Healthy Living Tips From A Registered Nurse

To keep your body in good health is a duty that you owe to yourself. There are a variety of steps you can take starting now.

Meet Rhonda, a healthcare professional who is currently seeing how healthy living is the best form of mental and physical wellness. During this unpredictable pandemic we are currently living through, it is important that we boost our immunity and focus on staying healthy overall. Here are Rhonda's tips to make it happen. 

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Getting plenty of sunshine helps produce Vitamin D, helps in lowering your blood pressure, and can protect against inflammatory diseases.
Be sure to protect your eyes with uv blocking sunglasses.


Helps reduce stress, being more alert, better mood, and less agitation. During the summer, you will want to lay on a hammock outside and enjoy the sun.

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Helps strengthen the immune system, cleanse your lungs which helps you decrease your risk of getting infectious diseases that we have today in the world.
Currently, everyone is wearing a mask to protect themselves and others but your CO2 still needs to be released

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Helps with weight control, decreases heart disease, helps with mental stability, better mood, and a good feeling about yourself overall.
Exercise at home with fashionable workout gear and Instagram your photos.

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Lubricates joints, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, keeps skin healthy-looking, and flushes body wasted.
There are lots of cute aluminum, refillable water bottles so be sure to use them and protect our environment.


It helps with weight loss, decreases cancer risk, diabetes, and assists in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

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Natural Herbs and Spices 

It has many benefits for health and overall wellness. Herbs and spices to implement into your daily diet can garlic, chia seed, and flaxseed.

"I have been practicing all of the above since I moved to the Southwest over 15 years ago. There is plenty of sunshine here which is a natural source of Vitamin D and much needed at this time. I try to stay away from negativity in my life to reduce stress. My exercise of choice is walking. I walk at least 4x a week, 3-4 miles, and go to the gym at least 2 days a week. I do not eat red meat, processed foods, or foods high in carbohydrates." Red meat can contribute to cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and more. "Instead, I mainly eat fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and seasoned them with natural herbs and spices. I drink 8-10 or more glasses of water daily. No sodas or carbonated drinks."

You all healthy living is the way to go right now. Yes, we are all tempted to dive into carb-heavy dishes such as pizza and pasta for comfort, and it's okay but too much can cause more discomfort internally. I, myself have taken the time to research and implement Kelp Organic iodine, Nature Made magnesium, calcium, zinc, Sovereign colloidal silver, and Beautifully Bamboo silica supplements into my daily diety. Every day I make a smoothie and add of each supplement, then I sip on the smoothie all day. It's about a 16 oz smoothie and it's cold so it takes me a while. It has only been a week but I can feel the difference in my body and my mood. Everyone please take care of yourself and use these tips that RN Rhonda provided and other tips I post here --> Be Gone Belly Fat! and try them today.

Rhonda G.
Rhonda Gray is a registered nurse and a health and wellness advocate. 

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