Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills

August 18, 2019

Jackie Aina has given us 12 different reasons why we should all love Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

It goes without saying that Anastasia Beverly Hills has been changing the eyeshadow game for almost 5 years now. They are STRONG with the eyeshadow quality and consistency of superiority. Being the eyeshadows and the highlighters are so amazing no one (that I know of) has any issues paying more money each time they up the price. The first increase of price was the $45 "Sultry" palette and all palettes after that one has been the same price. Now that I have managed to rack up a few more palettes thanks to Afterpay, I was super happy to know that I could get this one too. So without further ado, let's talk about this gorgeous palette.

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Side Note: When I first stumbled across Jackie Aina's page, I was not a huge fan. Every time I clicked on her uploads, all I heard was her talking so much shit about how brands need to be inclusive. It was nerve-racking but eventually, her rants led to me starting The Beauties In Color Here Everyday aka The BICHE. Yes, Jackie wants more inclusivity from non-POC owned brands and I want to promote POC brands so I was like, let me just listen to her and I did. 
I became a subscriber, listen to her rants and reviews and was always eager to see what collaborations she was doing with another brand. I must say that this lady definitely knows how to wait for bigger collabs to happen such as the one she did with her bff Angel Marino's brand Artist Couture and then the one she did with Too Faced Cosmetics. Those were pretty nice although I have yet to purchase any products from those brands. Moving on to the palette.

As a big fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills who still has her original eyeshadow palettes that were launched in 2014, yes, 2014 I am very ecstatic about trying another new one. Granted I use the older ones before I open another palette. But what can I say... I have a problem. I am an addict, beauty enthusiast and a beauty writer who researches the expiration date of eyeshadows. FYI eyeshadows have a longer shelf life than liquids or creams. Why? Because it is a powder. Liquids carry more bacteria than powders. 

First Impressions
From first glance of the collab announcement I immediately thought, this looked too much like the Norvina Eyeshadow Palette looking pallet because of the purples. 

Jackie Aina Palette
Credit: ABH

Norvina Palette
Credit: ABH

However, when Jackie gave us swatches and a makeup look on her YouTube channel I saw that the colors were not similar. In fact, her swatching them on her brown skin reassured me that it was not. Meaning anyone of any complexion can wear these eyeshadow colors from this palette because they are richer in color and it will show up on ALL skin complexions. Now that is what I live for. I mean I’m excited. You should be excited too.

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(I Got) The Palette
This eyeshadow palette comes filled with 12 different colors that are a mix of pressed foils, mattes and shimmers. Pressed foils are similar to shimmers. The difference between a pressed foil and shimmer is the intensity of the color and the fact that it almost looks as if it is 3D. Like when you put foils on the eyes it looks like a highlighter. Where the color is there but unless you are actually in the light, that is when you will see the color that is visible in the palette itself. Have you seen the Galaxy Shadows from JD Glow Cosmetics? Those are 3D. Basically, those pressed foils are fucken awesome.
Look at some looks I created.

jackie aina, Anastasia Beverly Hills

jackie aina, Anastasia Beverly Hills

jackie aina, Anastasia Beverly Hills

jackie aina, Anastasia Beverly Hills

jackie aina, Anastasia Beverly Hills

This eyeshadow palette retails at $45 like last few palettes that have been released. Not everyone can drop $45 on an eyeshadow palette and still pay bills, but I swatch this palette in the nearest Ulta or Sephora and decide if you want to splurge on it or Nah. I know that I am loving this palette so far so it was worth the money.

Are you excited about his new eyeshadow palette? Comment Below 

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