Hi, I'm SL Thomas of IAMSLTHOMAS.com aka BeautyBiché.com
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Welcome to my little world of beauty obsessions.
This website is dedicated to the do it yourself-er who has a love of beauty products, skincare treatments, a slight addiction to makeup hoarding with a side food and travel. I love discovering products on all budget levels just like I love cooking my own food recipes, eating at different restaurants and traveling to many different cities and states. 
On this website I will also share with you a rare look behind the scenes from PROFESSIONAL beauty events that the general public cannot attend. There you will get to see some global hair and makeup educators, celebrity makeup artists, nail technicians and hairstylist as well as new launches that you would never otherwise would have known own. I'm sure your curiousity is kicking in now, so SUBSCRIBE and follow me to see goes down and spill the tea to you. 

I've Launched Something New
For those that are new to my website, I launched The BICHE aka The Beauties In Color Here Everyday on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube exactly one year ago now. This is a platform I created where I interviews, spotlighting Minority/Black owned cosmetic brands, review their products, create makeup tutorials for YouTube or IGTV and I also share their brand simply because people should know they exist. 

Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder
Shit gets real with the column right here. It is one thing to have a makeup hoarding addiction but it's more about how makeup has either contributed to healthy and unhealthy personal relationships in my life. When I shop a lot of things are going through my mind and I'll let you hear (more like read) my thoughts on my "Confessions of Makeup Hoarder". Trust me when I say, some things just need to said and my topics are something that even you can relate to 

What to expect?
On this website I treat every post like a client. I provide a service, include beneficial information and tell you exactly how you can achieve the same results without a pro there to assist you. Welcome to IAMSLTHOMAS.com

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Professional Credentials
2018 - Current Content Developer and Founder of The BICHE
2016 - Current Content Strategist and Founder of Newbies Who Blog
2015 - Current Head of USA Division of Marketing, Distribution and Sales Scratch of Sweden
2014 Social Media Beauty Intern for Armour Beauty
2012 Founder/ Developer of RedGraphical.com a digital marketing and profession content writing services for beauty industry professionals/brands.

Pro Beauty Informant
Associates Degree in Barber/Cosmetology
Licensed Cosmetologist and/or Barber in Wisconsin and Illinois
Current License for Cosmetology in Florida
Certified Keratin Complex Practitioner