New Brand Alert! Fra Fra Naturals

It’s a new brand alert! Introducing Fra Fra Naturals, a natural -based skincare brand created by a man of color.
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I am absolutely loving this brand and their products. To start off with, they found me via Instagram. As you know, my Instagram consist of promoting Minority and Owned and Cosmetic Brands so when this brand reached out to me I was super excited. I was super excited because it was a cosmetic brand that I know I could not find locally but it was available online and it consists of health conscious ingredients.

About Fra Fra Naturals
Fra Fra Naturals is a brand created by Frazier who's nickname as a child was "Fra Fra". When he started to sell his black soap and shea butter he learned of a Northern Ghana tribe called the "Fra Fra tribe". The Fra Fra tribe that happens to be a sedentary agricultural tribe that grows beans, maize, rice and yams so the name is very fitting to the brand Frazier created hence the name Fra Fra's Naturals. Now let's get obsessed. LOOK AT MY INSTAGRAM STORY FOR MORE THE FIRST, FIRST IMPRESSION HERE!

Obsessed African Black Soap $14.99
As I mentioned before, the brand sent me over some goodies after discovering The Beauties In Color Here Everyday on Instagram (SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL). The brand sent over African Black Soap, Shower Sea Sponge and Shea Butter. Out of all of the 3, I have used the African Black Soap and the Shower Sea Sponge but not the Shea Butter which means another first impressions review is coming soon;-)

Now let's talk my obsession. I have used a version of store bought African Black Soap before and even featured Kishel's Raw Organic Recipe on the blog. Unlike the supposed African black soap I purchased and used this one is the real deal.

First Impressions
The look of this soap is more runny than thick but it suds very well which is bonus for me. The consistency of this product reminds me of hot sauce. I say hot sauce because it is watery and thin but packs and mighty punch. This punch happens to be the ability to create a good lather with limited amount of product. I am all for this although I tend to use a lot more. I love the smell of it so I tend to douse it all over the sponge in heavy doses. Love love. Also if you check out their website, the African Black Soap comes in multiple different scents.

The ingredients of the soap are plantain peels which has antioxidants, protein and folic acid as well vitamin c. Cocoa pods, another rich in antioxidant property that contains anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil which helps with collagen production, palm oil as well as many other great ingredients. Basically this formulation of their African black soap has a lot of goodies that contain no extra chemicals or synthetic ingredients which can cause damage to the skin. This way I am totally for. As someone who has sensitive skin that is aging and now seems to be allergic to the sun, I love these types of products.

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This type of real, raw and organic black soap is to be great for all skin types. Due to the many antibacterial properties it can help fight acne, even skin tone which I can attest to (my skin has been diminishing the old scars and blemishes), treats eczema, soothes razors bumps (now you know those who are brown or black with curly hair get those the most), and has anti-fungal properties. The other great bonus about this black soap is that it can also be used as a shampoo for both you and your pet. Yes, Fido the dog or Meow the cat can get cleansed with this as well.

Shower Sea Sponge $5.99
seafoam sponge, african black soap

I am a fan of this sponge. Not only is is soft yet squishy, it absorbs the products and dispenses it throughout the sponge entirely. When you rub it onto the body, you can tell that you are giving an even distribution as long as you apply the same amount of pressure. If you apply more pressure then more product is released. I love it and recommend it more than the usual loofah.

Overall Impressions
This is a great new brand that is doing great things. Fra Fra Naturals is creating products that every person can use on their skin or even on their pet's coat of fur. I highly recommend the African Black Soap and super anxious to try the Shea Butter. LOOK AT MY INSTAGRAM STORY FOR MORE THE FIRST, FIRST IMPRESSION HERE!
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