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If you are seeking to have me try and review your products and/or services, please send the products along with compensation offer. If you are asking that I come to your establishment and reviews selected services, please send a email request.
Please Note that all products and services will be subjected to a honest and professional opinion. 

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If you are seeking to write and publish an article about your products in the form of a guest post, please send an email that includes the compensation offer, a link to your website, the price of your product. A reply will be sent by email as well as the address as to where to mail your products to. All reviews will be done 2 weeks after receiving the samples.  

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Bloggers, writers and those who are seeking to contribute content to this blog can initiate contact by email or direct/private messaging through my social media. All messages will be responded to within 24 hours. Please Note. All content will be edited and modified to fit the tone and the style of this blog site.