Meditating In The Shower While Oil Cleansing My Face

The best mental and physical cleansing ritual you should try today. 
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Meditating in the shower while oil cleansing my face has become a bi-weekly ritual for me. On the days that I am either the most stressed or either bored out of my mind, that is when I do this the most. For me, both are a form of therapy. I am definitely into therapy. Just not the type of therapy where I air all my dirty secrets or fuc*ed up choices to someone I don't know nor will ever trust. If you have yet to give it a try I'll explain to you the actual benefits of doing both while in the shower.

Your Only Free Time To Just Let Go

In the only space that you have in your home, shower time is "me time". It's the time that you closed the door to what has happened and what will happen, shed all clothes and makeup, step in, and let go. In the shower, you close your eyes to enjoy the constant stream of warm water bouncing on your skin from head to toe while the hot steam fills up the bathroom entirely. At this moment you have become so completely lost that you have mentally come to believe that you are in a sauna while vacationing. Rubbing the water off your face you reach up to grab the cleansing oil which takes you to another level of clarity and yes, cleanliness.

Mind Clarity With Oil Cleansing 

Oil cleansing is a combination of both cleaning and massaging (the face and the neck). The oil benefits include: removing leftover products such as moisturizers and makeup all the while removing dead skin and pollution for your face. The massaging benefits include lifting and tightening the skin to smooth out the fine lines and keep the skin firm. When oil cleansing in the shower you have the added bonus of consistent steam to keep the face moist. A lack of moisture can result in friction that can lead to possible tugging at the skin. You do not want to tug at the skin. While slowly massaging the oil on your temples, under the eyes, in between the eyebrows working your way under your chin to your neck, the meditation really starts to set in. The rest of your body is enjoying warm water rapidly tapping on your skin giving off a slight massaging effect. The slow motions of your fingers and hands massaging your face and neck allow you to zin out by deeply inhaling the negative and exhaling the positive. The only thought that is left in your head is gratefulness. 

A Time To Be Grateful

I know that there are many days where I think that I am not blessed because things are not the way I want them to be but then I remember, it could be worse. Keywords: It Could Be Worse. Life is not always the way we planned so letting go of the things that we cannot control while enjoying the one thing we can is the best way to cleanse the mind. While you are in the shower cleaning and massage, your body is no longer tense. You are standing there at your most vulnerable time but you are also allowing yourself to just breathe. Just breathe. Deeply inhale and exhale slowly. Keep repeating. Hell, sit down on your shower mat, put your bathtub spa pillow behind your neck, and let the water tap on you from head to toe. Now is not the time to rush. Now is the time to relax. The moment you start to relax is the moment you let the anxiety die and happiness again. Smile. Ease your mind and heart. Your face is clean, your body is clean, your mind is clear and you are ready for the reality again.

I have seen the benefits of meditating in the shower while cleansing my face with sunflower sweet serum (oil). The physical scars are healing as much as the internal ones. Take time for you and just inhale, exhale, close your eyes, massage, repeat then rinse off and go.

Enjoy meditating in the shower with these essential products. 

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  1. I really appreciate your points on being grateful and focusing on your breathing. I've read a lot about the power of breathing deeply...Something about how we usually just breath very shallow; using less than 70% of our lung capacity. That deep breath has huge benefits. I also like the idea of using shower time as a time to meditate. I'm someone who often multitasks and anything where I can get more bang for my buck or otherwise knock two birds with one stone - I'm for. Thanks for sharing your recommendations and guidance.

    1. Thank you for reading and definitely give it a try. We all need a mental break so why not oil cleanse at the same time:-)


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