Introducing BAABS Beauty and OMG! Their "I'm Sprung Collection" Has Me Sprung!

You all, the obsession that I always have an continue to have is introducing you all to "NEW TO ME" beauty brands. BAABS Beauty of course is another one and you already guessed. This brand is Female-Owned, Black-Owned, and not just a makeup company but an actual beauty bar! I've always wanted to go to one of those, so I'll be making a trip. 

When it comes to makeup, one can never have enough and I think it is safe to say that Necia Boston, the owner of BAABS Beauty located in Greenville, North Carolina, can agree. Like Necia, falling into this industry was not coincidental - it was simply following our passion. Her professional beauty credentials include makeup artistry, esthetics, and educator. However, choosing to actually launch a brand in this competitive industry happened when she developed allergies to literally EVERYTHING ranging from food, topical body care products, and makeup. Knowing that she was not alone, she sought out alternative and the solution was Bless and Anointed Beauty Services aka BAABS Beauty

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Before becoming a business owner, Necia worked as a Program Manager, LOVAAS/ABA Specialist where she provided in-home therapy for families whose children were on the Autism spectrum and also managed and trained after school and daycare providers to effectively work with and teach children with behavioral challenges. Whew! I really think that Necia Boston was on her way to becoming a saint which is what we definitely need and admire nowadays. 

I have had the opportunity to try the beautiful products offered by the brand from the "I'm Sprung Collection", which consisted of colorful and glossy lip colors, perfectly cut and beautifully crafted faux lashes and the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette that doesn't sting my the skin on my eyes. You all will love them, but first, I want you all to get to know Necia Boston a little more. Comments are always welcome.
    baabs beauty, black owned beauty brand, makeup, hypoallergetic beauty
  1. What was the first product you sold for your brand? Lip gloss in the old school squeeze tube. 
  2. Where are your products sold currently? Are they available inside of beauty bars or online markets such as Essence and/or Amazon? Currently, only sold at our retail location and website
  3. What tips do you have for beauty professionals on selling your products to their customers to use at home? We stand firm in actually teaching our BAABS Beauties how to use the products they are interested in prior to purchase. So we plan to make sure all stockists are well versed in product knowledge to pass along to their customers. 
  4. What 3 key ingredients do your products contain that have been found to treat skincare issues while enhancing their outer beauty? While our line is not 100% natural-based, we do focus on eliminating unnecessary ingredients that often cause irritation or allergic reactions. Vitamin E (helps with the appearance of skin), Vanillin Extract (aids in moisture retention), and limited preservatives (a lot of people have micro sensitivities to these ingredients) 
  5. What major retailers would you like your beauty products to be sold? We had a stay at the "Market by Macy's", however, we are not sure if a big brand retailer is the next move.  
  6. What magazine(s) would you love to see your products featured in? My true favorites: Essence and O! Magazine
  7. Name a handful of well known, POC celebrities you would like to see endorsing your brand. Tika Sumpter, Viola Davis, Quinta Brunson, Timea Gaines, and Yara Shahidi
  8. Does your company help the community you're located in? We participate in donations, community service, and outreach. Our Annual "Meet a Princess Party" is centered on brown girls seeing and meeting brown beauty titleholders. This event also focuses on self-esteem building consists of the Black girls who range from 4-13 yrs. This event is a free event for participants where we offer food and activities. 
  9. How did you use your time as a small business owner during the "stay at home" order? We have 6 projects finalized with 21 new products in production. We have been able to see the needs of our customers. 
  10. What advice do you have for new brands that are ready to throw in the towel? If this is what you love, fight for it. Reinvent yourself or your business and keep pushing.
  11. To what do you contribute your success? Ultimately GOD. But his grace has given me perseverance through the lows and the team behind me that includes; family, friends, clients, and supporters.   
  12. What is next for BAABS Beauty? We are looking to expand into high-end boutiques and salons that service Black women and women of color. We hope to continue to meet the needs of easy but flawless beauty for our supporters.  
baabs beauty, black owned beauty brand, makeup, hypoallergetic beautyAs a business owner, she wears many hats; creative director, product creation, human resources, accounting, customer service, social media, shipping, marketing, and etc. The list goes on considering she is also a business of 2 - herself and another Black employee. Talk about #PullUpOrShutUp in full effect for BAABS BeautyTraditional advertising specifically word of mouth is how this brand is gaining notoriety. I, SL Thomas am increasing the word of mouth by telling you, the products are pretty darn amazing. Just look at this Instagram video HERE and the picture below showcasing a look I did with her "I'm Sprung Collection". 

Necia knows that women believe other women's experiences about her products which aligns perfectly with BAABS Beauty's focus, to help women simplify their makeup routine through safe and hypoallergenic cosmetics. 

As much as I want you to purchase from this brand, it's up to you in the end. That being said, I want to share with you a quote that Necia Boston lives by, 

"Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready. This applies to having a makeup routine, for any occasion, ready to load, as well as in life.  Stay ready to enjoy the moments, so you don't miss them trying to figure it all out."

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