30 POC Makeup and Lipstick Brands You Want Products From

There is an unlimited amount of makeup products sold inside stores, but I bet you haven't tried these.

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Everyone has their go-to products but when I tell you that you are missing out, then honey you are definitely missing out on these goodies. I should also share with you that there are so many independently-owned brands that are just not available in stores however once they land in your mailbox, you will be thanking me. Here is a round-up of 30 products (also found on my POC Twitter list) from independently owned beauty brands. FYI Brands, I would love to collaborate with you! 

I.A.N. Cosmetics 1

We all have our favorite lip glosses and lipsticks, but what are you doing about stopping the bleeding of your fave products until your lips? Umm... I will wait. Nothing probably so do yourself a favor and grab a few lip liners from this new brand. I mean who doesn't want their lipstick to look perfect!

Savage Goddess Cosmetics 

When I tell you that I love pink and copper-colored eyeshadow colors, I am not telling you a lie. So when I stumbled upon this new brand and saw their "Savage Palette" my jaw dropped. It not only dropped because of the colors but because the names of the colors actually symbolized me a little bit. I mean they are called "Naked, Lil Crazy, Pop Up, Busted and Hit list". Now tell me that doesn't define some of us at the age of "21" which is also an eyeshadow color.

Bella & Co 

If you are a collector of bright and bold eyeshadow colors, then allow me to introduce you to this "Up 'N Smoke" palette. It has a combination of colors that are both neutral and bold. If you have brown eyes then the blue in this palette will make the gold sparkles in your eyes pop. Don't believe me? Cool. I barely do at times but as someone who has brown eyes, you should. I mean how else would I know this!

That Girl Cosmetics 

A UK brand that gives the bright and bold impression of being "That Girl". I really love how the packaging of their lipgloss looks in these see-through tubes. With this pretty pink and shimmer color called "Do You", you most definitely will 'do you Boo'.

V. Laceworld 

Introducing "The MAYA Palette" and I think this may be the perfect travel palette for someone who has either really brown skin or fair skin. There are so many neutral colors in this palette and then that bold purple color and last role of dark colors that can easily change a daytime outfit for an in prompt-to evening date. I think this will be the best palette to try for newcomers to makeup or girl and guys who stay on the go.

Nova Magic 

Glitter, glitter, and more glitter! This brand offers so many confetti-like, chunky glitters that can be used for almost anything. Of course, they can be used on the face so I love it. Every once in a while when my eyes are not irritating the crap out of me because of my allergies, I like to do a glittery eyeshadow look using bigger glitter flakes like these. Come see HERE

Midas Cosmetics 

Now we all know that Latinas and Blacks are close when it comes to lineage so when I stumbled across this brand that also shares the work of Latinos, Afro-Latinos, Blacks and etc. I was so tuned in. This brand has a full collection of eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and of course, lashes! However this "Smokey Glow Highlighter Duo" when have you saying 'Slayyy and Yasss". Place an order and tell them I sent you!

Sabreen Cosmetics 

If you are a stickler for pretty packaging then you will love these by this lip gloss brand. The tube of it is gold, the letter is black and the want is perfect to line your lips, fill them with color and go. I don't know how long your lip color will last but with a tube this pretty, I doubt that you would even care.

UOMA Beauty 

UOMA Beauty launched last year and introduced us to another Black-owned brand that got our foundation shades correct in the first launch. I for one love their foundation because it matches perfectly to my skintone. This brand also has the most amazing names for its products especially the eyebrow tool called "Brow-Fro". It is a volumizing gel that lifts and fills the brows. Yassssss huney!

Bestie Gang Collection 10 

A makeup brand that literally symbolizes how we girls call our best friends, "bestie". This brand is new to the scene within the past couple of years. Offering makeup collections that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Priding themselves on offering products that are beeswax, lanolin (oil from sheep wool), whey, and carmine (the juice from an actual beetle) free as well not testing on animals, we can all agree that Best Gang Collection will keep PETA and vegans super happy!

Bossy Beauty 11

I think it was Rihanna who said that guys are stupid so just put on some lipstick and go. Well, I think the brand Bossy Beauty took that to heart and launched a cosmetic brand that consists of only 5 empowering liquid lipstick colors. These colors are all named to inspire and uplift women who are making BOSS MOVES! Choose from color: "Courage, Hustle, Bravery, Faith, and Wisdom". I mean it is the "Power Essentials" collection and this is all we need:-)

Radiance Reign Cosmetics 12 

Not all women and make like a cake and bake so if you want to make a statement, why not radiate and reign supreme with one of their gorgeous colors. In most luxurious packaging you will be able to see the beautiful formulation of liquid lipstick colors. The lipstick tube is gorgeous. The bottom half is see-through so you know what color you are receiving and the top half has a gold  Choose colors from a bright purple and pink to a nude brown or rusty red color. Whichever you choose, your lips will be happy.

September Rose 13 

Their slogan is "Live In Color" and their palettes are definitely as it says. This brand has very vibrant and bold colors in their large palettes. Competitively priced, each palette comes with a minimum of 16 colors. They honestly remind me of colors you'd see in a crayon box but not the basic box, the more advanced colors that say, "let's explore our creativity". I love it! Do yourself a favor and grab a palette now and be sure to check out their highlighters and tools!

Lucid Beauty 14 

This brand has 2 things that a low-key glam girl or guy loves; lipgloss and lashes. When your skin is poppin, your lashes and lips must say, "BIH Please. I'm freaken fabulous!" Choose from their sparkling lipgloss colors that have a little bit of tint but definitely transparent. Now although, I wasn't going to mention the lashes, let's say, I am eyeing a few to add to my collection and you should too!

Atomic Makeup 15 

How much makeup does one person need from one brand? ALL OF IT! That is literally what I think when I look at the lipsticks and the "Disco Jelly". "Disco Jelly" is a loose, glitter that you can pack on the lids or either put on as a highlighter. I mean hey, we are all artists, so you can actually put this wherever your artistic heart desires!

Playing In Makeup By Yolonda 16 

If you have not seen this Jamaican brand on Instagram then you are missing out on all the vibrant cut creases done by makeup enthusiasts. This brand almost reminds me of the vibrant colors by Juvia's Place except the owner isn't trending because of bickering nor is the brand known for only showing fair skin individuals using their products. Love that! Give this brand a few of your coins by purchasing all of the Jamrock eyeshadow palettes and tell them I sent you:-)

Fixate Cosmetics 17 

I have an obsession with eyebrow pencils and makeup brushes, so when I stumbled across Fixate Cosmetics' Instagram page, my eyes started bulging. Bulging because I definitely want as many eyebrow tools that I can get my hands on. The precision point of the tool allows for precision application where you would create small, hair-like strokes to mimic natural brow growth. As far as the brushes go, they are pretty darn cute. Just go take a look at them. Adorable:-)

Propa Beauty 18 

Name another nude lipstick brand that came through with a vengeance. Literally, this brand launched and within a matter of months, they were sold out! It's like WOW! Their packaging and their nude lipstick colors remind me of a flesh-toned flag with pouts of every shade of brown beauties. Yes, girl yassss! When they restock, make sure you get you a tube! I know I want one or two, three, and four but until I make a purchase, let me know how amazing they feel on your lips so I can live vicariously through you!

Range Beauty 19 

In 2018 I was on a mission to find foundation colors created by Minorities with pigment in their skin and Range Beauty was one of them! Their range of foundation is impeccable. Their formula is made with acne and eczema in mind. And their slogan, "Clean Beauty For The Forgotten Shades," perfection. Talk about pointing out the obvious in the beauty industry. This brand also has primers, talc-free smoothing powder, multi-use highlighters, and body glow.
Whew! I bet you those big brand companies who ignored melanin filled communities who spend billions on top of billions every year on their beauty products, are biting themselves. Oh well. Thank you, Range Beauty:-)

Prime Beauty 20 

Prime Beauty made is mark by introducing the world to bronzers for darker skin complexions. I mean, dark skin beauties want to contour and bronze too!!! This indie brand has been featured in many magazines and publications such as Essence, Glamour, Pop Sugar, Hello Giggles probably doesn't need an introduction. But did you also know that this Black-owned beauty brand has the most gorgeous loose highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and one very colorful and pigmented eyeshadows palette? I'm sure you didn't but now you do so you must go fill up your shopping cart and at least buy 2 things.

Kalili Cosmetics 21 

Say hello to the New New 2020 African brand Kilali Cosmetics. This brand was launched so the makeup dolls of the world will not have to worry about touching up their makeup but more specifically their lipstick while on the go or simply want to look good snapping pictures for IG. Okay so yes, I definitely want to rave about the products but I want you all to see the beautiful shades of brown that the creator Tope has featured on her brand's website. I love this! Now I am a red lipstick kind of gal so the color Fiercefor my lip stain will be my first choice! Kiss Kiss Doll!

MTF Cosmetics 22 

If you are a sucker like I am for eyebrow products then MFT Cosmetics have these for you as well. Yes, they also have more products but just look at the selection of brow pencils that they have. I like these because they come in colors that are reflective of hair colors often seen on Black women. Choose from colors like Black, Dark Gray, Light Coffee, Light Brown, Dark Coffee, and Dark Brown. These brow tools have the wider product tips that go on a slant with makes it really easy for you to fill and go without the fuss.

TWOK London 23 

London based beauty company that is literally checking every box of beauty. Face Eyes Lashes Skincare Bundles, Shade matching ✓ 
This brand is literally coming for all of us. Now I remember when I said in 2018 I was looking for Black-owned brands that sell foundation? This is another one I found and why I think that they should be on your list to purchase from. Yes, you can choose more products if you like but here's what I suggest you purchase: foundation, micellar water, and lashes. It is really all you need.

Her Beauty Cosmetics 24 

All I have to say is BROWN BEAUTY HEAVEN! This UK brand (inspired by Afrida) offers so many types of foundation for brown beauties that if you are a makeup artist, you need to purchase them all. Like you can choose a cream foundation, dual powder foundation, and of course bronzers. Yassssss! UK brownies know what's good and their slogan, "You Define Your Beauty" is true to form. Oh and don't forget to get some of their liquid illuminators. Those are beyond beautiful!

Poshmetics Cosmetics 25 

I honestly believe that this brand is really giving us heaven for highlighters because they have got plenty. Choose from the colors of Bel Heir, Pearlcelain, and Queen of the Beam. Now although all of these highlighters say liquid, they are not but the appearance giving a liquid-like glow. Talk about being fancy with it. They also have an eyebrow pencil. Yes, I am throwing it out there again. 

Artist Couture 26 

Co-created by a Latino makeup artist MacDaddy, this brand gives you so much glow and fabulosity! The perfectly, but small package of goodies you can choose from this brand includes pressed highlighters, loose highlighters, sparkling lip glosses, and their new eyeshadow palettes. Now I got the chance to swatch a few of these in Sephora (before COVID) and was stunned by the gorgeous glow the loose highlighters give off. Now I am pressed highlighter type of gal, so trust me when I say, you want to give it a try!

Nine Three Beauty 27 

This Etsy brand is giving us a glow for our money. I for one love to glow all year round and this brand that specializes in handcrafted beauty will definitely help you. They do also offer lip products such as lip masks and lip treatments, but it's the beautiful illuminator colors and the intricate design that keep people buying from her! Choose from colors such as "Diamond in the Night, Glazed, and Bittersweet. Honestly just looking at "Glazed" will make anyone click to purchase this $10 soft pressed illuminator.

Nue Makeup 28 

Yes, you have your selection of brands who sell glitter but this brand is telling you to "Pop-off" in their "light-reflecting, multi-use glitters." I know that I would love to rock some glitters. It's just something about them on the lids of the eyes. They make everything so fun and inviting. Get you a tube in green for brown eyes, a tube in purple for dark brown skin, and a tube in a golden color for blue eyes. Oh, this brand also sells a selection of shimmering hydrating mists!

JD Glow Cosmetics 29 

I love, love, love this brand. I remember the first time I saw their swatches on Instagram and found out that they were Black-owned, I clicked to buy 2 highlighters immediately. Look at my YouTube video HERE using their products. Then I saw their Galaxy Collection shadows that are duochrome and triochrome. Shit! But, get this though! They have a makeup remover called, "Girl Bye!" Whew child! I know I want to get my hands on this because although I use coconut oil to take off my makeup, I want to try theirs.

C.A.K.E. Cosmetics UK 30  

In my London ancient, "this brand delivers the goods" because their awards say so! This is another brand that not too many foundation wearers know about because it is UK-based and Black-owned. Yes, dolls, there were many inclusive brands before Fenty launched 40 shades. Choose from the darkest of the dark to the lightest of the light foundation shades, and while you're at make sure that you pick up a bottle of their best-selling liquid highlighters in the color "Aphrodite".

There are so many more POC/Minority/Black-owned cosmetic brands that I did not mention and quite frankly, I'd love to collaborate with but since my fingers are burning, I highlight suggest that you follow my Twitter list @iamslthomas that has more of them. Oh and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @thebeautiesincolor where I promote and collaborate with Minority-owned cosmetic brands created by both men and women.

Main image credit: Kilali Cosmetics
All photos include clickable links to the brand's website.

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