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Loose highlighter, Raegann’s Beauty Corner, highlighter There are so many new makeup brands that I feel you need to know that the list is never-ending. This post is no exception.
Introducing another new Minority-owned makeup brand, Raegann's Beauty Corner. Trust me when I say, this brand has products you want in your collection. From the very intense glow of the loose highlighters to the pigmented liquid lipsticks followed up with the amazing lashes in packaging so cute and original that you will want to buy a lash style for every day of the week. If you have yet to see my First Impressions YouTube video then honey, click HERE
FYI, my site still does contain affiliate links where I receive a very, very small amount of income (to purchase more makeup from minority-owned cosmetic brands;).  
Before I continue raving the products, I want you all to get to know the founder, Raegann.  
When did you fall in love with makeup?
I've always loved makeup, but only the basic parts of it, i.e., mascara and lightweight foundation. About 2 years up until now I have really found true love in how expressive makeup can be - the creativity that comes with trying different eyeshadow to contouring! I started watching YouTube tutorials more and then taught myself how to apply foundation correctly. I learned how important highlighting was and using setting powders to finalize looks. It was all exciting to me. Safe and natural ingredients also became more important to me. I saw how natural ingredients affected my how it affected my face so I became consistent with researching every product I purchased. 
What was your first makeup product? Maybelline Mascara and Covergirl's Pressed Powder Foundation. Both I still highly vouch for. 
What is your beauty routine? Meaning from skincare to makeup application?  My skincare routine is pretty simple. I like to use minimal products as possible on my face due to sensitivity. It doesn't take well to different products being applied when it comes to cleansing. I use an all-natural avocado-based soap to wash my face. Avocado does wonders for my skin! I also make a DIY facial mask using avocado, turmeric, plain yogurt, and honey. After I rinse off the mask, I moisturize with avocado butter. 
When did you start your business?  May 2019 
How many years young are you? I say years young instead of how old are you? I am 27 
What convinced you to go hard as a Minority-owned brand? I believe representation matters especially as a Black woman and a Black business owner. We are on a rise as far as Black beauty (products, services, and companies) in our communities who are inclusive and I LOVE IT. I wanted to be a part of this phenomenal change. I also care about generational growth and wealth. I wanted to teach and show my daughter that we can do whatever we put our minds to as long as we have ambition and perseverance. It's not just a saying, it is a REAL thing. I wanted to have something to pass down to her when she meets the appropriate age. Once she is then can get involved in what will essentially be HER OWN business. 
Where would you like to see your brand featured? I would like to see my brand featured inside of Macy's, Target, Sephora, beauty magazines and blogs (small or big) and Forbes. 
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Where do you see your business in the next year?  I see my business prospering thanks to several connections already in progress. 
What influencers have you worked with and what influencers would you like to work with? I have not worked with any influencers as of yet. I do not have a specific influencer that I would like to work with because I feel if you are for all things beauty, I am here for it and will definitely reach out. 
Where can people purchase your products? Locally or only on the web? For now, online only. 
Why do you think it is important to support Minority-Owned Cosmetic Brands? I mean let's face it, we lack representation in the cosmetic world - whether it's Black or Minority-owned. Yes, some may be on a rise but the majority of us are still overlooked. I've been supporting small minority-owned cosmetic businesses before my cosmetic line was even thought of. These minority-owned cosmetic brands deserve my solidarity and support. I am going to be apart of that change and conversation to give them the recognition they/WE deserve. 
Now that you have gotten to know the owner of this new brand, go check her out on her website. https://raegannsbeautycorner.com/ and follow her on Instagram 
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SL Thomas

SL Thomas is a professional cosmetologist, barber and beauty writer for independently-owned cosmetic brands. 

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