I Met Danessa Myricks at The Makeup Show Chicago!

You guys, I went to The Makeup Show Chicago and I was in a version of heaven, to say the least. 

As a  professional and license Cosmetologist for going on 9 years now, I get the chance to attend many professional beauty events. This year I attended 2 of them. The first being Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show and the second were The Makeup Show Chicago. I really love going to these events because there are many opportunities for me as a Beauty Writer and Content Developer in the beauty industry to network, sample new products and see what new techniques and tools are hitting the mainstream market or what you can see on models of the fashion runways.

The Makeup Show Chicago with Danessa Myricks and James Vincent

This event took place a few weeks ago on October 6th and 7th at the Fulton Market in Chicago's gentrified Westside neighborhood. For 2 days beauty industry professions gathered in an artist community environment where they met industry and learned from industry leaders such as Taraji P. Henson makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, runway and fashion hairstylist Linh Nguyen, makeup artist, and hair educator Bethany Townes and more. During this event, there was also an opportunity to meet and see (no charge) demos from Chicago television makeup artist of The Profit CNBC  Viola Nicholson which is an experience within itself. Attendees also had the opportunity to not only purchases products from 'new to them' or favorite brands but meet the CEOs of the brands themselves One of the CEO/Founder of a growing brand for people of color and celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson of AJ Crimson Beauty. Talk about a win! This event was clearly an opportunity to pick the brains of these major beauty enthusiasts. The Makeup Show is held in multiple cities of different states, so check out their website for opportunities near you;-)

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Free and Paid Education Classes
My main reason for attending the show was to learn from and meet my favorite 'new to me' makeup artist, global educator and photographer Danessa Myricks of Danessa Myricks Beauty and I did:-) :-)

When I learned from my Instagram feed that she was going to be there and was also teaching classes, I purchased my ticket and attempted to purchase a ticket for a class. Unfortunately $35 classes were all sold out and the really expensive class that was $100 over my budget I simply couldn't afford. I'm trying to live within my means. When I arrived for day 2 of the event, I saw that there really was no need to purchase a ticket for the classes because the layout of the building allowed for people who purchase general admission tickets to view the classes that were being taught. The only thing that you could not do is sit down, partake in Q&A's and so forth. For me, this was fine because I learn a lot by looking however it would have been amazing if I could have gotten the hands-on experience.

Brands At The Event
The brands that were there were:
AJ Crimson Beauty
Danessa Myricks Beauty
Alcone, Crown Brush
Friends Beauty
Glamours Chicks Cosmetics
Kett Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools (I purchased their Golden Triangle brush and I'm filling with it soon!)
Pinnacle Cosmetics
Cozzette Beauty
Smashbox Cosmetics and so many more!
Click here to view the list, WATCH MY INSTAGRAM STORY or look up this hashtag #TMSChicago!

The Space of The Makeup Show
The space of the event was smaller than I expected. After coming from Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event in June which was HUGE, I was expecting the same. This was not the same. The layout of the space reminded me exactly of the name of the location, a market. The Fulton Market. This a was medium sized, market store layout that you would find in a downtown grocery store in Chicago, Illinois or even Miami, Florida. Although it wasn't much space, that didn't mean that the beauty vendors and educators were not packed inside of there selling products left and right because believe me honey, small space or big. We will migrate towards beauty deals and opportunities to learn from the best.

One On One With Danessa Myricks
You all, this is the first time I was ever a super fan. I waited and waited, walked around, meet some owners of new Minority owned cosmetic brands such as nail polish brand "Janet and Co", attempted shade matched with one of the Danessa Myricks Beauty Associates, played in her products products and waited some more. BTW, even before the event I was dong an IG story about it and she even responding via DM because I mentioned that I was sad that I couldn't get a ticket to her class but I was still coming because I love her education and techniques. Dude, can you tell I'm really a super fan. I seriously watch so many of her IGTV education videos. 
When I finally got to meet her we took a couple pictures, she definitely helped with capturing the best angles and she shades matched me. I have this crazy skin complexion that has both red and yellow undertones so it was difficult to find a color. She tried about 2 colors and one of them matched pretty nicely but it was slightly off but I didn't care, I could just use bronzer. When I went to purchase the foundation she had one of her sales associates give me another FREE FOUNDATION and I was like, OMG! Thank you so much! After purchasing the foundation, I left in total excitement and forgot my credit card. Thankfully, Danessa found me and her assistant gave me back my card.

An Opportunity You Shouldn't Miss
This was my first time attending the show and I definitely enjoyed myself. I enjoyed seeing all of the makeup, the tools, the people and even the space of the event. It was quite an eye opening as an artist to network and learn from people who are in my industry. I saw and met skin care specialists, makeup brush and tools specialists as well as see how photographers create the beautiful images that we see on social media every day. This is a show I truly enjoyed and believe that more pros should go.

OMG, YOU ALL! I totally went to The Chicago Makeup Show!!!!

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SL Thomas

SL Thomas is a professional cosmetologist, barber and beauty writer for independently-owned cosmetic brands. 

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