More Foods Of My Summer

In continuation of the "Foods Of My Summer" series, I ate and cooked some really great dishes.

Fresh Fruit from Douglas Avenue Diner

Nothing beats starting off the day with fresh fruit. At the Douglas Avenue Diner in my hometown, this is exactly what I ordered. I have a sensitive stomach so this was crucial. The fruit varies throughout the season but this bowl was full of apples (at the bottom of the bowl), strawberries and grapes.

Every time I am in the kitchen I tend to think of healthier meals. For this dish, I seared salmon in olive, Himalayan salt, and fresh lemon and lemon basil. I also made a fresh vegetable salad consisting of a red tomato, green beans, green tomato with the same olive oil, Himalayan salt, fresh basil, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. All of this was place on top of a bed of wild brown rice.

 This pasta dish was a semi-homemade meal. I purchased the pre-stuffed ricotta cheese ravioli and marina sauce. The marina sauce I changed up a bit by simmering it with red onion, basil, and mushrooms. It came out really nice and was filling for the portion size.

La Mexicana

Tacos are one of my favorite snacks and meals. These chicken tacos were made at this little grocery store/Mexican restaurant called "La Mexican" is to die for. The flavor of the slow-simmered chicken is unexplainable but every bit is so good. Each taco is stuffed with the traditional lettuce and tomato and queso fresco. I love it so much.

Galettes N' Greens

The last meal of my summer was at Elsa's On The Park called Galettes and Greens. This is a flatbread appetizer that is full of onions, a small number of greens, Parmesan cheese, bacon, black olives and then drizzled with a dash of vinegar and raw red onions.

Here is a close up of the dish and as you can see it looks pretty good and the taste is so much more than you can expect. This was my last meal of the summer but you can still get this dish all year round. 

These were the Foods Of My Summer and I am pretty sure that I ate a lot more than this but these are the ones I photographed. I will share with you more Foods Of My Fall and Winter so stay tuned:-)

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SL Thomas
SL Thomas is a professional cosmetologist, barber and beauty writer for independently-owned cosmetic brands. She is a self-taught cook from the age of 9.

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