Confessions... My Physical Appearance Doesn't Affect You

So what's up with men asking black women 'what happened to their long hair?' Seriously, this has happened to me one too many times and never to a white, Hispanic or another woman of color. Usually this questions never rises at work rather I get a many heads turning when I am about and about. One person out of the many are bold and nice enough to say, "I love your hair".  Now this time around it wasn't a double take, it was a WTF.
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Scenario: I am sitting at work one day and on my work id/badge a co-workers sees a picture of when my hair was longer 3 years ago. I cut it a year and a half ago for many reasons. He says to me, "Your hair was long. What happened to it?" In disbelief that someone could ask such an obvious question I said, "Life and stress." He jokingly replied, "Yeah. Me too and rubbed his head that still had about 2 inches of hair that was definitely thinning. Which brings me to this, why do people ask the dumbest questions about hair that is obvious. If the hair was long at a point and now it is short, don't you think scissors were involved? I mean, that is the most obvious thing that happens with people who had long hair and now has short hair. Honestly, my change of physical appearance doesn't affect you so you shouldn't both asking what happened if I didn't ask you, 'what do you think?'

There were many times in my life that I decided to grow my hair and then cut it a few years later. It is hair. Hair in general is not defining a person, what they are capable of doing career wise, in their personal life and it most definitely doesn't give permission to society to ask why someone's hair looks the way it does. I cannot stand when people ask such questions because it's as if I looked at someone and said, "Wow. Your teeth used to be white but now they are yellow. What happened to you?" It's pretty obvious what happened which is about 2 things: health or hygiene. Whatever the answer is, the best thing to do is not ask that question. If someone'e physical appearance has no influence on their job, the way they treat you and they way they decide to live their life then why the fuck are you asking?

Note to you and note to myself, do not ask questions that do not have a relevance on your life. Do what makes you happy and mind your business if the business doesn't mind you. My physical appearance doesn't affect you.

These are my Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder.

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