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There are so many tutorials that you may have not seen that range from skincare, men's care such as barbering and shaving, and of course makeup. Pick some favs, like, and share! 

There are many different types of tutorials that are uploaded to the YouTube Channel "IAMSLTHOMAS" that caters to both men and women. These tutorials range from skincare products and treatments, barbering such as men's shaving and probably haircuts, as well as makeup applications ranging from eyes to the full face. Choose your favorite, comment, like, and SHARE.

I have an updated skincare routine using Carrot Seed Oil, Black Soap, Rose Water and the Avega Beauty Derma Roller

NATURAL LOOKING EYEBROWS TUTORIAL using LAMIK Beauty "Celebrity Eyebrow Kit"! 

Do you know how to clean your makeup brushes quickly? I do. Learn my trick to CLEAN brushes using the spin brush cleaner Be Forever Glammed sent me and also the shampoo from Shea Moisture. COMMENT, LIKE, and SHARE:-) 


I love trying new makeup and this brand B.A.A.B.S. Beauty has created a collaboration with me. Here I am showing you all how I used their "I'm Sprung" collection of eyeshadow, lashes, and lipgloss. I've also introduced 2 more products from new brand Kilali Cosmetics and the setting spray "Spray Your Grace" by Beauty Bakerie.

When it comes to sun tanning and protecting the skin, I may have found a solution. Using a combination of Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil, and Black Girl Sunscreen, I was able to get even more glow than I was born with:-)

It's official! I am a Brand Ambassador for my favorite brand Loelle Organic Beauty. This Sweden based company was the first to send me a PR package when I created this website. Look HERE!

Introducing the NEW skincare brand AcARRE who launched "Beauty Edit" a multi-use beauty oil and the "Jade Gua Sha Beauty Tool" that helps to tighten and bring new life the skin.

2020 Eyeshadow Tutorial
This is a colorful, pink eyeshadow look using the Amrezy and Anastasia Beverly Hills collaboration. This is the second palette with the makeup influencer. Like, Share and Comment. 

2020 Men's Care | Paid Brand Collaboration Tutorial
In this men's care episode, I am collaborating with the new brand Abanoub Butters and showing you how to maintain a man's beard with washing and grooming while growing out the hair.

2020 Eyeshadow Tutorial
This eyeshadow tutorial is simple and easy. Using spring colors and products from Black and Latino-owned makeup brands. Comment, Like and Share:-) 

2020 Men's Care and Brand Collaboration Tutorial
In this episode of men's care, I am showing you all my barbering skills by doing a full beard shave, shampoo, and moisturizing. I also collaborated with the brand Solo Noir For Men, a Black-owned cosmetics brand for men.

2020 Channel Introduction
This is the preview of the channel and what to expect. 

2020 Eyeshadow Tutorial
Granted this eyeshadow look has the classic colors used on Valentine's Day, it can also be used for any day. In this tutorial, I used products from Minority-owned cosmetic brands. Share, Comment and Like:-) 

2020 Men's Care and Brand Collaboration Tutorial
In this episode of men's care and collaboration with Solo Noir For Men, I am showing you how to cleanse acne-prone skin. 

2020 Favorite Makeup Products Chit Chat
Foundations come a dime a dozen, but my loyalty to trying and supporting Minority-owned cosmetic brands is proof that they do have amazing products too. Comment, Share and Like:-) 

2020 Sponsored Brand and First Impressions Tutorials
I've been trying out so many new products and the Black-owned cosmetic brand AEVA Beauty sent me a selection of NEW highlighters to try and a liquid lipstick. Like, Comment and Share. 

2019 Eyeshadow Tutorial
There is something about a smokey eye that I love so I added shimmer and created an eyeshadow tutorial for you all. 

2019 Skincare Tutorial
Skincare is selfcare and vice versa. Using products from my sponsored brand "Loelle Organic Beauty", I am showing you a few of the steps I take bi-weekly. Comment, Share and Like;_)

2019 First Impressions Tutorial
In October of 2019, I had the chance to meet, sample, and purchase from Danessa Myricks of Danessa Myricks Beauty. These products are truly prestige. 

2019 Full Makeup Tutorial
When you collect more makeup than you can use every use in a lifetime that is when you want to take a step back from the new products and use what you have. Like, Share and Comment. 

2019 Full Makeup Tuturial
Fall always has the most beautiful colors so this look is ideal. This is a full face tutorial including face makeup, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick, and the works. 

2019 First Impressions Tutorial
I stumbled across the brand JD Glow Cosmetics, seen the highlighter swatches, and had to order them so I did and they are amazing. Pick your fav, like, comment and share:-) 

2019 Sponsored Brand Collaboration and First Impressions
Reagann's Beauty Corner, an online makeup brand sent me a PR package full of goodies and they are beautiful. Watch me swatch the liquid lipsticks, highlighter and more. Pick your favorite by commenting and sharing:-) 

2019 Sponsored Brand First Impressions
Delali Robinson Cosmetics is a Chicago Suburb cosmetic brand with amazing HD foundations, liquid lipsticks, bronzers, and more. When the owner launched the new products I am showing in this video, you will probably order them ASAP. 

2019 Sponsored Brand Tutorial
Delali Robinson Cosmetics launched liquid lipsticks and I had the opportunity to swatch them all. Pick and choose your fav. Comment which one you like and go purchase it.

2019 Makeup Tutorial 
Using what I already have, I created this 4-minute eyeshadow look to help you not buy any more makeup. Well, you can if you want:-) 

2019 First Impressions and Full Makeup Routine
The brand UOMA Beauty launched in the summer of 2019 and I swatched it so much while roaming through Ulta stores that it was only necessary that I show you how the product(s) look.

2019 Full Makeup Tutorial
Summer is the season to have glowing skin and less makeup. Here I show viewers how to foundation, setting powder, highlighter, and liquid lipstick for a subtle yet glowy look. 

2019 Brand Interview
Taking a trip to Madison, WI to interview and see the products created for the brand Marie Hunter Beauty. This is a Black-owned and woman-owned brand that has been featured in many major magazines. Take a look, comment, and support the brand.

2019 Behind The Scenes Professional Event
I'm a licensed cosmetologist and barber who gets to go to events. Take a look at what you are missing out on. 

2019 Eyebrow Tutorial
This is the first of many eyebrow tutorials that I will be created. After getting my eyebrows threaded, I showed the quick technique of 2 products to create amazing eyebrows. Like, Share and Comment:-)

2019 Eyeshadow Tutorial
This was a very over the top look created using "UOMA Beauty" Allure eyeshadow palette and lashes that were sent to me. This look is honestly ideal for costume events. 

2019 Sponsored Brand Tutorial
Created another look with the eyeshadow sent over, I showed viewers how you can create a darker look for a night or special event. 

2019 Sponsored Brand Tutorial
Joy Lorraine Cosmetics reached out to me to try their eyeshadow palette so being the summer-loving person that I am, I created this eyeshadow look. Comment your sunny thoughts, like and share:-) 

2019 Brand Interview
After much research, I stumbled across an esthetician that specialized in skincare from brown individuals. Learn about her background an look at this amazing jelly mask treatment. 

2019 Makeup Tutorial
In this upload, I showed viewers how to bronze their skin as well as apply their eyeshadow to continue with the bronzing. Comment your thoughts and share if you like it:-) 

2019 Makeup Tutorial
I love the summer season so to show viewers how to glow using certain products is always a plus for me!

2019 Makeup Tutorial
Using makeup that I already owned, I created this full look using an eyeshadow palette from Coloured Raine, liquid lipstick from Makeup for Melanin Girls, and a few others. Like, Comment and Share:-) 

2019 Sponsored Brand and Tutorial
Green is a gorgeous color for people with brown eyes so when the African owned beauty brand "Omolewa Cosmetics" sent me PR, I was super excited to show off their colors. Comment, Like and Share:-) 

2019 Brand Collaboration Tutorial
2019 Valentine's Day look using the Burgundy eyeshadow palette sent to my in collaboration with the online makeup store "Be Forever Glammed". 

2018 Holiday Makeup Tutorial
Christmas is such a fun time to go really bold with the tacky but stunning combination of red, green, and gold. Staying true to my mission of wearing, sharing, and collaborating with Minority-owned cosmetic brands, I used the Juvia's Place eyeshadow palette and others. 

2018 Makeup Tutorial
Copper and orange are such beautiful colors during the fall season. It is soft and subtle which is what I created in this makeup tutorial. 

2018 Makeup Tutorial
Before I learned that eyelashes are literally the key setting up any makeup look, I showed viewers that you can also create bold looks without them. Comment, Share and Like:-)

2018 Makeup Tutorial
My face is really angular therefore doing a soft glam type of look is ideal for me and those who's face shape is similar. 

2018 Holiday Makeup Tutorial
I am a HUGE fan of smokey eyeshadow looks combined with red lipstick. In this upload created in 2018, I am showing you the full makeup routine from the foundation, eyeshadow, and lashes. 

The First Tutorial
This is the first makeup look that I kept on YouTube and actually liked because it was the Halloween look that is both appropriate for work or for a date. Comment, Like and Share:-) 

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