Fill or Unclog. 2 Ways to Decrease The Size of Your Pores

June 28, 2019
Originally published April 4, 2014. Updated on June 28, 2019.

Makeup Pore Filler or Natural Remedy to Unclog Pores. Hmmm. How about both!

I love makeup but what I love more is the magic that it creates. Always looking for a quick fix, we makeup whores tend to buy products that promise to be the best failing to remember that before those products existed, it was Mother Earth's promised our options too.

2 of the best products (in my opinion) that should be in your makeup bag and in your kitchen cupboard are Peppermint Tea Leaves and NYX Pore Filler. Both are available for purchase online and over the counter. One natural. One man-made. However both I guarantee you will leave good results but using both, you'll absolutely fall in love.

It is a goodie and a pocketbook-friendly goodie at that. When you are doing a full-on makeup application, you want your skin to look as flawless as possible. It's so lightweight that you'd wonder how this little product pact in so many results. At work, a coworker looked at my face and said, "Your pores are so clear. How did you get them like that?" I said with NYX Pore Filler. Get some.
To achieve similar compliments follow the application process and modify if necessary.

Simple Application
1. Cleanse face thoroughly with pore minimizing face wash like Biore Pore Minimizing Foam Wash.
2. Apply an even coat of face moisturizer specifically on and around the nose.
3. Squeeze a pea-sized amount to fingertips and evenly coat the nose (and under the eye if necessary).
4. Apply the 2nd half of your makeup such as prep and prime, concealer and so forth.
5. Proceed with full-on makeup application i.e. eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and etc..
Notice that I stated that you can put the pore filler under the eyes? I use this as a replica of concealer if I run out or simply do not have time to apply concealer. The pore filler comes in a shade similar to my medium honey skin tone so it blends and conceals perfectly. TRY IT:)

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Peppermint Tea Leaves Facial Steam


I love doing steam facials because it is budget-friendly and also has multiple uses for your outer and inner body. Facials, specifically this peppermint facial is great for unclogging pores, colds, sinuses, tension headaches, nausea and so much more. I have been using this natural remedy for over 10 years now and my pores (most of the time) look amazing.

Application Method
1. PREP: 1 terry cloth body towel, 1 large (thick) glass bowl that is shatterproof, 1 tbsp of peppermint leaves, 1 pot, and 4 cups of water for boiling
2. While the water boils, put 2 tablespoons of peppermint leaves in the glass bowl and place the bowl on a clean and even surface
3. Remove water from heat once it has come to a boil and let it sit about 3 minutes
4. While the water cools for 3 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with a pore minimizing face was like Biore Deep Cleansing Wash
5. With your face still damp (do not towel dry yet), pour water into the bowl of peppermint leaves, place your entire face over the bowl. Put the towel on the back of your head letting the rest of the cloth fall on the sides of the glass bowl
6. Inhale the peppermint steam and relax for approximately 5 minutes. DO NOT PUT YOUR FACE DIRECTLY ON WATER. YOU WILL BURN YOUR FACE!
7. Remove your face from the steam then splashes your face with cool water to close your pores. Open pores can cause bacteria to seep back in
8. Proceed to steps 2-8 from above excluding NYX Pore Filler

Over the counter, products are always great because it is fast and seemingly effective however I recommend taking it a step further to achieve lasting results. Do this steam facial once a week and let me know how it works for you.

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