Yes, You Definitely Need These Liquid Lipsticks!

I had a liquid lipstick swatching party just so you can see how it looks on full lips! 

Kilali Cosmetics

New brand Kilali Cosmetics has the most pigmented and long-lasting lipstick I've ever worn and I have worn a lot. It's no secret that I love new cosmetics but one secret I haven't shared is that I have become obsessed with liquid lipsticks. 

The reason that I love them is because #1 I suck at applying lipstick. #2 They don't make me spend extra money on lip liners and #3 They are not messy. Its what I need in my life. 

The long-lasting formula allows me to keep the perfect looking pout until I eat something greasy which happened the day I did a wear test. The lipstick didn't come off all the way. Instead, it looked like I was sipping out of a straw and that is was wear the lipstick came off. 

Now the lipsticks dry very quickly so be sure that you use the wand to first line your lips then fill in the rest kind of quick. It's a precise type of application but a little practice makes (almost) perfect. 

I did a wear test with these lipsticks for 7 hours on my lips. The day before I did a wear test on my wrists for 8 hours. They held up to water, soap, body spray, perfume, and lotion. They were not budging at all. 

To remove this lipstick was trial and error as well. When I tried just a makeup wipe it didn't come off but when I rubbed some pure alcohol on my lips, it came off effortlessly. 
All in all these liquid lipsticks are so gorgeous and well worth a dive in your bank account. Make sure you give this brand a follow on their Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram and tell them I sent you.

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