can read more about it here -->  Purchase It Here -->

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I have to purchase a lot of the products so it helps when you make a purchase using my links:-) Thank you. 

6. Makeup For Melanin Girls Liquid Lipstick in Dutty Win

makeup, liquid lipstick, makeup for melanin girls, braids
Unfortunately this color is all sold out and I believe has been discontinued but it is pretty darn amazing. The wand itself isn't the best but the thin and very pigmented formula is what keeps me using this all Fall and Winter. Read More and Purchase The Product Here

7. TRUE Made By Beautiful Hair Butter
hair butter, curly hair, hair

I discovered and purchased this product from Sally's Beauty Supply in June of this year and started to use it 2 days after purchase. This hair butter I used as a curl defining cream and a softener to my natural curls. I loved this stuff so much and recommend it to all my curly and wavy hair friends and followers. Read more about the product here --> Purchase The Product Here -->

8. Juvia's Place Afrique Eyeshadow Palette
juvia's place, makeup, eyeshadow

I purchased this product towards the end of the year and I am totally obsessed with the color sections. They are pigmented and consists of more primary and secondary colors with African inspired names that'll make you want to swatch them. Really great stuff and I created a Christmas look on Instagram using it. Read More About The Brand and Purchase The Product Here

9. Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara (Waterproof and Non-waterproof Formulas)
lahes, makeup up, mascara

I picked up a tube a this literally at the end of the year after finishing my Vera Moore Mascara and not fully loving my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I like it because it curl my lashes up to The Heavens without having to use an eyelash curler (since my lashes are straight). Purchase The Product Here

10. SKOT Beaute Facial Exfoliating Mesh 

skot beauty, skincare, organic, clean beauty

On the weekends I cake and bake a lot of makeup on my face so after I cleanse I used this exfoliating mesh to remove the rest of the makeup and the dirt that my cleanser didn't. Applying light pressure, you can clearly see that there was still another layer of makeup waiting to be cleansed off. It's some good ish. Click HERE to read more about the product and brand.

It's been a great 2018 and I am pumped for 2019 since I have a ton of products I got at the end of the year and I have yet to use.


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Confessions... The Potential Type of Relationship

January 06, 2019

Staying in a relationship because of potential is the worst type of relationship that you could ever involve yourself in. It's that kind of relationship where you stay with someone because you see some of your goals being met in this person. S/he is kind, opens doors, believes in PDA, courts you, complements you and treats you the way you dreamed of and/or vice versa. You like their family (if s/he actually introduces you to them) they like you and the conversation is on point. A few months or years later that potential gets you to a point of mental and emotional stress followed by frustration, anger and disappointment. All of the things you thought a relationship was built on has started to crack. You see what's really in between the lines and you're like what in the hell am I doing. You see, that right there is that type of emotional distress that can be avoided but remember, you allowed this to happen. You decided to settle for someone who fit a few things within your vision of an ideal relationship. But did you know you are actually giving up on happiness and sanity. I for one have experienced this and I definitely want to clue you in on how to avoid this.

Their Living Status. Momma
I'm in my 30's but even when I was in my late 20's living status was important to me when I was dating a guy who seems to have fit my criteria for a relationship. The more time we spent together the more I wanted to know. You know how it is. So imagine spending time with (almost) bae... you two pull up to their home and s/he looks at you and says while kissing (your hand),"Bae. I forgot to tell you that I don't live alone." You look at that person and one eyebrow raises then you ask, "Oh, you have a roommate?'' S/he doesn't confirm nor deny but that roommate turns out to be their mother then OM fu**en G! You already know. If you are anything like me then you already have guessed it. This person seems to have a fear of commitment. A fear of committing to fend for oneself and BOSSING THE F*K UP. As an adult, I believe that we all have our struggles but if you are an able body person then get your own place and take care of adult responsibilities. You can always come to visit.

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No Job Means What?
The person you are dating doesn't have a job. This can either mean two things; s/he has an inheritance or s/he doesn't know how to get off their a** and fend for themselves as an adult. I have been working since I was 18. When I was 18 I learned how to make money and buy the things I want. Yes, I still lived at home so I didn't have to pay rent but whatever I wanted and needed (female necessities) was all on me. When I was in my mid 20’s and now everything is all on me babe! Therefore when bae is buying more than s/he is bringing in from that non-existent job, one would wonder how in the world are they doing this? How is it that a person has no job, no sense of responsibility get up everyday go shopping, go to the gym, take road trips, doesn’t even apply for jobs and feels at no point guilty for not adulting? Yeah I said it. Adulting. Someone has to pay the bills and provide housing. Are you going to do it or is their mommy or family? so if you the potential party of your pending person relationship depends on both parties working, good luck to you. It's a waste of time unless s/he is a trust fund baby, has their own money, car(s) and home. You simply cannot encourage the unwilling to get a job. And crickets 🦗.

Crickets. The Talking Stopped
It's okay for there to be a moment of silence when you are in a relationship. But every time the two of you are together there is nothing but silence or an argument occurs and someone is scrolling through their phone, then what? Are you going to stay with this person because you see potential? You like how s/he has a bone structure of a god(dess) and your future kids will (hopefully) look amazing. You also love that s/he is so damn smart and intelligent and a little intimidating. Yes, it sounds good but how can the relationship actually grow if you do not talk to one another? I know, I know, there is a potential. Forget potential, move on.

Each relationship differs however the things I mentioned and many others can happen when you settle for potential. Take it for me sweetie, the only type of relationship where potential gets you somewhere is in corporate America if you are among the majority.

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